Feb 5, 2009

Saviours Of Sin Interview

1.How about starting with telling everyone about the band,who plays what and how the band got together ? Well, saviours of sin hail from the south coast of Ireland and was formed in the summer of ‘05 by brothers Noel and Phil. After growing up on bands like Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden et. al we felt inspired and this lead us to want to form our own band. Various personnel changes occurred in our formative years but now have a settled line-up which includes Noel (Bass/Vox), Phil (Drums), Sully (Guitars) and James (Guitars). 2.I haven't that much from bands in your part of the world,how is the Metal scene over there at the moment ? The scene over here is very healthy at the moment and has really taken off in the past few years with many established metal bands coming here to play. There are gigs there to be played if you are willing to put in the effort but in truth, if you want to really progress you’ve gotta play abroad. Ireland is a good place to perfect your craft but the real tests are in Europe or the US. 3.You play with a lot of traditional influences,I hear some Maiden in there.How would you describe your brand on Metal ? We’d describe ourselves as classic metal…metal in the truest sense of the word. Of course it’s possible to hear our influences in our music but we have so many that I really think it helps us achieve something special. Whether it’s Maiden or some old traditional music, anything is possible when we play. The main thing is that we write the music we want to write and if people enjoy it then that’s great. 4.Its good to hear a band still playing Metal in the old school way,is that the way you have always done it ? Ya, I think when we started we always wanted to stay true to real metal. Loud guitars, intricate time changes, nice melodies…To us there’s no other way of doing it, it’s what we enjoy and hope to continue doing for a long time. 5.Have you always been Metal heads ? For as long as I can remember there was always rock music on at home. Everything from Lizzy to Purple, Maiden to Slayer that’s what we grew up on. We were also big fans of old Irish traditional music and I think that’s still the case today. 6.You have released a couple of EP's,how do people go about getting hold of these if they want a listen ? They can be purchased off the web at www. savioursofsin. com and myspace. com/savioursofsin. 7. On your Myspace page you mention you are about to start playing live,what has stopped you from doing this in the past ? I think that refers to that we haven’t be playing a lot recently as we’ve been busy writing for the next record and organising the tour to coincide with its release. Last year was tremendous for us as we did our first headline tour which brought us all over Ireland and we hope to better that this year. Hopefully we’ll be venturing in mainland Europe for the first time in ‘09. 8.You have been working on releasing a new album,how is that going ? It’s going great, although it has been hard at times. We really want to make this record the best it can be and are really pushing ourselves hard to achieve this. It will be recorded in July-August this year with release and tour to follow in October. I feel we are finding our sound on this record, the songs are sounding heavier and are getting more progressive. I think were really beginning to sound like the band that we want to be. 9.How do you planned on getting your stuff out to the masses.Have you been contacting many labels,promoters etc ? We’ve been targeting people that we think would be interested in our type of music and have been getting some very good feedback from them. We have good contacts with the main promoters in Ireland and hope to widen that list by working abroad in the near future. 10.I have always been a big fan of Irish beer,do you guys indulge quite often. If i lived there i would have a hard time staying out of bars. Ha haaaa!! Well to us it’s normal so we don’t really think about it too much but ya sure, we enjoy our beer. We’d drink anything really but Guinness would have to be tops, you can’t beat a few pints of the black stuff. 11. Do you have a decent fan base in your hometown ? Ya, were very grateful to our fans down here…There is a good metal scene and the fans always come out in force to support their own. 12.Plans for the next year and what do you want to achieve with Saviours Of Sin ? Well longterm we would hope to take the big step up and make Saviours Of Sin a full time gig. For 2009 we just want to continue working hard and release a kick-ass metal record, play as many shows as we can and have a good time. As long as we can keep playing metal and enjoying it then that’s the main thing, anything else would be a great bonus.

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