Sep 10, 2009

Pasi Koivu - Speaking In Riddles August 2009

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This is a astounding CD put together by Pasi Koivu from Finland.Fans of 70's occult rock legends "Black Widow" will be aware of his promotional work he does for them.The album opens with a distorted heavy fuzz attack before launching into "Madman's Dream" that features some groove ridden Keyboard work from Pasi.It has the similar vibe to 70's legends "Warhorse" with its throbbing keyboard sound pumping away some great vibes.Its short and sweet but there is a return to the track at the end of the CD so don't worry too much.Track number two is a more mellow piece titled "Wounded" that has "Andy Lee" doing a guest role in the tune.More great vibes in real 70's Progressive Rock fashion and what is great about it is while you can pick out some influences,it also has a original quality about it.The track has a effortless flow while still sounding like a spontaneous jam.By track three you will getting the message what this all about,its almost like a tribute to 70's prog greats but the real feature is the keyboard work.Moving and swinging at all times,the keyboard is the main thing happening here.If you have a problem with keyboards this wont be your thing but if you are like me and grew up with the likes of Yes and Emerson,Lake and Palmer then i think you will dig this.Track three is called "The Bringer Of Dawn" and it has a building atmospheric arrangement that is perfect for those late night smoking sessions.On to track four and Pasi dishes up a little piece named "Blessed Me" that has a real otherworldly sound,moving into the Space Rock world here.Words are by "Sylvie M.Durette" who is a accomplished writer herself and this just adds to the haunting atmosphere of the track,weird and wonderful is the best way to describe this.Track five "Pasirocker" gets things moving again with a more harder sound and groove.This is my favorite track on the CD,once again the sound hinges on the total 70's Progressive Rock approach but this time with a more Hard Rock edge.Track six"Animal's Right" is a chaotic number with pounding drums and a viscous attack,the track is stand out track from just being different from anything else.The mellow returns on the next track "Tramps On The Roof",this is a highly experimental Jazz Fusion influenced number and maybe the hardest to get into but its interesting from a musical standpoint."Out Of Hospital" which might be autobiographical considering the recent operation Pasi just went through is another great track.By now it would have noticed there is a instrumental venture,not much in the way of vocals or words.This doesn't hurt things too much though as putting vocals to these songs would be a real hard task.Once again there is a Jazz/Progressive Rock quality to "Out Of Hospital",kind of sounding a little like King Crimson at times."Ghost Wolf" is up next and the haunting atmosphere returns,blending Psychedelia into a melting pot of Space Rock meets Jazz Fusion.The CD ends where it began with a slightly different version of "Madman's Dream",like i mentioned at the start of this review this is a throbbing groove based track and a fitting end to a impressive CD.This may not appeal to some of my readers,it maybe too keyboard heavy or just to 70's for younger people out there that are too young to appreciate the Progressive Rock of days past but its rare to hear keyboard work played these days with such a authentic old school vibe.Songs are well constructed and well played,the production is pretty good considering that this is a low budget recording.I would expect a lot of Stoners,Psyche Rock Lovers,Prog Rockers and 70's Rock fans will find something to love from hearing this.9/10

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