Nov 17, 2009

Shroud Eater - Demo 2009

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The Floridian trio Shroud Eater demo with great cover artwork by guitarist/vocalist Jeannie Saiz that reminded me of the artwork of The Accused is short and sweet but full of some cool punk rock meets sludge grooves. This would have to be one of the most refreshing demo's sent my way this year, while some demo's show a band that is already at full potential, this band that not only has real potential but they have room to move within a style that is usually somewhat limited. The 3 tracks here "We are Beasts","Vesuvius" and "Cyclone" are all good but also different from each other showing the band has more than one trick up their sleeves. "We Are Beasts" attacks in pure Punk Rock meets Stoner Rock fashion with a confusing riff and a very un-predictable song structure. This un-conventional way of playing gives the band their edge however and they should work on this further because it really is a unique gift they have. "Vesuvius" kicks off with a drum solo of sorts from Felipe Torres before a good dose of feedback moves the tune in a "Neurosis" direction. The song is also helped along by the solid, active bass work of Janette Valentine that pushes the songs along. Jeannie Saiz's vocals have a shouting Punk Rock quality which suits them fine but maybe some fine-tuning might be in order, at times its a little distracting. "Vesuvius" features a cool instrumental section with a effective solo from Saiz before the song builds up in tension to the ending of what is a great track. The final track "Cyclone" is a instrumental and is the most Doom/Sludge sounding tune on the demo. There is the Doom plod, the tempo changes and some nice guitar touches that cut through the noise. The production on here is pure demo so its not great, at times the drums sound too high in the mix and the guitar sounds a little thin. What is great about it though is the songwriting and a fresh approach to a style that is becoming stagnant, they take Punk, Stoner, Doom, 90's Alternative Rock and put their own sound over the top of it. I think they have huge potential and I am looking forward to see where they go from here. Its only 15 minutes long so its not much to fully judge a band on but if these 3 songs are anything to go by, they will be a band to watch for in the next year. 6/10

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