May 5, 2009

Lo Pan - Sasquanaut

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Lo - Pan Sasquanaut is the second album from Columbus hard rockers and they have put together a album full of mood and tempo changes.The band consists of the great bass work of Skot Thompson,some excellent drumming from J.Bartz and the incredible vocals of Jeff Martin which are full of emotion.This is a album i normally wouldnt find that appealing but after a few spins i find myself digging it more and more.I guess you could class them as being "Stoner Rock" but this band has more tricks up their sleeve than the average "Stoner Band".They have a Jammy feel to them at times while elsewhere they display a flair for some classic rock boogie.Highlights include "Savage Henry" and the epic album closer "Wade Garrett" which runs so smooth it is hard to believe this is a 10 minute plus track.They have a knack for building a groove and keeping the listeners attention.Production is good and the lyrics are a of a real high standard.Check them out 8/10

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