Feb 3, 2009

Interview With Witchcurse - Keeping NWOBHM alive

1.Tell us about the history of the band,where you all met and how long you been together ? First of all thanks ed for the interview and your support.So let's start this interview with heavy metal answers that will burn alive all the posers and the gay metalheads that will try to read this shit.The history of witchcurse started back to 2005 from possessed he had a vision to form a band that will worship the nwobhm and the true metal sound generally, like the golden days of the 80's.The first line-up of witchcurse it was possessed(bass/vocals),father Alex(guitars) and I-drac(drums) with that line-up they support legendary groups and metal heroes like grim reaper,praying mantis,attacker e.t.c!later on father Alex left the band to study abroad so then came to the scene stinky fingers as a replacement on the guitars.Almost a year and a half later i join the band as a second guitarist, possessed saw me to walking on the road with leathers,bullets and skintights and he came to talk with me.we had the same passion for the heavy metal so it was a matter of time to be part of the family.This year we decided after several reasons that l-drac could be no longer with us so we found a new drummer called Paul!That's all the history of witchcurse till now! 2.You sound like a classic NWOBHM band,how long have been listening to the Metal from that era ? Im glad to hear that from you.Our aim is to sound like a band that came from the mighty britain the movement of the nwobhm.In witchcurse i can say im the biggest fan of the british metal,i fell in love with the british metal about 6years ago and from then i stuck..the other guys in the band are also passionate about the nwobhm but they are more open minded than me as they listen and other things like speed/thrash/power(true power)not gay power songs with gay vocals/epic! 3.One of the things that blew me away with you guys is the sound is so early 80's.What is easy or is hard to retain that sound with so many bands around that tuning down and trying to be as heavy as possible ? To be honest with you is quite easy.we just don't care to approach all those dickheads for us their music desecrate the heavy metal.we only want to get close to our heroes from the 80's so if you love something it's simple to achieve the sound that you want! 4.You remind me a lot of Angel Witch, are they a big influence ? yeah man angel witch are one of our big influences.Also the name of the band is inspired from them if you notice it(as well from witchfinder general,and witchfynde). 5.I got into Metal in the 70's so i was around when the NWOBHM thing took off,the bands had so much energy compared to other heavy rock thats around at the time.Was is it for you that makes that era so special ? Basically that's one good reason to make the nwobhm era so special..for me and for the rest of the guys in withcurse it's so special because a lot of bands in a short period of time,gave it everything(in most of the cases with no support,little money e.t.c)for the love that they had for a heavier sound..some of them found the way to the mainstream area while others left behind rare heavy metal diamonds to fulfill our life's.That's the magic in the new wave of British heavy metal.All Those bands played because they loved that music ,because it was their life and not just a way to make a lot of money as it is in our days. 6.The band started in 2005,what was people's reaction to when they first heard you ? Although i wasn't in the band at that time as i heard from the other guys the reactions were amazing,and that's natural to happen as a lot of true metalheads today see just a few bands to play old school heavy metal in the roots of 80's! 7.What is the Heavy Metal scene like in Greece at the moment,old school metal still seems pretty popular ? The heavy metal scene in Greece on the part of the old school metal seems dead to me on other kinds of metal like black is fairly strong.Theres are a lot bands that they try to play old school metal but they don't make any sense because they don't love it.Just a few bands are those that are live and breath for heavy metal some of them is strikelight,dragon's lair,battleroar,marauder,vice human,convixion...i hope in the near future to see more 80's metal bands in our country. 8.Have you played many live shows and what can of audience do you guys get.Older Metal fans or a mixture of Metal heads ? There is a mixture of metal heads and almost all of them are worshipers of the true heavy metal sound and that's great! 9.What is your opinion of the modern Metal scene,there has been a lot of shit around with the NU-Metal and Rap Metal crap.Do you think that has destroyed Metal in some ways?I think it has. Definitely metal became weaker because those shits dare to call their music heavy metal.we had enough with them.The message is clear fuck off and die false dickheads go and play pop-rock and not desecrate the holy faith of heavy metal! 10.What has the band recorded so far and how can people out there get a hold of the stuff ? Withcurse have recorded in 2005 a rehearsal tape, in 2007 heavy metal poison demo and in 2008 the witch is a live( a live show in cassette).You can get in contact with the band via this email witchcurse@gmail.com to order our stuffs and we will sent you whatever you want. 11.Is there any festivals the band would love to play like the Keep It True Festival in Germany ? Sure mate, those kind of festivals are great just true heavy metal spirit and nothing more.As you said keep it true is one of our dreams,headbangers open air,wacken and also the British steel festival. 12.Back to Greece,there seems to be more true Headbangers in that part of the world compared with the USA.What keeps it alive for your band and others ? I don't really know the right answer in this question maybe we are a true heavy metal land who knows?haha! 13.What has the band got planned for the next year,live shows and recordings ? Now we recording a new ep with five songs and it will be out from (heregewarfare prod).Also in two months it will be out a 7'split with witchtiger from Finland and it will be released from metal warning.Now about the live shows we're waiting some nwobhm legends to come in Greece like raven,jaguar and angelwitch and we will be the support band. 14.What are you guys ultimate Heavy Metal bands ? Surely iron maiden,Judas priest,running wild,heavy load,Tokyo blade,cloven hoof there are a lots i think i will never end if i continue haha! 15.Finally,when you guys are not playing.Do you spend a lot of time drinking and listening to the old bands,you sound like you love to have a good time ? Exactly metal brother you are right.we often drinking till we drunk as we are listening to our heroes like chariot,dealer,satanic rites,heavy load,sortilege,fist,picture, ..Ostrogoth this list can go on forever. 16.Thanks for your time,any last words from you Metal Maniacs ? We thank you mate again for your questions.The last words from the army of witchcurse are live and breath for metal that's the only way..if you are interesting to get a taste of our music visit www.myspace.com/witchcurse6669 the keepers of the nwobhm strike again all the false beware.We're coming to get you!

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