Mar 30, 2009

Rezinmouth Interview ...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Rezinmouth formed out of the ashes of "Children Of A Dead God" are part of the new breed of Reefer Doom Rock that we cant get enough of.There is only one song up on their profile at the moment but i have a feeling when a full length becomes available it is going to be a killer...Here's a short straight to the point interview.Smoke it !! 1.How have things been in the Rezinmouth camp lately ? Great we have 4 new song in the works. 2.How did all you guys first meet ? Thru mutual musician friends, 2 of us used to be in this band that did covers like grateful dead, doors, steve miller band, and other shit, it was a crazy 3 months. 3.What happen with Children Of A Dead God ? It just fell apart. 4.Apart from the mighty herb,what inspires you to make music ? Thats about it haha, its the only thing that make the day worth going through. 5.Any news on upcoming recordings We'll have a disc out by mid summer hopefully. 6.What is your local scene like,things are kind of dead around here. There in no scene here at all. 7.What was the last show you went to ? High on fire/mono last october pretty killer shit. 8.Who are the kings of reefer doom in your opinion ? Electric wizard hands down. 9.And what about live shows, have you got some planned ? Nah not yet, we dont make enough money to tour. 10.What direction over time do you see the band progressing in ? Ganja only knows 11.Who writes the music ? Do you jam the tunes out ? i wouldn't say we "write" anything, we just smoke and jam out songs. Do you get any negative reactions when people see you are a weed influenced band ? 50/50 some people get it, others dont. Doesnt matter either way. 13.Speaking about weed,do you think it will ever be legalized ? I would certainly hope so. 14.Have you had any interest from labels ? Nope, dont care for them, we have a recorder and can make cds. 15.Thanks for the interview,any last words for the stoners out there ? Kids, dont take a bong on a bike ride..

Dead Mans Root - Mouth Breather

Just got sent this CD from Dead Mans Root and its a pretty powerful release indeed.The opening track "Herbert West" kicks things off in high gear with a song that is like a thrashed up version of High On Fire or even Mastodon.This is proto thrash stoner metal that is a frantic piece of thick riffing and drums that beat you into submission.A great way to start a album.Sailor song moves the band into a more Sludge Metal territory with some moody passages,not quite as memorable as the opener but another good track.The track "Indie Fags Fuck Off" stands out as the oddball track of the bunch,this band hates trends and they get the point across very well indeed in this song which is a kind of anthem of sorts."Scales On Crow" and "Steel Horse Blues" keep the Sludge going but with some twists and turns.These songs have a drunken feel to them which adds to the good time swagger of the grooves on display here."March Of The Dugong" is another chugging piece of Sludge before it comes to the highlight of the album for me which is "Iron Whale".A epic of a track,over 10 minutes long full of dynamic's that show the bands full skills at getting the most out of a piece of music.This song never drags and its all over before you know what the hell just hit you.For a debut album this is pretty damn good,although the production could be a little better in parts.Musically the band has plenty of talent for the style they are producing and seems to be having a lot of fun doing it.Cant wait to hear what they come up with next,i think this band has a big future in front of them if this disc is anything to go by.Something that both doom fans and the more traditional metal head can enjoy.9/10

Mar 29, 2009

Church Of Misery - Houses Of The Unholy

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Church Of Misery are back with another installment of mass murdering doom metal.All the Church Of Misery trademarks are still there,huge riffs,vintage heaviness and of course songs about mass murderers.No one can pull it off quite like them,some bands that sing and write about the same thing over and over can get monotonous but not with C.O.M. There is a couple of times while listening to this you may get the feeling you have heard it all before but its all so good it doesn't really matter.Production is huge as usual and the band are playing better than ever. The last three tracks are all highlights for me,not that there is anything wrong with the rest of the album.This is pretty typical stuff from these guys from Japan but if you dig this band you will have to get it soon as possible.9/10.

Mar 26, 2009


Image and video hosting by TinyPic Fognight are something really different in the Doom/Black Metal world.Very ambient sounding this one man army has a sound of its own.Check out this interview .Lets start off by telling everyone about yourself and how did the first idea for this music come about ? Fognight was found in 2007 and was a kind of therapy for me, because this time was for me like a black hole. With the music, I make, I would like to investigate my own inside and get to know. Sunn O))) is not quite innocently with the origin of my music. They were the decisive point, which stamped my music. 2.The world of drone and ambient metal music has been getting a lot more attention in the last couple of years.What is it about the style that appeals to you ? The extremely bad and nevertheless quiet sound makes this music so depressing and intense. 3.You done some recordings,want to tell us about those ? Recordings I have taken up with an easy small microphone and a small guitar amplifier. I published 2 demos "Into the World of Darkness" and "Black Lake"."Into the World of Darkness" was my first demo in 2007 and contains 3 songs. "Black Lake" is my second demo which I record in 2008 and this contain 1 song, which has a playing time of 28 minutes. I must say in addition I have played all songs in live without stopping. I need internal rest for a good record. 4.Germany seems like a ideal place for drone/doom music,has the country been a influence ? No,not directly. Rather the nature around me. The nature is a place where time plays no role, where it is quiet and where one can go to itself. 5.What is the scene like there at the moment,metal has always been big there but what about the doom/drone style ? I know the scene not really, I make my own thing. So I cannot say something about that. 6.Your songs take the listener on a nightmarish journey at times,is there a particular atmosphere you are going for when you record ? Not, not really, but I want the listener goes in himself. 7.Drone has always been in the underground and has been around in one form or other. Do you think it will ever reach a wider audience ? I believe Drone can't get more popularity. This music is not for the wide mass. Many people can't understand this music. 8.Your music would make a awesome movie soundtrack,ever thought about doing that sometime ? I thought about it … and I don't know it, maybe sometimes. Some people already asked me. 9.Tell us about some of your favorite bands and influences ? My three biggest influence were probably Xasthur, Nortt and Sunn O))). Three tapes inspired me extremely. 10.What is planned in the future for you,more recordings ? I will probably record a new EP on this is clear guitar to be heard,but I have planned one more album, however, this can take a long time to record, because I still looking for better admission possibilities. 11.Any live shows ? Sometimes,I would appear live with pleasure , however, only for people they hear this kind of music and in a small well-chosen circle. Unfortunately,lack the money and the technology around this to move. 12.Tell everyone how to get hold of your music. Send me a message (myspace). A demo exchange is also possible. At the moment only within Germany, because I do not know a lot about PayPal.

Mar 25, 2009

Candlemass Are Back

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Candlemass are back and while i cant really say this is their best album it is much better than King Of Grey Islands.The first thing that becomes perfectly clear on first listen is this is a much doomier effort this time around.The opening track If I Ever Die continues the tradition of starting off with a uptempo number.This track soars and is a instant classic.Hammer Of Hell is as doomy as Candlemass can be and is another instant favorite.The album contains all the Candlemass trademarks but might just have the best solo's they have ever put down.This is the real highlights of the album for me.Johanson's has always been a very underrated figure in doom metal anyway but now with the work he has done on this recording maybe finally he will get the credit he deserves.The other outstanding factor is the incredible vocal presence of Robert Lowe,this guy has become somewhat of a doom legend and this album will only reinforced that.Here he shines on every track in such a way it is easy to forget that Candlemass had other singers throughout their career.He has a certain vocal charisma which enhances the sound of the band more than any singer before him.The lumbering track House Of A Thousand Voices is another standout track that never loses your attention despite its nearly 8 minute running time.Overall this is a great piece of the Candlemass history and if you are a big fan of the band you going to be playing this a lot in 2009.If you still haven't made up your mind yet(you are sure taking your time)then this might be the album to check out.8/10

Mar 24, 2009

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When The Deadbolt Breaks are a fairly new band to me and hearing them they quickly turned into one of my favorite bands.They are doing gigs at the moment with Sourvein,now that is a killer show..Here is a interview they kindly agreed to do doing for all of you - enjoy and support the band.You will be hearing a lot more from them in the future.
1.Thanks for allowing this interview to happen. How about giving us a run down of that you and the rest of the bands musical history?

Thanks for taking the time to interview us. It means a lot.I played in a few local bands for a few years, ClokSeedVexation, and a few others. I also played with Cable during the “Pigs Never Fly” era. Jon started out playing bass about a year and a half ago but recently moved back over to guitar. He played in a band called Those Mad Dogs of Glory for a while. Roman has played bass and sang with 8 Track Mind, Mourn Makes Movement and Shrouds (new record out soon on Spare Change Records!!!). He also did vocals with Scar Culture for a while before they broke up. Mike has only played drums with us.

2.What there any particular thing that motivated you to start this band?

I started the band in early 2005. It was something I had thought about for a long time. I had written many of the songs on the first record (In the Ruins, No Light Shall Shine) a few years prior and really wanted to do something with them. When we started, it was just myself and my friend Erick on drums. We spent most of the year just writing and recording. We actually did them simultaneously thinking we weren’t ever going to play most of the stuff live. We experimented a ton with sounds and styles. It was pretty freeing considering most of the bands I had been in prior had a tendency to pigeonhole themselves into specific styles. I think that is what I was looking for. I wanted to have a band that didn’t care if it was metal, rock, etc and were willing to experiment and take a risk.

3.Everybody has slightly different experiences growing up listening to metal. What first attracted you to the metal scene and its bands?

It’s actually kind of a funny question. Roman, Jon and myself all have a very similar experience with this. Our first real metal record was Def Leppard Pyromania. We just recently discovered that we had this in common. Even now, it’s still a great fucking record.Growing up, metal, punk and hardcore were things that were almost taboo. It felt wrong or dirty, which made it all that much better. Like picking up Dead Kennedy’s Bedtime for Democracy, Coven’s Blessed is the Black or Possessed Seven Churches… I felt like I was going to hell just for listening to it. I liked it. As I got older, I got more into the 60’s and 70’s psych bands. Jon was heavy in the hardcore scene and eventually discovered Slayer. Eventually… he started growing horns himself…

4.The band has a wide range of influences which shows in the tunes you belt out.

What is some of the main ones?Really its everything from Miles Davis, Coltrane, Sun Ra, Sleep, Bolt Thrower,Slayer, Thin Lizzy, Integrity way too many to list. I could keep on going.

5.Have you any bad experiences in previous bands that you have made you approach this band with a different attitude?

I don’t think I’ve had any “bad” experiences, just situations to learn from. Bands are similar to a family, everyone’s got their bullshit to deal with.

6.You have done some recordings, give us a history of your recorded works?

We have 2 records out currently; - In the Ruins, No Light Shall Shine and a split CD with Negative Reaction. Our 3rd is a double disc that is currently in mastering now and it will be titled “The Last Day of Sun”.It should be out by mid year.

7.The band has some killer shows lined up, let everyone know what you have planned?

We have a few shows lined up with Sourvein this week. Brooklyn New York on 3/24 @ Club Europa and Gales Ferry CT @Legends Rock Bar on 3/26. Thanks to Scott at 313. He’s been busting his ass to help us book these shows. After that, we are taking a small break from shows to get back to recording again.

8.Do you have a preference to what bands you play with?

No.We will play with anyone. We end up playing with metal bands a ton. Not that it’s a bad thing. We really love metal-core. We dubbed it“Bore-core”.

9.From your personal experience it is still worth it to play in a band these days with the way the music world operates, it seems to be getting harder all the time for bands to get their music heard?

Jon - Hell yeah it's worth playing in a band!!! If you love playing music of any kind why wouldn't you play? Do your thing, record your stuff put out on the internet or just give Cd's away at shows. Just so people can hear you stuff. I'm not here to make money. We play because we love to play. It's a great release. Plain & simple.
Aaron: If we were in it to make money… we’d be playing weddings.I think its actually easier for bands to be heard now. You figure with all these blogspots and social networking sites…its almost impossible not to be heard.Although, it is harder to get paid for it… but that’s life. Do it because you love it or don’t do it at all.

10.You have some projects in the works, is it hard getting all the time together?

Its not that difficult if everyone is flexible. Most of the projects I have in the works right now are recording only. I did a great one with JJ and Steve of Maegashira that is sitting on my hard-drive waiting to be mastered. I’m also working on blackmetal project called Elan. I met Elan through an add on craigslist looking for a guitarist to collaborate with. The record is really cool so far. It is scheduled to be released on EEE Records in the very near future. There are more projects coming soon.

11.How has been the reaction to your live shows?

Jon: People seem to dig us. We usually hear that we are very loud & then they say great show. I'll take that.

Aaron:The reactions have been very good. Mike and I spent a about year touring as a 2 piece and at times we’ve had up to six on stage, so we try to change it up when we can.

12.Do have any favorite venues?

Anywhere that puts us on the bill is a favorite venue to me.

13.Tell us about some of the newer songs you have done and what inspires the material?

I don’t really know what inspires the songs, we just write what we feel at the moment. The material on the new record is very diverse.Recording it, we found ourselves really playing more off of the mood than we had before. Mike and I wrote and recorded most of it on our own being that some of it was prior to Jon or Roman joining and we found ourselves just tripping out on certain parts as we were recording them.A year later, we had to learn what it was we did so we could play them live. It’s a little backwards, but it works for us.

14.Going back to compilations and stuff, do you think samplers are a important way to get heard?

Sure.Anyway you get heard is important. There doesn't seem to be as many comps. like there were back in the day. But, if it wasn't for some of those comps, I probably would have never heard of some great bands. So,yes.

15.A few opinions on things, Internet downloading, the current underground scene and drugs?Jon:Well, I'm not going to lie. I download stuff all the time but I also have purchased 1000's of CD, tapes & vinyl. So, I have spent lots of $$ on music .And now that times are tight I download, but if I really like the band I will spend the cash and buy the CD. You gotta support the bands.The underground scene is nothing like it used to be. Damn I'm starting to sound old. But, at least there is still a scene.On the drug issue & I'm speaking for myself. I've been down that long fun road I dug it & survived, but now I just smoke the herb,a lot. But, I'm an adult, I have a job a wife a house so I should be able to make my own decisions in life. I feel if it doesn't hold you back from you responsibilities & living your life then fine. As long as it's just ganja & a little boozing'.
Aaron: I don’t see any real problems with any of it. I understand the bands aren’t making money like they used to because of downloading but maybe it will make the live show all that much more important. It just means its time for someone to come up with the next great idea when it comes to selling CD’s etc. I think a lot of great bands are finally getting heard because of downloading that wouldn’t have been otherwise noticed.It’s a double-edged sword I guess.The scene is a tough one to answer. I think it is getting stronger and is going to continue to do so. I see things changing in music. More creativity and more ambition.I see nothing wrong with drugs for the most part. I definitely did my share. But, I think there has to be some sort of responsibility to it.Yeah a job is an important part of that… except for heroin. There are many people that I don’t like… that should do it. And a lot of it.

16.How will the Sludge, Doom and all other underground Metal scenes be in 10 years time. Do you think it will be the same, i know of a couple of venues around here thinking about shutting down Metal gigs.

Jon:I hope it is still going on. I love going to metal shows. Even though I've become the old guy at the shows. Look at the scene 10-15years ago.It was so much bigger .We used to have a bunch of different places to play or see great shows. Now, all the clubs I used to go to are gone.So, I just hope that more clubs will open to be able to give people a chance to see/hear great bands or to be able to let bands play & let these bands get more exposure.
Aaron: There are some really great bands coming out, I hope it continues. As far as venues go, they come and go. Nothing last forever.

17.What is the songwriting process for you guys?

Jon:I like to jam things out & write songs that way for the most part.But, for the most part Aaron writes the tunes & I just add my little spin to things. Everyone usually puts in there 2 cents & then the songs sound devastating.

Aaron: Until recently it was Mike and I writing most of the songs. But with the band, even though the songs are written and recorded, everyone has freedom to play them how they want. It’s kind of a jam-band mentality. It makes it really unique for us. This year will really be the first time that we’ve written and recorded as an entire band. Everyone is really on the same page and really open to new ideas. I have great hopes for the next recording.

18.Do you think in the future CD's will become redundant with all this I-Tunes and crap like that?

Jon: Shit man vinyl’s still around. I never get anything of I-tunes. Cd's are not going anywhere.

19.Give us the lowdown on ways the band can be contacted and how people can obtained CD's

20.Any plans for a large US tour?

I don’t know at this point. We take it day by day. But, we will play anywhere, anytime.

21.Any last words for everyone reading this?

Thanks for the support & please come check us out if we are in your town & keep supporting the metal, doom, hardcore scene. It's the only way to keep the scene alive & strong. Please support out Spare Change Records. They are an up and coming label with some really amazing bands.And thank you Ed for taking your time to interview us and support us. We are grateful.

Mar 22, 2009

Interview With Matt From Bastard Of The Skies

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Bastards of the skies are a bunch of sludge metal mongers from the UK.One of the better sludge bands from the UK,if you take a listen to the songs on their Myspace profile you can hear they deliver some pretty mean tunes.I suggest you go visit their page but read this interview i did with Matt before you get your head blown off with the killer tracks on their page.

1.Hello,how things been for you as of late. Have you been affected by this so called recession ?

Hello! Since Christmas we've been pretty busy recording our new album – kinda heads down and go! It's starting to get into shape now + sounding pretty beefy! As far as this recession – yeah we've been affected. I run a recording studio ( – plug! plug!) and it's been really quiet for the last few months – which, although pretty worrying, has given us plenty of time to get our new stuff down. Also the label that put our debut out (Meltdown Records) has thrown the towel in which is pretty sad news. Luckily our new album is coming out on a different label (Lockjaw/Mother Should Know).

2.Tell us about how the band got together and previous bands you might have played in ?

I've been friends with Rob (bass) since high school so when I was looking to get a band together he seemed a natural choice to ask. Nick, our drummer, I had played with in a previous band (Missed Her Bliss – kinda post-hardcore/stoner/metal type of stuff) so when our last drummer left ,again, he seemed a natural choice.

As for getting the band together in the first place we just wanted to do something obnoxious and heavy! Something I might like as a fan. As well as rip off the Melvins!

3.Judging from reading your blogs you seem to have achieved quite a lot in a few years. Have the tunes been easy for you to get together?

I'd say so. The writing part of it's probably the most straight forward and easiest part of being in this band! There's not a lot that's been agonized over really. I'll usually come up with a couple of riff and we'll jam it out. Most songs don't take more than a night or two.

4.What is like in the UK at the moment for Doom and Sludge bands regarding gigs and radio airplay ?

We've had some very limited radio play on smaller local and internet based stations. Airplay's not so easy on any thing bigger. There's things like “The Rock Show” on Radio 1 where you might get a High On Fire or Orange Goblin track if they've got a new album out. Although, to be honest, I really don't listen to much music radio. Gigwise it's ok – there's always somewhere to play if you want + there's quite a lot of good bands. Turn outs can be pretty poor for this type of stuff. Promoters like Future Noise in Manchester and Ninehertz in Sheffield do a good job and can pull some bigger, touring, bands and therefore pull a bigger crowd.

5.Could you describe the sound of the band ?

We had a review that said “The sound of drowning in a swamp full of your own shite.” I like that! It's generally big, sludgy rock, with a few quiet bits sparingly thrown in here and there – my person influences are things like Melvins, Fudge Tunnel, Unsane, High On Fire, Harvey Milk, Karp, Shellac, Boris – lots of three pieces!

6.Has the sound changed much from your demos to the album ?

Really it's just tightened up and got bigger – the new stuff's maybe a little less “metal” sounding and probably a bit sludgier – there's some droney bits – although how much'll make it onto the album I don't know. I really respect bands who'll change the sound between albums, and experiment with things – yet still keep a strong identity. I'm really looking forward to being able to sit back and listen to some of our new stuff when it's finshed – without tweaking things in the studio.

7.The album is out on Meltdown who i don't know much about,how did that all fall into place for the band ?

Just from relentlessly sending stuff out and contacting people! I sent loads of demos out and got quite a good response back - Meltdown wanted to put out the recordings – as a one off deal, and we also managed get an agreement with Lockjaw/Mother Should Know Records to put out a new album. All worked out quite well + the Meltdown album kept the ball rolling – kept us feeling like there was something happening.

Unfortunately Meltdown has now closed it's doors as a label (still putting gigs on though I think).

8.How has the reaction been to the album so far ?

Pretty good I think – the reviews have been pretty much all positive – we've been compared to a pretty wide range of good bands – not just one or two. Although with Meltdown feeling the pinch I don't know how much promotion got done for it. Most seem to think that we've got our own personality and not labelling us as clones of anyone – that's good!

9.What would you say has been the highlight of the band's career so far ?

Probably just being given the opportunity to put records out. It's nice to find out that people give a fuck! I get a lot of satisfaction from gigging, jamming and hearing the stuff get recorded as well. Also playing with bands like Baroness, Kylesa, Jucifer and Today Is The Day's pretty cool!

10.Are lyrics something you spend a lot of time on and what is the process you go through getting songs together ?

I don't spend too long on lyrics and don't particularly write about certain subject – just try and paint a mental picture. I keep notebooks and scraps of paper with thoughts and ideas or lines from books or films that catch my attention and might be good to use. Also most of the lyrics aren't too decipherable – and I don't think i'd ever really want to include a lyric sheet.

As for writing i'll come up with a couple of riffs or the bare bones for a song and jam it out in practice. Things get tightened up and added when it comes to recording. Lyrics come pretty much last – doing the recording myself means I can be pretty lazy there + spend time getting them right in the studio.

11.What is the size of the venues you play at ?

Generally club/ big pub size – pretty small you know. There's been the occasional bigger venue. I really do like small venues – as long as the sound's decent. That's not to say we against offers of massive gigs though if the chance came! you may have a tour coming up,any updates on that ?

Not at the moment – we've only got one gig booked! Once the album's finished and we know when it'll be coming out we'll sort something. Probably a few local dates, and stuff not too far away and then a proper UK tour. I'd like to get to Europe and further afield, but it's a bit of a pipe dream at the moment...

13.You also have great shirts for sale,is that something important for the band like another way of promoting.

I guess so if people see them! Also it's another way to try and raise some precious petrol money when gigging or on tour!

I just like designing stuff like that – I get a kick out of it when they turn up. They'll most likely be some new ones for when the album's done – me and Nick have been talking about an idea. They'll probably be green – trying to stay away from black for now.

14.What your favorite bands from the UK at the moment ?

Hey Colossus, Bersekowitz, Apes Fight Back, Manatees, HumanFly, White Fang, Moloch Slomatics...there's bound to be a load more can't think of right now.

15.Finally,i lived in the UK from 82 - 84 and the weather was pretty much crap. Any change there ha ha ?

Er no! I think summer lasted about two days last year! It was quite nice today, but I was cooped up in the studio (and I took a coat anyhow – just in case!)

16.Final words about the band like what is the easiest way for people to get hold of the album ?

The best way to get the album, or shirts, is probably through our myspace profile – we've got buy it now buttons so it's all just a click away!

Also keep checking back we'll have some new songs and news on the album up soon!

Mar 21, 2009

Unorthodox - Awaken Review

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Hard to believe its been 14 years since the first album Balance Of Power was unleashed but it has been that long.This time around Gary Isom replaces Ronnie Kalimon on drums and Mark Ammen replaces Josh Hart on bass.The job they do is nothing short of amazing and they back up Dale Flood on guitar work like they have been playing together since day one.Dale Flood has a huge range of influences and a lot of them shine on this the long awaited release.The music for the most part is bluesy stoner or for a better term downer rock.Flood's vocals still evoke a lot of emotion,maybe even more so than the debut album.This album is not what you would call total doom but it still has that doom laden feel that Maryland bands are famous for.Favorite tracks are hard to choose one here but the title track must be close to it with its long meandering riffing and soulful licks.There is a lot of passion in the playing on this album and this track highlights the abilities of the players on this CD.A real great example of this is on the track Kicking Dead Horses where they seem to be able to shift moods from melodic tempos to faster breaks,the song is complete in every way.

The only thing i see that is a little different from the first album is this way has more progressive rock touches,its a little more laid back but that there is the beauty of a release like this.To create something still heavy with influences still firmly planted in doom but to take it somewhere else musically.Its a album that us doom fans will dig but it can also be appreciated by a much wider audience as well.I must also say there is not many guitar players in the scene that have a knack for such emotive guitar playing,Orodriun,Pale Divine and Ogre are just a few that have it but Dale Flood is one of the best in that department.That alone is enough to recommend this album but it is a winner all round with no weak spots with enough color and shade to make this a enjoyable and worthwhile listening experience.It might have been 14 years between releases but hell the wait has been worth it.9/10

Mar 20, 2009


Image and video hosting by TinyPic Definitely any lover of early '70s proto-metal heaviness needs to put this on their wish list. Downer Rock Genocide is a collection of super rare tracks by some really obscure heavy psych/prog acts who kicked around the same scene as early Black Sabbath. And it's pretty darn killer.There's 16 tracks by 14 bands, here they are: Flying Hat Band, Clear,Blue Sky, Necromandus, Egor, Monument, Iron Maiden, Gnidrolog, Iron Claw, Red Dirt, Slowbone, Bram Stoker, Hackensack, Bum, and Writing On The Wall. Too many gems here to talk about 'em all, but i will mention a few... Flying Hat Band (2 tracks from them, from a never released 1973 album) was where Glenn Tipton slung his axe before joining up with Judas Priest.No wonder they hired him! If you have never heard FHB's stuff before then this comp is worth it just for the badass rockin' doom of their first cut, "Seventh Plain". It's like Comus meets Judas Priest! Clear Blue Sky, who also contribute two demo tracks(their album is a Sabbathy treat). And Sabbath lovers will really want this for "Nightjar" by the Tony Iommi produced Necromandus, easily that band's heaviest and best track. So good. What else? The Iron Maiden on here is NOT the Iron Maiden you're familiar with, it's another, earlier band with the same name but a much doomier disposition. Actually who they really sound like is Wishbone Ash, Argus-era, all folky and epic. Gnidrolog is another killer act who are a great, super dramatic prog act in the vein of Van Der Graaf Generator who offer up their doomiest "Long Live Man Dead". Red Dirt are a gruff slice of raw, primitive bluesy heaviness.Iron Claw kick out the jams big time on"Lightning" from a 1971 cassette only release, Egor tear it up on the blown-out live track "Street" also from '71, Hackensack deliver some wild fuzzed out soloing and wailing vocals on their kick ass cut "River Boat" circa '72, and Bum bring us the pagan "God Of Darkness" from way back in '68. Did Sabbath hear these guys? All of it good stuff for fans of bands like Sabbath, Budgie, Leaf Hound, High Tide... and Witchcraft.If you have thought about delving into some obscure 70's rock but did not know where to start,this album could be the answer for you.Out on Audio Achives.

Mar 19, 2009


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Doomenicus from Italy just sent their new CD called "Sacred" to my door step and it is a fine example of traditional mixed with funeral doom.This album has been a long time coming and you can tell that a lot of thought and effort has gone into producing this full length album.The opener is "Cold Embrace" which gets the ball rolling in a traditional doom vibe complete with Ozzy sounding vocals.This track features a great bass line combined with some crawling guitar work and its a fine way to open a album but i feel the best is yet to come.Track number two is "You Are Nothing" and the band really hits their stride with more angry intense sounding vocal work and more mid tempo riffing.This is actually a real catchy track with some groove and melody.One thing this band does really well is give off the feeling of sadness and despair,this track is a good example of that.Track 3 and my favorite song from the album is Remember November.Somewhat of a epic at 9 minutes this song has some menace to it,love the way the track builds to some beautiful but haunting guitar work.

Next one is the title track and its even longer this time,not many bands can produce really epic slabs of doom and keep it interesting but here Doomenicus pulled it off with ease.It has a bit more of a Saint Vitus feel than the others and yet keeps the bands sense of melody and structure.She Haunts You is another great track which opens with a killer riff,i wish they had have keep this riff going a bit longer but cant complain too much because this rules.Once again melody is the key here combined with some awesome guitar chugging.Final cut is Mercy And Forgiveness with a fitting epic to close the album.They are not what you could called original but fans of Candlemass,Saint Vitus and Sabbath will find something here that will get them hooked.The production is excellent and packaging is very high quality.

Special mention must go to the vocals and lyrics,this band is a Christian Doom Metal band but for the most part you would not really noticed because they deliver the messages with so much conviction.This album should push Doomenicus to the forefront of the Italian Doom Metal scene,i have to highly praise this one.9.5/10.....

Mar 18, 2009

Toner Low - Toner Low II

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Another long overdue album review now and its Toner Low's II.Anyone who has the first album from this band knows how heavy and crushing this band can be.This CD is even more so in my opinion,reason being they have a much better production and less blown out sound on this one.The album is split up into four parts so its almost like a concept album except there not much in the way of vocals or storyline.The concept is put together 4 brutal passages of music and make is as cohesive as possible and they have done that.

One of the first things that make this album different from a lot of other Doom/Drone works is the use of synthesizer but this not some novelty,it actually adds to the music.At times things are pretty quiet and then they launch into a riff that will make any Doom fan shit themselves.I mean this is real heavy in the bottom end department.Like i have already said there not a lot of vocals on here but the vocals you do hear get the Dopethrone(electric wizard) kind of treatment.Distorted and full of pain filled anguish.This is a well put together and well crafted album which is available on double vinyl with one track per side which seems fitting for such a monumental piece of work.This is a album that needs to be listened to from start to finish with no breaks.Just soak it all in,the more i listen,the more i love this album.Makes me wonder how they can top it.Time will tell.9.5/10

Mar 17, 2009

Mammoth Mammoth Interview

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Mammoth Mammoth are a gritty Stoner Rockin outfit from Melbourne,Australia.They have already built up a reputation for delivering killer live performances.Here is a interview i did,long overdue but very much worth it.Check out the grooves they get when you get the chance. 1.Tell us a bit about the history of the band, when you started, band members and stuff ? We met at a family reunion about two years ago – our mums were all Bon Scott groupies. 2.Judging by the tracks on your Myspace page you have a 70's Stoner Rocking sound but with a Modern edge.Fair description or not ? Absolutely. We all came into the band with really diverse influences from drone and doom to glam and even rockabilly, but the two bands we all agreed on were Sabbath and Kyuss. 3.You already have built up a pretty awesome live reputation, what is it about playing live that has given you such good reviews ? All of us were just sick of going to see bands only to end up watching a bunch of dudes fiddling with their tuning keys before shuffling their feet through a 45 minute set while making lame-arse conversation with the audience between songs. Fuck that. You can have the best songs in the world, but at the end of the day, if you’re gonna be in a live band, you’ve got to perform. Otherwise, what’s the point? The audience might as well just stay at home and listen to your record. Man, I love watching footage of dudes like Black Flag, The Birthday Party and The Stooges on stage, or even KISS, Motley Crue or Van Halen. Those fuckers knew how to put on a show. And that’s where we’ve taken our cues from. And because hardly anyone else seems to be doing it, people aren’t used to seeing it. Shit, we had a smoke machine before we even had any real songs. At the end of the day, it’s like our guitarist Stevie Dixx says – If you aint bleedin’, you aint rockin’ 4.Last time i was in Melbourne it was 2006,has the scene changed much since then ? Dunno, we’re not really in it – we’re not cool enough. 5.What is your favorite places to play down there, i always used to love the Espy. Cherry Bar, without a doubt – Bill Walsh from the Cosmic Psychos owns it, and when you play there, his mum Janet, cooks you sausage rolls. That kicks arse. 6.You got the Devil's Kitchen show coming up tomorrow with Winnebago Deal.You may have already played it by the time you finish this interview. If so how did it go ? Despite being held on the hottest day in Melbourne history, it was fuckin’ awesome. They had a really diverse line up, and pulled a great crowd. It’s getting bigger and better every year, it won’t be long before it’s the Southern Hemisphere’s answer to Roadburn or Wacken. 7.How long do you think you can rock out in Melbourne before getting bored with it. A lot of bands down there used to tell me playing the same venues over and over again gets frustrating. Any thoughts on that ? That doesn’t really matter to us, we could be playing to 3 people and a goat in somebody’s lounge room and we’d still be having a fucking blast. As long as we’re playing, we’re happy. 8.Tell us about the making of the CD, where was it recorded and time spent on it ? We recorded in Bakehouse Studios in North Fitzroy, with Paul Fox who did the mixing and the mastering too. Originally we’d intended to just record a demo to help us get gigs and shit like that, so we only budgeted for two days. One day to lay down the instruments and one for the vocals. But when we came out, we liked it so much we thought, what the fuck, let’s put it out as an EP. 9.What is your future plans on recording and touring ? Well, we’d like to record another EP sometime mid this year, we’ve got all the material, it’s just a matter of finding the time and the money. As for touring, we might be heading up the east coast here later in the year, and if possible we’d like to go overseas next year – possibly South America or Europe, we seem to have a pretty big following in Poland and Brazil so it’d be great to get to one of those places. 10.Tell us about the personality's within the band,do you all get along most of the time ? We’re all cunts so we get along just fine. 11.What bands are your greatest inspirations ? Black Sabbath, Kyuss, Electric Wizard, Ted Nugent, Eyehategod, AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, Black Flag and Guns N’ Roses. 12.Have you been getting much Radio support ? Yeah, particularly from the local independent stations RRR and PBS. In particular, Nicole Tadpole on RRR’s ‘Respect The Rock’ has been an early champion of ours. 13.Have you got any final words or thoughts for us ? Remain MAMMOTH!

Mar 13, 2009

Interview With Ron From Curse The Son

Here is a great interview with Ron from Curse The Son who tells us their history,Sufferghost and a personal hatred of mine illegal downloading.They have a recording in the works that will be a brutal dose of doom so you should get into supporting this band.

1.First lets go into the history of the band.There is a pretty tragic story behind how the band got together.Would you care to tell us about that ?

Me and Cheech(bass) were in the band Sufferghost, along with guitarist Tony Buhagiar.We had just recently completed what was to be our CD "Thaw", when I got a call telling me that Tony had suffered some type of heart failure, and had actually died and was brought back. He had an aortic dissection, and an artery in his heart had burst!Due to further complications he was left parapelegic, and obviously unable to play guitar at that point. So after many months of not even wanting to look at my guitar or go to the jam room, I finally decided I wanted to start playing again. Tony and I talked about it extensively, and with his blessing I got going again.
2.You brand of Doom is everything i love about Doom to be honest.Slow grinding riffs and all. Is there one band that stands out above all others as a influence ?

Black Sabbath- Master Of Reality or Sabotage

3.You have a couple of recordings up for download,can you fill us in on those ?

"Hemicrania Continua" and "Annullus Of Zin" were the first songs that I wrote with this new band in mind. I have always been into the slower,heavier shit and I knew this is what I should be doing.As far as downloading the songs, I think the new myspace music player isn't allowing for downloads right now? Not sure whats up with it.

4.You also have a full length CD coming out,whats the latest news on that one ?

Our first release will be the 4 song EP "Globus Hystericus", and it should be available by mid April. It is full of slow ass, fuzzed out sludgey riffs.I deliberately went for a more low-tech production, as I am more interested in the vibe for the listener than I am in making sure everything sounds "perfect". Everything that comes out now, sounds the same...perfect kicks, perfect vocals, perfect everything...there is no human element left in the sound. No trendy shit from us....big, fat, and doomy.

5.When did you first became interested in the Doom genre ?

The very first time I heard Black Sabbath. I was probably 10 or 11, and my older cousin was all into Sabbath, metal. She used to play those albums all the time. Being a kid it freaked me out a bit at first, but that is also what drew me to it. I still remember how creeped out I felt when I first heard the opening to War Pigs with the siren and all that!

6.What inspires the lyrics and what do you write about ?

Inspiration for the lyrics right now is coming from internal strife. I suffer from severe anxiety disorder, and a way for me to deal with it, is to get it out on paper. It is a great form of therapy. But I also like to write more imaginary/fantasy based lyrics as just really depends on where my head is at when I am writing.

7.There is more Doom acts around now than ever before. Do you think is a problem for you trying to get your music heard or is it a case of more Doom the better ?

I think it is tough to get your music heard no matter what style you play.There are just SO many bands out there now! Myspace is a great tool for promotion and getting your name out there, but the problem is that there is such a flood of bands now, people are less likely to give you the time. It is a lot to expect for someone to wade through the endless amount of friend requests they get from bands, when some of these bands aren't really ready to be heard yet, or you have these "1 man band" things.I come from the old school, where you actually wait to release music until it is ready. Bands now.....they just put a mic up in their basement...make some bad recordings, and pretend that they are rock stars. I say take your time, hone your craft....the market is just flooded and it is hard to get through.Thankfully within the stoner/doom genre it is a bit easier to find your target audience, because it is a smaller more specific genre.

8.What is the local scene like where you live ?

The local scene in New Haven,CT is horrible. It has been horrible for almost 20 years. Nobody around here cares about original music. As far as Doom, the scene is non-existent. People around here don't get it like they do in Cali or Oregon, Texas, Ohio. Even when it comes to a band like Sabbath, folks around here who think they are huge Sabbath fans...they have no idea that songs like "Lord Of This World" or "Under The Sun" even's all "N.I.B". and "Paranoid" ya know?

9.Lets talk a little about Sufferghost.You planned of getting it happening again soon.Any news on that ?

The original plan was once Tony was ready to pick up the guitar again, we would give it a go. Unfortunately he has since returned to his hometown in Hayward,CA. It was a great move for him, he has re-connected with old friends and musicians, and is currently working on some new material as we speak....I wish him nothing but the best, I love him like a brother and I want nothing but success for him.As far as the CD "Thaw" goes, we still plan on releasing it at some point, not sure when, but it will come out. Sufferghost really caught fire quickly when we first came out....a lot of great responses, and a lot of interest.It is certainly a band that could have blown up big time, but life is a constant state of uncertainty and we have no choice but to keep going.

10.What is opinion of the internet and in particular the downloading of music. It has pretty much killed the recording industry. Personally I hate downloading illegally.

If a band offers if for free...awesome, but you know somewhere along the lines things got really screwed up. People just assume that they are entitled to music for free? How is that?It has ruined the labels, which in turn has ruined most of the music that we are hearing. There will be no more "artist development", odds are we will never again, have a Black Sabbath, or a Led Zeppelin...those are scary thoughts. I believe if you like a band, you have to do everything you can to support them, and that means actually paying for a CD!I refuse to steal music from others, and am constantly battling with friends and family who do download....they don't see it as stealing. I mean I would love to just walk into a Guitar Center and grab an SG and walk out with it...but guess what, I can't....somebody made that guitar, somebody has to get paid! And it is not about greed, it is about survival.

11.The new album,is that going to be available on Vinyl.I love vinyl more than anything!

I wish it would be on vinyl. I never got rid of my turntable, even though everyone was "albums suck, CD's are where it's at". I do like the clarity, and impact of a nice sound disc, but nothing can compare to the warmth of actual vinyl. Believe me, if I could partner up with someone to cut some vinyl, I would in a heartbeat...but for now it's a CD.

12.What would be the ultimate Doom gig line-up for you guys ?

I would love to see the original Black Sabbath(in this fantasy-Ozzy can still sing), with Sleep, Electric Wizard, a reunited Witchfinder General(with Zeeb), and us opening the show! Wow, that woud be a dream.

13.What is the future for Doom Metal in your opinion,will it go forward or do you think its gone as far as it can go ?

I think that doom will continue on and on. People that play this type of music are not in it for the fame or the is not there. The folks who play stoner/doom do it because they love it, it is in them. It is almost like you are answering a calling.....metal has been in my blood for as long as I can remember....I do it for the rush I get when I crank out some new kick-ass riff, and the amp is sooooo loud that the fuzz is just vibrating your very soul. Fucking awesome feeling!

14.Any final words for the Doomheads out there ?

Be on the lookout for our 4 song CD "Globus Hystericus", we will be selling it off our myspace page. Right now we are writing new material, to be recorded in July, and plan on releasing a full length CD sometime later in the year.Hopefully some touring will be happening, so please give the tunes a listen, and spread the word to the other doom freaks that you know.Also thanks to you Ed, and Earthdog Promotions.

Blood Ceremony Album Review

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Blood Ceremony from Canada are somewhat of a oddity in the underground music world to me at the moment.Its interesting to seem them label as Doom Metal because they are not Doom and they are not even Metal.Having said that what they do is some inspiring early 70's style occult goth rock that will appeal to a wide range of listeners out there.Jethro Tullesque passages lead into some sabbath influenced riff sections all held together by Alia O'Brien's earthy voice.Master Of Confusion begins with some organ work the likes of Black Widow would be proud of before launching into some sinister riffing of the Sabbath variety.The next real killer track is Into The Coven which twists and turns and really sets the tone for the rest of the album.The occult rock thing has made a real comeback over the last few years starting with bands like Witchcraft and while Blood Ceremony do use a hell of a lot of cliche's to get their messages of sorcery across they do it so good the songs do get stuck in your brain.The lyric "They smoke black drugs with Satan's bong" and i hope i heard that right is a classic example of where this band is coming from.Guitarist Sean Kennedy do some fine Iommi style soloing but without the bombastic guitar tone of Sabbath but that just adds to the earthly vibe of the record.

The second half of the album is when things really start to cook though, "Hop Toad" and "Children of the Future" both have some great mood and tempo changes while album closer "Hymn to Pan" may be the most well constructed song on the album.The second half of the album showcases O'Brien's sultry vocal delivery which wouldn't sound out of place in the late 60's,Grace Slick comes to mind when listening to her vocal approach.The production has a distant feel to it like it was recorded in some swamp land somewhere with Marshall stacks buried in mud but that just adds to the beauty of it all.I have no doubt that in time this will be regarded as a classic but don't be mislead into thinking this is a real heavy record just because its on the Rise Above label,this album is almost like a tribute to the days when records meant no frills and more important a real attempt at solid songwriting.

Mar 11, 2009

Interview With Jason From Cauldron

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Cauldron are another band keeping "real metal" alive.By real i mean old school,not computerized down to earth headbanging Heavy Metal.There is a lot of bands doing but they don't get much better than Cauldron.Now bang thy head and read this interview with bass/vocalist Jason.

1.Tell us how you Metal Maniacs first got together ?

We first got together when Ian flew to Toronto to audition for Cauldron just after the demise of Goat Horn. We were looking for a new guitar player to pick up where Goat Horn left off a month earlier.

2. Is the old school Metal approach something you have always wanted to play ?

No, just metal as we see and hear it has been our goal. We don't want to fuck with the music that we are so beloved of, we just want to play it and hopefully add something to it that adds to it, you know?

3.Your album "Chained To The Nite" is on Earache Records. Is be pretty cool to be on the same label as Cathedral etc ?

Yeah, no problems there! Its an honor to be smashed between Carcass and Cathedral in the Earache catalogue!

4.How did that deal come about ?

Earache I guess heard about us through the press from our first EP "Into the Cauldron" and our first trip to Europe back in April 2007. They got in touch just over a year ago to see what we were looking for and once we agreed upon something, we got rolling.

5.One thing i really like about the band is its old school Metal but still sounds really fresh,is there anything you do that makes this happen ?Some other bands kind of sound like NWOBHM tribute bands but you guys are different !

Well, we know exactly what kind of music we want to play and aside from that, we know we want a real "human" sounding band that encompasses a big guitar and drum sound. Its pretty simple really, we just go into a big room and crank up the amps and pound the drums and lay it down on tape and don't really fuck with computers. We don't want to sound fake.

6.I read you enjoy a few drinks,do you get in trouble sometimes ?

Yeah, we like to drink, we like to have a good time and sometimes certain people don't like that, fuck em!

7.How has the Canadian scene been like for you. Is there still a market for this brand of Metal over there ?

Well, not a big market. I mean, we're not going to make much money playing this kind of music in Canada, and Canada is especially hard to tour because of the small population compared to the land mass. That, and half of Canada is brainwashed by the united states media, which is going to make it even more difficult for real metal to survive. Anyway, we've had some successful Canadian tours, but that doesn't mean your band can!

8.The old school Metal sound has somewhat of a comeback in recent times. Do you think people are getting tired of cookie monster black/death vocals and super fast drum beats and all that ?

Apparently so. I'm pretty sick of it, I don't even know what the fucks going on with that computer shit 'false' metal anymore anyway. I don't really give a shit. Its not that I hate death vocals or fast drums beats, but I hate fake sounding computer played records with no pulse. I like to hear the passionate human element in music.

9.What bands do you model yourself on if any or is it a wide range of influences ?

There's a pretty wide range of bands that we're influenced by, the list could go on for quite a while, but basically we're influenced by catchy riffs, good song writing, heavy guitars and big drums. Pretty simple actually, but we pull from all sorts of bands, but most notably we owe it all the the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and hat Brian Slagel did in the 80's. As far as a band that we model ourselves after, I would say Metallica if they broke up around 1990.

10. Do you have any big shows lined up and what is the plans for the rest of 2009 ?

We start a European tour in June at the Tyrolen Muskelrock Festival in Sweden that sees us through Sweden, Germany, Holland, Denmark, and back to the UK with Enforcer. Then we head back to Canada and the USA for a couple months in the summer.

11.What would be the ultimate show for Cauldron to be a part of ?

Well, playing with Black Sabbath (Heaven And Hell actually), Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest or Matallica would pretty amazing not only because of what they mean to us, but what those bands have accomplished in metal and what kind of crowds we could play in front of... that would be pretty cool!

12.You have had some good reviews already,do you take much noticed of reviews in general ?

I haven't really seen any reviews of the new record yet, but I'd like to. Of course I like to see what people's perceptions are of the band.

13.What has been the highlights so far since the band formed ?

Our first European tour with Twisted Tower Dire was the best!

14.What is the easiest way for people to get hold of your stuff.Online ?

At the live show! The new album should be available wherever you buy music come April 6th, or you can pre-order it though earache. com - the first EP is available on our website.

15.Finally sum up the band in a few words ?

Old Beer.


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1.Thanks for this chance to interview you guys. So lets start with a history lesson,when and how did this band get together ?

Thanks for the interview E.D.!
Well the three of us have known each other for quite some time! Myself and John (drums)
have been in bands with each other since the early 90’s (on and off) so when our last band had split in 2007 we decided to start something ourselves, playing the music we loved, namely Doooooom!
We had known Neill since school so we hooked up, had a jam and the rest is history!

2.You have some killer influences which to me sound like Cathedral and Sabbath.How much of a influence do these bands and others play a part in getting your sound ?

Ha ha is it that obvious? But yes we are heavily influenced by Sabbath and Cathedral! Lee Dorian was an absolute hero to me growing up, still is to be honest, his vocal style is the most original in the world of metal in my opinion. As for Sabbath, well what can I say that hasn’t been said already? My guitar playing is heavily indebted to Tony Iommi...Severley underrated to this day by a lot of critics. And Neill worships at the altar of Geezer!

3.Tell us about your recording output from demo's to official releases.What are they and how has the band progressed through that time ?

Our only ‘official’ release has been the ‘chronicles of doom’ demo in January of last year which was basically the first five songs we had written. Two of the tracks were only a week or two old and I think that shows...
We intend to release the ‘Nostradoomus’ E.P during the summer of this year all going well!

4.I have heard a lot of bands from Ireland in the last year,is the Doom scene expanding there or is it just the internet making these bands easier for us Doomheads to access.I think i have heard more Doom from Ireland in the last year than i have in my entire life.

I think it could be a bit of both. Since the early 90’s we have had the likes of Mourning Beloveth, Old season, Thy sinister bloom and Graveyard dirt. All of them top quality doom bands and all still active today. Since them however there has been a drop-off until the last few years where we are seeing the emergence of some really great doom bands... The likes of Five will die, Council of tanith, On pain of death are worth mentioning not just because their making great music but because of the variation between them. The word scene is not really applicable to the Irish bands as it’s rare to see a bill consisting of just Irish doom bands, the promoters here tend to mix it up a little. I see nothing wrong with this; we often get people telling us they enjoyed us when they wouldn’t normally listen to doom metal.

Is being a band in Ireland limiting as far as gigs go. Is there plenty of venues for you to play at ?

It all depends on your ambitions I suppose... We haven’t had the good grace to support an internationally recognised band as of yet which could piss off some bands but if you’re a new band looking to get some gigging experience there is something going on most weekends around the country. I might be way off the mark here but im guessing that there are around 30 – 40 metal friendly venues in the south of the country at least and it seems to be improving all the time.

6.A question about the current Doom scene,do you think its been getting better or worse. It seems to me quantity has increased out of control and quality has gone down.Myspace has a lot to do with this,any opinions ?

I think it’s good to see the scene expanding, sure there is a lot of shite out there but I can choose what I want to listen too... I’m not going to go trawling bands MySpace pages in search of the next classic doom band but I do keep an eye on emerging bands and debutants. I think I’ve heard more great doom in the last few years than I have since the 80’s and 90’s!
The only thing that’s pissed me off about doom in recent years is the whole ‘Drone’ phenomenon... Not knocking it but I just don’t ‘get’ it.

7.What equipment do you use,you get a pretty awesome sound.

Ha ha, the gear we used on the chronicles demo was really awful bargain basement stuff (apart from the drums) I especially dislike the guitar sound. It worked out at the time but this has since been remedied and should make a major difference for the next recording.
Some people including yourself have complemented us on the sound though so thanks!

8.Vocals are different to a lot of bands,have you worked on that much ?

Too many singers just try to ape the performances of their heroes, which would be fine if they were to mix it up a little, I’m not the most vocally adept doom singer but I know my weaknesses and I do try to exploit the stronger aspects. At the time of the demo recording I had rarely sang with “clean” vox but felt the songs required it. A lot of our new material is more orientated towards this style now but I haven’t forgotten how to growl!

9.How many live shows have you played and what has been the highlights?

I think we have played around 40 gigs since our inception of which we enjoyed all but two.
The highlights? Any gig with Fivewilldie!!

10.The title Nostradoomus is a amazing title for a Doom album,was this influenced any by the last Judas Priest album ?

It definitely had a hand in it yeah! When people discuss the prophecies of Nostradamus the focus is always on the, shall we say ‘pessimistic’ prophecies; wars, famine, disaster et al…
People need a certain amount of doom in their lives; it makes the good times better and gives us balance. With this in mind we decided ‘Nostradoomus’ would be a fitting title for an album considering the abundance of bad news we are bombarded with by the media. Honestly I don’t think I’ve ever heard the word doom used in everyday life as much as we do now! So yeah Brigantia supports total economic meltdown!!!!!

11.Have you been spreading your music around to many labels out there and is there a label you can see yourself being at home on ?

No we haven’t sent the demo to any labels to be honest. We treated the demo as studio experience and we learned a lot from it. A record label seems like a nice dream but it doesn’t worry us, I can’t say im even familiar with many out there right now apart from the well established ones such as “Rise above” .A good distribution deal would suit us I think… It’s the only part that is a pain, trying to get the music out there to the people who are interested…
Don’t get me wrong, if we were offered a deal it would be magic! I just think that we are some way off that yet...

12.Whats in your immediate plans for 2009,what shows have you got lined up and future recordings ?

The plan for this year is to release the “Nostradoomus” E.P. first and foremost.
Fingers crossed that this will be ready for release at the end of the summer! We have only gigged twice this year so far which is a pain but necessary all the same when trying to write new material. Once the E.P is out we will probably gig the fuck out of it for the rest of the year.

13. Do you think you will changed the sound over time or are going to stick with your current sound.Some bands change over time which from a fans point of views can be frustrating.

The beauty of our situation is that we have the freedom to work around the confines of the genre; every time we come up with something new lately it seems to have the “Brigantia” feeling whether it is up-tempo, slow, crushing, progressive…it still boils down to the fact that it is us and it sounds like us! We must change to an extent I think, simply to mirror our own vision for the band. We will always love Sabbath, Candlemass e.t.c and this will most likely always be an influence but we will not stagnate or rehash stuff like Ride to the Sabbath, where is the fun in that?

14.Any final words for all the Doomheads out there ?

If in doubt, doooom it out fuckers!!
Thanks for the interview and keep up the good work E.D

Mar 6, 2009

David Benson Interview

David Benson has a voice that has been compared to Ozzy and other classic hard/heavy metal artists but he in not another Ozzy wanna - be.He is a christian doom metal frontman with a quality voice and quality music to back it up.Traditional doom metal and old school heavy metal fans will dig what he does.Still unknown to most people which is a surprise because has a voice and sound which is sadly lacking in today's modern metal scene.Here he takes the time to do this interview. 1.First of all for all those people who may not be familiar with your work.Tell us about your musical background and history ? David : First let me start by thanking you for doing this interview, I really appreciate it! My career began in 1994 , with the release of my album "Holy Psychotherapy" through Viva Records in Sweden , and before that I just mucked about , And the great pursuit of success and doom musical journey. 2.The first thing everyone will notice about you is you sound a bit like Ozzy and he is a influence of yours.What was it like when you first realised this yourself.Some people would regard this as a huge bonus. David: To be quite honest it's something that just came naturally from the beginning, It's just normal to me. I think it can't hurt, and I'm glad that people who are fan's of this style of music have embraced me. 3.Apart from Sabbath and Ozzy who do you really admire musically speaking ? David: Wow , There are so many, But I would have to say , I'm a big fan of 70's music of all styles. But a few Bands that come to mind are, Deep Purple, Trouble, Dio, Type-O-Negative. 4.Give us a history of your recordings so far ? David: 1994 Holy Psychotherapy 1996 Purpose Of The Cross 2000 Premonition Of Doom 2005 Dbeality And my soon to be released LIVE 5.You have a European tour planned for this spring.Sounds like its going to be quite an exciting tour.Tell us about places you will be visiting and other bands you will be sharing the stage with ? David: We have decided to postpone the Tour , to work on new studio recording. 6.You are a Christian Metal artist and being the first real Christian Metal artist I have ever interviewed I have to ask this.What do you say to people who say Christianity doesn't belong in Metal.Its a narrow minded point of view i would of thought. David: I would just say there entitled to that opinion , And I would ask them to pay close attention to some of Black Sabbath's lyrics, After Forever comes to mind. I count as a honor that I'm your first Christian artist interview. 7.What other Christian Metal acts do you see as being real important ? David: Stryper, Apostle, Bloodgood, Barren Cross, Rez Band 8.The new album is being produced by Neil Kernon who has worked with Queensryche to Hall & Oates !How did that come about ? David: I met Neil , through a mutual friend of ours. We are not only working on new studio album. But Neil is putting the finishing touches on my soon to be released LIVE record. 9.The guitar work is outstanding on the songs i have heard on Myspace.Tell us about the the guy,i cant find much info about him ? David: I honestly really can't say because of legal reason's, but I hope to be able to reveal soon… 10.What is your opinion on the Metal scene these days,progressing or going backwards ? David: I really don't know to be quite honest. 11.Tell us about some of your favorite tracks and their meanings ? David: I really like to leave all meanings and inturpitations to the listener . That's half the fun… 12.Your music is available from CD Baby but what has been like for you getting the music out there.It seems to be harder than ever to get music heard now days as the Metal market seems flooded to me. David: Things are going well, I think your statement is true, But there are also many more ways to be heard now-a-days. 13.What is your long term ambitions as a artist ? David: To continue to grow in creativity and release quality music. And doom on…. 14.Any final words to the fans out there and to the people that might have just discovered David Benson. David: I would just like to thank all my current fan's and welcome new ones, I Love You All!

Mar 5, 2009

Interview With Chris From Phased

1.First of all thanks for allowing me to have this interview.Tell us about how the band came together ? when my old band mercury 4°f split, we had an album named phased out, so I just named the next band phased 4°f. of that line-up only me survived and when we became a trio with me, michael greilinger and marko lehtinen, we re-named ourselves as simply "phased". since then it's been the real thing, that was in 2001. 2. One thing that sets you apart from other bands at the moment is how all the influences and sounds come together to make something unique. It sounds like you are influenced from everything from Sabbath,Hawkwind to total doom and even a little punk. Is this true ? he he, sure... I am an old punk and michael the bass-player introduced me to the world of doom. of course I'd seen st. vitus and had their records, but black sabbath was new territory for me, since I'd always poo-pooed the "eunuch" singing of metal band singers. so yeah, we're influenced by free jazz, kraut rock, space-rock, punk and doom, etc. we like to listen to every kind of music, as long as it's good. my favourite singer is nancy sinatra, so there you go. 3. You call yourself "Psychedelic Deathrock" which pretty much sums up the sound. Do your musical excursions take a lot of time to get together ? hmmm, not sure what you mean??? if you mean compositions, they come by naturally. we just go with the flow and whatever comes up we play and if we like it we develop the song, if not we dump it. 4.When i listen to your music i always imagine a late 60's style lightshow and slideshow with swirling images everywhere.Can you describe your live shows ? ha, no we don't do that - too many other bands already do this, so I'd find it pretty boring if we did that too. we just dress in our bonafide 60ies shirts and rock out without a special light- or slideshow. it's all about the music! 5.You have done some killer gigs with some pretty big names in the Stoner/Doom scene.Want to tell us about some of those experiences ? well, it's nothing special really. we just support these bands and sometimes we talk backstage. high on fire were nice guys, but mostly bands just keep to themselves. 6.One thing that people might know is your first release came out way back in 1998.How has the bands songs changed since then ? back then it was noise rock with an element of space, now it's heavy space-sludge with an element of noise. 7.Who writes the lyrics and what inspires the songs ? I write the lyrics and most of the riffs. together we then arrange and polish the songs. I get inspired by everything around me, mostly nihilism. I am a dark person with a wicked sense of humour, so... cynical humour is definitely in there as well. some words just come into my head and I go from there, develop a story or whatever. 8.What is your opinion of the Stoner/Doom scene at the moment ? stoner is at a dead end - when swiss bands start to play stoner rock you know it's over. the swiss are always 20 years too late. same goes for doom - I really only like electric wizard. they stand out. the rest are just copycats. we prefer not to be put in the stoner corner. it's such a lame word... 9.How has been the record companies been like to the band,are they supportive ? well, there's only been one record company so far, the rest we don't wanna talk about. elektrohasch is cool. but these days you can't expect a record company to do much for you can you? the music industry is on the bottom. we came too late for the money, the drugs and the sex... for us there is only the joy of making music. no illusions that some record company will put money into us, that is definitely a thing of the past. 10.A lot of people put down the Psychedelic Stoner stuff because they think its all drug inspired which some of it is but don't you think this attitude is becoming a real out - dated way of thinking ? I think it IS drug-inspired, always. anyone playing this kind of music and being straight edge has no idea about "space"! that doesn't mean we are stoned and on trip every day, but we do have our experiences and that is necessary to feel "space" . after all, the word is psychedelic and not pop art. 11.I have always like the 3 piece band set up.Would you ever consider adding other members ? we are not against taking up a new member, but she/he would need to fit in with the close-knit friendship to be able to play with us - we need no longer even look at each other to space out! having said that - it is cool to just be 3 people. it makes things easier. decisions are harder to make as there's always two against one other, but we know how to deal with it by now. 12.Tell us about the last album Medications as this the album most i know have heard the most of.How long did it take to put together ? actually this was even longer in the making than the new one, which we finished in 9 days. we struggled with the recording for a while and got into arguments about the mix. the thing was, our practice room house burned down and we were left without a rehearsal space (luckily for us, our equipment was about the only not to get damaged at all!), so we couldn't prepare for the recording of "medications". we just wrote 2 more songs and went into the studio and had to go from there. 13.The new album is due out soon,how does that compare with Medications ? it is better recorded, has better songs, and is even heavier. 8 songs only, so there are at least 2 really long ones. also the singing is a bit rougher and not in such a high voice anymore - back to my good old "killdozer" voice, he he... 14. Is there any plans to offer free downloads ?So many bands are doing that now and what is your opinion of that ?Seems to me the whole record industry is almost dead ! the industry IS dead, see question above - I don't care if the people download our music for free - at least someone will listen to it! but we have costs and need to make some money to cover expenses, so I see a clash of interests looming somewhere out there. but what to do? cd's suck and I understand people don't wanna pay - I don't wanna pay for lousy cd's that are unplayable and overpriced. bring back the vinyl for good!!! 15.Apart from the new album what is planned for 2009 ?A tour of the USA would be awesome ! yeah, a tour of the usa would be awesome - in fact I AM going to tour the east-coast, but with my solo-project "b°tong", which is dark ambient soundscapes... no far-fetched plans for phased though - we'll continue playing the odd gig in germany and switzerland and tour the neighbouring countries. it's so much work to organise any longer tour, since we all work and have private lives and need to rent a van, and to have all expenses covered in order to be able to move further away than a 6h drive. organisation... it's so much easier with "b°tong" - just a case with effect-pedals and one person. so... well, we'll have to see what we can do. we do want to play more! 16.Thanks again for the interview,any last words ? watch out for armageddon in 2012, he he he...
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