Sep 18, 2014

Hashbreath - "Hashbreath Demo" ...

It's good to be young and love music. You're in your first decade of hearing everything, so the riffs, solos, and style that sound clichéd to your ears twenty-five years later sound, at twenty years old, like the sky cracking open to reveal the cosmos above. When you join a band, the idea of writing music like your heroes strokes fires within and the thrill of hearing actual music coalescing around you is immeasurable.

    The members of Hashbreath are in their early twenties and hail from Sweden. Their four-song demo, "Hypnotic Voodoo Rhythm", is a strong representation of the band's musical firepower. Make no mistake - this is a muscular, unpretentious outfit aiming to overwhelm the listener in every song. It isn't any slight to say that what they shore up what's lacking in instrumental and composition prowess with a palpable enthusiasm running through the demo's entirety. This band has a wealth of compelling musical ideas to draw from and, occasionally, stumble when the songs seem a little cluttered. If this is a failure, however, it is a noble one and, certainly, far from fatal.

     The opening track, "The Big Chill", has a number of strengths apparent on first listen. The cohesion they display as a musical unit is impressive for even seasoned professionals. On first listen, the vocals didn't excite me much. I will concede a preference for clean singing, but long ago realized that this sort of singing isn't about the lyrical content. It is deeply theatrical and every bit as much of an instrument as the accompanying guitars, bass, and drums. Nor is it tuneless shrieking. Though the lyrics are indecipherable to my ears, the shrieking invokes terrified, nail-cracking desperation in a vivid, visceral way. This is the result of the music working together with the vocal to form a larger whole. This is an excellent choice for the opener. Clocking in at a little over four minutes, it has strong focus and never overextends itself.

    "Hashbreath" kicks off with a surprisingly bluesy crawl. The vocals are clearer here than the first song and the shrieking retains its sharp emotive edge. Everything musical is high quality, but the band marches through three different sections within the song's first three minutes. Sometimes the variations from section to section aren't drastic, but they are notable shifts in the music and betray their inexperience. In the interests of fairness, you can argue this phenomenon is the sign of an exciting, creatively restless band. All bands should have so many good musical ideas and significant parts of this song prove that the band is well on their way to learning what will work, how to arrange it, and what to leave out. I will say that the song's second half, specifically its surprising feedback drenched interlude, is the track's strongest suit.

    The swaggering, vaguely bluesy riff driving the largest part of "Goosebuds" is one of the song's highlights. Another intangible Hashbreath has is the authoritative confidence to take a strong riff like this and play it with unblinking, fully committed confidence. This is another tightly focused effort that doesn't attempt to clutter the song with too many ideas. The lead guitar work compliments the song well.

    "Black Voodoo Drug Lord", the demo's closing song, is by far the longest of the four and runs nearly ten minutes. I appreciate the wealth of ideas they bring to the song and the determination to create an epic number invoking the power of similar efforts in the genre. However, this is too long. One reviewer's belief, sure, but extended pieces need a number of compelling ideas to keep them afloat. not merely a watch. The band is content to milk, with assorted variations, the same primary riff for entirely too long and, without discernible lyric content, the experience can be a little tedious. It is only when the song approaches its conclusion that the tempo makes a clear adjustment and finishes the song on a rousing note.

    This is an enormously promising demo and shows a band that is passionate about music, brimming over with energy, and certain to grow as musicians. Keep an eye out for Hashbreath in the future and enjoy this now.

Words: J. Hillenburg

Hashbreath @ Facebook

NEWS: Alunah Drop A Heavy Bough ( Video & Tour Dates) ...

Taking a first glance at Alunah it’s easy to end up doing a double take to make sure it isn’t a photo of Fleetwood Mac circa ’75 or something but it isn’t. Front woman Sophie Day at quick glance could pass as a young Stevie Nicks or Christie McVie but she is not and any similarities from the band’s photo are completely washed away as Alunah start playing. Their doom laden brand of psychedelic rock immediately reminded me of Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats the doom version.

They have released the first single and video for Heavy Bough and though it is my first time hearing Alunah, based on this, it won’t be my last. I’ve got a little catching up to do as this is off their upcoming third release. Take a listen to Alunah yourself then get all the pre-order deets. Just a note on the vid, it would appear that demons should not do shrooms or maybe I’m wrong since he manages to stumble into Alunah’s jam session and take possession of their lovely lead lady!

Awakening The Forest, Alunah’s third album will be released Oct 3rd via Napalm Records and can be pre-ordered (HERE). They’ll be hitting the road in Europe starting October 1st with labelmates, Lonely Kamel and alternating openers The Order of Irafel and Mars Red Sky get dates via the bands website (HERE)

You can also keep up to date with Alunah at:
Facebook: Facebook
Twitter: Twitter
Bandcamp: Bandcamp

Words: Feind Gottes (editor, The Demons Be Scribblin)

Sep 16, 2014

Video: Witch Mountain Live (Full Set) ...

Witch Mountain have been in the news quite a bit lately first they announced their fourth full length album, Mobile of Angels, then shortly after that they announced lead singer Uta Plotkin will be leaving the band after they finish their current tour with Nik Turner’s Hawkwind which ends just two days before the album comes out on September 30th.

The album seems utterly fantastic from what I’ve heard so far, possibly their best. So perhaps it’s time for what the band just does best: play fantastic doomy hard rock jams.

With that in mind, here is a full live set from Witch Mountain from Webster’s Hall in NYC on 9/11 this past Thursday.

In case you missed it here’s the early release from Mobile of Angels, Psycho Animundi

Mobile of Angels will be released Sept 30th via Profound Lore Records though a quick search tells me pre-orders aren’t available at this time. You can find information on the band on social media:
Facebook: Facebook
Twitter: Twitter
Bandcamp: Bandcamp

Words: Feind Gottes (editor, )

Sep 15, 2014

NEWS: NEUROSIS, UFOMAMMUT, YOB: Three Key Neurot Recordings Artists To Perform At Maryland Deathfest XIII ...

Neurot Recordings is proud to have three major acts from their expansive family of acts confirmed to perform at Maryland Deathfest XIII, the annual festival once again set to take over Baltimore from May 21st to May 24th, with NEUROSIS, UFOMAMMUT and YOB joining the list of more than eighty bands to perform at the 2015 gathering, marking the label's largest invasion of the annual festival to date.

The opening night of Maryland Deathfest XIII, Thursday, May 21st, will see UFOMAMMUT and YOB both making their way to the event for the very first time. The two bands will headline the Rams Head Live stage, taking over the venue with Bevar Sea, Conan, Iron Man, Jex Thoth, Mantar and Primitive Man. And following their mesmerizing and destructive set amidst a thunderstorm at MDF 2011, the mighty NEUROSIS will make their way back to the event this year. A major highlight of the festival, NEUROSIS will perform outdoors on the Edison Lot stage on the final day, Sunday, May 24th, joining Amorphis, Anaal Nathrakh, Demilich, Goatsnake, Inverloch, Primordial, Prosanctus Inferi, Skepticism, Tombs and Winter.

NEUROSIS continues to tour the planet, in their most intense years of touring since the band's earlier days, following the 2012 release of their acclaimed tenth LP, Honor Found In Decay. Following tours of North America, Europe and their first trek to Australia earlier this year, the remainder of 2014 will see the band as one of the main headliners at Arizona's Southwest Terror Fest III: The Western Front. The festival will consume Tucson, Arizona from October 16th through 19th, with main acts Goatsnake and Sunn O))) in addition to NEUROSIS, who will headline Saturday, October 18th with support from The Body, Author & Punisher and Sorxe. The same weekend, the band will invade Denver on Sunday, October 19th with support from Subrosa and In The Company Of Serpents. The following weekend they'll join Voivod, Samhain, Danzig, Lustmord, Corrections House, Eyehategod, Napalm Death, Cattle Decapitation, Author & Punisher and more at the second annual Housecore Horror Film Fest, running from October 23rd through 26th in Austin, Texas. And on November 22nd, NEUROSIS will travel to Mexico City to perform at Bestia Festival is set to run from November 19th to the 23rd, with performances from The Ex, Monogatari, (SIC), Han Bennink, Terrie Ex, Marc Ribot, Ray Anderson, Bob Stewart and others performing, alongside an array of music workshops, film screenings and more.

Currently celebrating their fifteenth year in existence, Italian trio, UFOMAMMUT,will return to North America for their first major tour of the continent in 2015, including their first trip to Maryland Deathfest. With only a brief 2008 West Coast venture in the US under their belt, the full-on upcoming tour will see the band spending several weeks stateside, bringing their magical, mysterious and pulverizing doom metal to the masses in support of their acclaimed ORO double-album set, released in 2013, as well as their next full-length release, which the band is currently preparing to record in October for release again through Neurot in early 2015. UFOMAMMUT will also be releasing a massive DVD entitled XV through their own Supernatural Cat Recordsthis October, with more than three hours of material documenting their decade-and-a-half together. The band is also set to perform at Up In Smoke in Pratteln, Switzerland with Fu Manchu, Kadavar, Blues Pills, Brant Bjork, Dozer, Naam, Conan and tons more on October 3rd and 4th.

Oregon's psychedelic doom metal trio, YOB, is currently embarked on a massive European tour with Pallbearer, supporting their recently-released seventh studio full-length, Clearing The Path To Ascend. The widely lauded album is currently thriving with great accolades pouring in from media outlets and fans worldwide, being recognized as another massive achievement for the now institutional act, and marks one of the most essential extreme albums of the year. Their first release as part of the Neurot family, the album was just released by the label on CD and all digital download, with Relapse Records handling the vinyl version. Following the ongoing five-week voyage which is permeating every corner of the European continent, YOB will tour heavily in North America as well, with new tour dates to be announced in conjunction with their MDF performance in the coming months.

Stand by for further label and tour developments from NEUROSIS, UFOMAMMUT, YOB and other talented acts hailing from the Neurot Recordings clan over the rest of 2014 and into next year.

NEUROSIS Tour Dates:
10/18/2014 Rialto Theatre - Tucson, AZ @ Southwest Terror Fest III
10/19/2014 The Gothic Theatre - Denver, CO w/ Subrosa, In The Company Of Serpents
10/23-26/2014 Housecore Horror Film Fest - Austin, TX
11/22/2014 Bestia Festival - Mexico City, Mexico
5/24/2015 Maryland Deathfest - Baltimore, MD

10/03-05/2014 Up In Smoke - Pratteln, Switzerland
5/21/2015 Maryland Deathfest - Baltimore, MD

YOB Tour Dates:
9/16/2014 Tavastia - Helsinki, FI w/ Pallbearer
9/17/2014 Slakthuset - Stockholm, SE w/ Pallbearer
9/18/2014 Loppen - Copenhagen, DK w/ Pallbearer
9/19/2014 Connewitz - Leipzig, DE w/ Pallbearer
9/20/2014 Firlej - Wroclaw, PL w/ Pallbearer
9/21/2014 Bi Nuu - Berlin, DE w/ Pallbearer
9/23/2014 Klub 007 - Prague, CZ w/ Pallbearer
9/24/2014 Arena - Vienna, AT w/ Pallbearer
9/25/2014 PMK - Innsbruck, AT w/ Pallbearer
9/26/2014 Gaswerk - Winterthur, CH w/ Pallbearer
9/27/2014 Lo-fi Club - Milan, IT w/ Pallbearer
9/29/2014 Le Romandie - Lausanne, CH w/ Pallbearer
9/30/2014 Jubez - Karlsruhe, DE w/ Pallbearer
10/01/2014 Blackship - Montpellier, FR w/ Pallbearer
10/02/2014 Razzmatazz3 - Barcelona, ES w/ Pallbearer
10/03/2014 Villamanuela - Madrid, ES w/ Pallbearer
10/04/2014 Amplifest - Porto, PT w/ Pallbearer
10/05/2014 ES ESonora - Erandio, ES w/ Pallbearer
10/06/2014 Le Dynamo - Toulouse, FR w/ Pallbearer
10/07/2014 Le Ferrailleur - Nantes, FR w/ Pallbearer
10/08/2014 Glazart - Paris, FR w/ Pallbearer
10/10/2014 Kyttaro Club - Athens, GR w/ Pallbearer
10/11/2014 Desertfest - Antwerp, BE w/ Pallbearer
5/21/2015 Maryland Deathfest - Baltimore, MD

In North America, for coverage of NEUROSIS and UFOMAMMUT contact, and for YOB contact For all Neurot press coverage, in Germany contact, and in the rest of Europe contact

Neurosis Official Website
Ufomammut Official Website
Yob Official Website
Neurot Recordings Official Website
Neurot Recordings | Facebook

Source: Earsplit PR
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Video: Watch Slow Southern Steel ...

Who doesn’t love a little southern groove infused into their rock and metal? When it’s done well you’d have to be dead not to tap your foot and bob your head in time with it. But have you ever wondered where it came from? How about finding the answer straight from the mouths of icons and up & comers alike? Rwake’s Chris Terry & David Lipke went in search of the answer to where that awesome groove comes from in their new excellent documentary Slow Southern Steel.

The sound springing out of the south is the sludge created when you throw blues, rock, metal, bluegrass and yes, even country in a blender and turn it on “high” (yes, pun intended!). Hear the thoughts of icons like Jimmy Bower, Mike Williams, Hank III, Ben Falgoust and all whole host of others. Ever wonder when Phil Anselmo wrote his first song or what it was about? Well watch and get the answer!

Words: Feind Gottes (editor, Thy Demon Be Scribblin)

NEWS: Crobot drop a Legend ...

Beardos get ready to be happy! Crobot are preparing to drop Something Supernatural on October 27th via Nuclear Blast. The bearded Pennsylvanians bring hard rockin stoner jams perfect for any Saturday evening spent with friends and cold ones!

It appears they’re movin’ on up from small Wind-up Records to big Nuclear Blast who never cease to have an ear for talent and Crobot are no exception.

The band calls what they do “Dirty Groove Rock” and I really can’t argue with that assessment. They’ve toured with new stoner rockers Scorpion Child as well as one of my all time favorites, Clutch. Watch and listen to their new song, Legend of the Spaceborne Killer, and I dare ya not to smile. Don’t worry you’ll happily lose.

Something Supernatural is scheduled for release Oct 27th with the only pre-order I could find being on iTunes (HERE ) but I’m sure it will be available in the Nuclear Blast webstore soon so stay tuned.

You can follow Crobot here:
Facebook: HERE
Twitter: HERE

Words: Feind Gottes (editor, Thy Demons Be Scribblin )

Sep 12, 2014

NEWS: all-female doom metal band MIST recently signed to Soulseller Records! ...

We'd like to announce that Slovenial all-female doom metal band MIST recently signed to Soulseller Records!

Demons and witches gather!

"The past few months we have been working on an EP, which is to be released this winter, so we are really excited to have been offered a deal from Dutch label Soulseller Records. We are looking forward to start a new chapter on our musical path and taking everything to the next level" the band states. The 4 tracker is scheduled to be released this winter on cd, vinyl and digital. Next to the upcoming EP Soulseller Records will also release the upcoming 2 full-length albums by MIST.

MIST is a doom metal band from Ljubljana, Slovenia, formed in July 2012. They build their music on the legacy of legendary bands like Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Candlemass, Coven, Saint Vitus and others.

The band released their first demo recording simply entitled »Demo 2013« in November last year and it has been re-issued on CD three times due to great interest. The demo is still available as a name-your-price download on their Bandcamp page: HERE

They have also received many promising reviews and radio airplays from all over the globe. Even though they are a young band they have already had a chance to support some great acts, such as Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, Helstar, Officium Triste, Ophis and Cauchemar, and have already toured Austria, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands.

After a well deserved summer break the girls will hit the road again in autumn, including the Malta Doom Metal Festival and the renowned Hammer Of Doom Festival in Würzburg, Germany.

Soul Seller Records

Posted By Doctor Doom

NEWS: New Orange Goblin video for Sabbath Hex ...

Orange Goblin are coming Back From The Abyss with their eighth full length studio album which is due out October 7th via Candlelight Records (pre-order here – PRE-ORDER HERE ). The UK stoner rock gurus have been churning out their brand of groovy psychedelic stoner rock and metal since ’97 and never fail to keep their music interesting. They take a little from their numerous influences creating some excellent straight up stoner rock jams, some excellent doom and plenty of psychedelic trippy jams as well, for albums that are always a fun ride. Orange Goblin sound like they’d be right at home playing any biker bar from Southern California to their home in England. Orange Goblin never seem to disappoint and this latest video for Sabbath Hex appears to be no exception. Get ready for Boobs, Babes and Bad Guys…

Back From The Abyss was produced in London once again by Jamie Dodd as an excellent follow-up to 2012’s Eulogy For The Damned which I for one thoroughly enjoyed along with all that Orange Goblin have done through the years. Enjoy a little southern flare from the other side of the pond as we like to say here in America.

Keep up with Orange Goblin’s latest:
Official Website (currently under construction): HERE
Facebook: HERE
Twitter: HERE

Words: Feind Gottes (editor, Thy Demons Be Scribblin )

Heads Up: Formes - Tumult (official audio)

Drawing inspiration from Hawkwind, Sleep, Ufomammut on to Deftones and Tool, Formes trade in heavy doom laden psychedelia with a distinctly metallic edge.  The band’s self-recorded debut album ‘Dysphoria’ released later this year will take you to the farthest reaches of your mind, propelled by otherworldly sounds, obscure psychedelia, doom and sludge grooves as evident on album taster ‘Tumult’.   The 7 minute slab of ungodly doom laden psych sees the band finally forging their personality after two years of experimentation and progression to a heavier sound since formation in 2012.

Winning support from BBC Introducing, BBC 6 Music and a wealth of positive blog notices, live the band have shared stages with many of psychedelias biggest artists including Cosmic Dead, The Cult of Dom Keller, Plank and Mugstar. They play a coveted appearance at Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia in September which is sure to raise the bands profile.

26th September - Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia
11th October - Satans Hollow, Manchester
16th Ocotber - Oxjam Leeds Takeover
20th November - Hope and Anchor, London


Sep 11, 2014

NEWS: Corrosion of Conformity drop “On Your Way” ...

One of my long time favorites Corrosion of Conformity have changed their sound probably more than any other band in metal history starting as a punk/hardcore band morphing into a thrashy metal band then adding southern flare with the addition of guitar guru Pepper Keenan and now Pepper-less CoC dropped their ninth studio album, IX (duh!), earlier this year which is a bit of a mix of their entire history of sound.

Their self titled 2012 release marked CoC’s return minus Pepper Keenan who left to serve full time with Down followed later that year by the Ep Megalodon both excellent but turning the southern groove flare that Keenan had brought to the band into more of a sludge sound, no complaints here.

On July 1st CoC dropped IX which continues that wonderful sludge-laden sound and today they have dropped a new video for the track “On Your Way” which is an excellent psychedelic sludge trip. CoC announced recently that they will be reuniting with Pepper Keenan for an album in 2015 so after a 7 year hiatus from ‘05s In The Arms of God until ‘12s self titled album, CoC are just cranking out great tunes and I for one am very happy about that!


CoC will be hitting the road for a tour this fall/winter with Gwar, dates can be found on their Facebook page below. You can order IX via Candlelight Records (HERE )

Keep up with all things CoC:
Official Website (HERE )
Facebook (HERE )
Twitter (HERE )
Bandcamp (HERE )

Words: Feind Gottes (editor, )

Sep 10, 2014

Ahab - The Call Of The Wretched Sea 2006 ...

That’s the problem. It just ends.

Ahab’s debut album - The Call of the Wretched Seas - it starts and then it ends. What happens in between? Well, that can be hard to figure out. Clocking in shy of sixty-eight minutes, this album can be an undertaking, especially when you account for the repetitive doom, the nautical funeral doom. Wait, what? What the hell is nautical funeral doom?

Nautical - (adjective) of or pertaining to sailors, ships, or navigation

Alright, makes sense, Moby Dick.

Funeral - (noun) the ceremonies for a dead person prior to burial or cremation

Okay, that works too. Metal and death.

Doom - (noun) fate or destiny, especially adverse fate; unavoidable ill fortune

Damn. Exactly what Ahab is trying to do. 

“Below the Sun” does exactly that formula. And Wretched Seas doesn’t let up till the end. Honestly, that is the beef I have with this album. The Call of the Wretched Seas is a wonderful idea for an album. Let’s take a literature classic - Moby Dick - and put it to music (I am currently reading Moby Dick, so I was immediately drawn to this album). In the wake of Mastodon’s Leviathan (that album is so dope), Ahab is taking on a daunting task. The merit is here. But it is too damn long.

The instrumentation, the production, and the drumming, especially, sounds incredible. Personally, all of the vocals are dried up and leave something to be desired. They would work for one track, but all of them? Come on. Let’s build on musical ideas, let’s evolve in an album. Show us why we need to stick around for sixty-plus minutes. Point out to the listener how a song is supposed to evolve. I hate when artists cut and paste songs together. And at points, Wretched Seas appeared to do this. “The Sermon” and “The Pacific” were especially guilty. To me, the songs didn’t entirely make sense, they just kept on going. I couldn’t handle being droned consistently into a ten minute track.

Not to say I didn’t enjoy the album. It had its merit. The main downbeat riff on “Old Thunder,” excellent. Ahab had its high points. Using Melville’s lyrics was an ingenious idea. The transitions between songs flowed ever so greatly. Daniel Droste and Christian Hector’s guitar work melded together unnoticeably. They worked off of each other and neither played over each other. Not to mention, Cornelius Althammer is no doubt an exceptionally talented drummer and composer.  All in all, the album was a good listening experience. I am glad I dived in. Will I return? Who knows, maybe.

Seven Queequegs out of ten.

Words: Josh Thornton

Ahab |Facebook

Sep 9, 2014

News & Video: Electric Wizard debut Sadiowitch Video ...

Last month we all got our first taste of new Electric Wizard with the release of Sadiowitch as a preview to their upcoming album, Time To Die.

Now they are following that release up with a NSFW video for Sadiowitch. It’s a wicked psychedelic ride with a few breast flashes making it NSFW lest your boss catches you goofing off once again!

Watch the awesome vid (directed by Shazzula) because it’s Electric Wizard but stay for the BOOBS!

Time To Die comes out September 30th in the US and can be pre-ordered at the band’s website (HERE ) via Spinefarm.

Follow Electric Wizard on Facebook (HERE ) and Twitter (HERE )

Words: Feind Gottes (editor, )

Sep 4, 2014

NEWS: YOB: Neurot Debut Clearing The Path To Ascend Out NOW! Mammoth European Tour Underway ...

As Clearing The Path To Ascend, the Neurot Recordings debut from YOB, finally sees the light of day, the band has embarked on a mammoth European tour, with support from Pallbearer.

States the New York Times of the band's latest studio realization, "YOB, from Eugene, Oregon led by singer and guitarist Mike Scheidt, likes slow tempos but doesn't necessarily need them; it puts more emphasis on technical flourishes and stays a bit more within the minor-key, semi-operatic and philosophical traditions of doom metal," upon the album's stateside release. Stereogum equally approved, in an Album Of The Week review issuing, "when Clearing The Path... is playing, it doesn't sound like a really good doom metal album. It barely even sounds like music that's being made by humans. It sounds like the night sky opening up before you. It sounds like surrender of the soul."

"This part of the album gets dark, but it also has a sense of beauty and resolve," said Scheidt of the track "Unmask The Spectre," furthering that, "the mood and atmosphere nod equal parts to old and new YOB... It's one of my favorite things we've ever done." Hear for yourself RIGHT HERE.

Clearing The Path To Ascend is available now via Neurot Recordings HERE. The vinyl pressing will be out via Relapse Records on September 16th.

YOB is currently decimating Europe on a five-week tour of the continent, with support from Arkansas doom outfit, Pallbearer, the trek running into the second week of October in support of Clearing The Path To Ascend.

YOB w/ Pallbearer [remaining dates]:
9/04/2014 The Fleece - Bristol, UK
9/05/2014 Roadhouse - Manchester, UK
9/06/2014 Audio - Glasgow, UK
9/07/2014 Brudenell Social Club - Leeds, UK
9/08/2014 The Underworld - London, UK
9/10/2014 FZW - Dortmund, DE
9/11/2014 Vera - Groningen, NL
9/12/2014 Atlas - Aarhus, DK
9/13/2014 Truckstop Alaska - Gothenburg, SE
9/14/2014 Hostsabbat - Oslo, NO
9/16/2014 Tavastia - Helsinki, FI
9/17/2014 Slakthuset - Stockholm, SE
9/18/2014 Loppen - Copenhagen, DK
9/19/2014 Connewitz - Leipzig, DE
9/20/2014 Firlej - Wroclaw, PL
9/21/2014 Bi Nuu - Berlin, DE
9/23/2014 Klub 007 - Prague, CZ
9/24/2014 Arena - Vienna, AT
9/25/2014 PMK - Innsbruck, AT
9/26/2014 Gaswerk - Winterthur, CH
9/27/2014 Lo-fi Club - Milan, IT
9/29/2014 Le Romandie - Lausanne, CH
9/30/214 Jubez - Karlsruhe, DE
10/01/2014 Blackship - Montpellier, FR
10/02/2014 Razzmatazz3 - Barcelona, ES
10/03/2014 Villamanuela - Madrid, ES
10/04/2014 Amplifest - Porto, PT
10/05/2014 ES ESonora - Erandio, ES
10/06/2014 Le Dynamo - Toulouse, FR
10/07/2014 Le Ferrailleur - Nantes, FR
10/08/2014 Glazart - Paris, FR
10/10/2014 Kyttaro Club - Athens, GR
10/11/2014 Desertfest - Antwerp, BE

Recorded at Gung Ho Studio in Eugene, notorious for its reserve of vintage equipment, alongside the band's longtime cohort and iconic sound-sage, Billy Barnett, Clearing The Path To Ascend was mastered by Brad Boatright (Sleep, Beastmilk, Nails) at Audiosiege. As is the YOB way, the album's four movements don't simply offer a vacuous glimpse into the already riff-soaked doom genre, they demand the tandem attention of mind, body, and soul, etching a mark across a sound that finds YOB as formidable as they've ever been. True ascension requires a destruction of those barriers that prevent any movement forward. Unsurprisingly, YOB pummels any and all of these obstacles with absolute authority, clearing the way for a genuinely visceral listening experience and climbing upward into a realm that sets the band in a heavy metal place that has been and will always remain wholly their own.

For all coverage of YOB in North America contact, in Germany contact, and in the rest of Europe contact  

YOB | Facebook
Neurot Recordings | Official
Neurot Recordings | Facebook
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