Jul 30, 2009

Lord Of The Grave - Raunacht

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One of my favorite CD's at the moment has to "Ranuacht" by Switzerland's "Lord Of The Grave". 5 Tracks of pure Stoner Doom glory in the tradition of bands like Sleep,Electric Wizard and Saint Vitus,this CD is kind of short even though one track is over 17 minutes long.The album opens with the fuzz drenched sonic Doom of "Holy Vitus" that highlights the hypnotic riffing of Robert C who also handles the vocals.The vocals are a little buried in the mix but it seems to add to the hypnotic quality of the music.This first track begins the album in a somewhat plodding way and some may say one of the other tracks might have been a better choice for a opener but this tune is one of my favorites on the album. "Ghosts Of The Pyre"follows in a similar fuzzed out fashion with moaning vocals with a layered riff sound,it is easy to forget this band is just a 3 piece.The sound is old school,i don't know for sure but this sounds like vintage equipment cranked to the max with old tube amplifiers working into overdrive.The third track "Lord Of The Grave" is 7 minutes of the same but without getting boring in anyway at all,its really just a continuation of the feel set up in the previous 2 songs.The real highlight is "Bardo"( nothing to do with the Obsessed song ) which leads into the title track."Raunacht" which is a seamless 17 minute plus epic that defies its running time,a real achievement to make something so long,so brutal without it becoming mundane or predictable."Raunacht" means "Rough Night" in English and this music is rough but it is also some real fuzzy goodness.Pity the album seems so short or maybe i enjoy it so much it just seemed that way. 9/10


Jul 29, 2009

Hels - A Lost Gem By Derek Edward Kellington

Hels were a Swedish doom metal band from 1985 that as far as I have been able to find, only released one 7" and two tracks from the Klipp Rock Compilation from 1987. But the tracks on the Klipp Rock Comp were your typical mid 80s heavy metal/shock rock style. Why the change in style or why the band only was able to produce 4 songs is unknown. There is barely any information on the band that i can find aside from the tracks, the band members and when formed, which is supposed to be 1983.

Any ways, the point of this is to show the public what I feel to be a gem that has been lost, and I wish to share it with the doom community. The 7" is entitled Birth/Death, and the tracks display just that. Birth being a more upbeat fist pumping track, where Death is slowed down. Birth and death is obviously the theme of the 7" and I feel it was portrayed very well here. from what I can find, this is the earliest doom recording I have found to come out of Sweden. This is traditional doom for the old school fans out there.

Below I have supplied a link for the two tracks from the 7" for you to download. This is indeed worth a listen. I have been digging on this recording for sometime now. I believe I had mentioned it at one time before, supplying links on youtube for these songs. But I listened to it the other day for the first time in months, and felt the need to bring it to
the publics attention again. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Derek Edward Kellington

The following link is for the two tracks from Hels 7" Birth/Death as featured on Vibrations of Doom


Jul 28, 2009


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CD 1 - FREE DOWNLOAD - http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?qzyk2yvwthj

CD 2 - FREE DOWNLOAD - http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?tw5qnoyynlm

Jul 27, 2009

NOMAD SON - First Light ( 2008 )

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I must confess i knew next to nothing about this band till they submitted a track for the last Doom Metal Alliance Sampler and visiting their Myspace page to hear more.Needless to say i was blown away by how good they are so i had to get hold of a CD.This turned out to be a major pain as i lost a bit of money in the process but that is another story.In the end it was worth it because this is a classic piece of Traditional Doom Metal of the highest order.The band is from Malta which has one of the strongest Doom scenes i have heard,maybe that is why this band is so good.Most of you are familiar with Forsaken, one of the leading acts of the second generation of European doom metal and this band has one of its members,Albert Bell who is becoming quiet a legend in the Doom scene.Nomad Son have even more in common with Forsaken as they sound similar but to my ears this Nomad Son album beats anything Forsaken have ever done and that is with no disrespect to Forsaken,its just that this is so damn good.

First of all there is the mighty vocals of Jordan Cutajar who roars his way through the entire album with some real passion and intensity.The band mixes elements from late 70s and early ‘80s but with a real modern twists,the 70's influence comes from a obvious Sabbath influence plus a glorious Hammond Organ sound which adds a nice touch to the slight progressive edge this band possesses.Other obvious comparisons are Trouble,Candlemass and even some Mercyful Fate thrown in for good measure.Highlights include "Seven Notes in Black",the monumental "Empyrean Fade" and "At the Thresholds of Consciousness"which is built around a groove they get which is just awesome.This is their debut and i can't wait to see where the band goes next.They deserve to be huge. 9/10

Nomad Son @ Myspace


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    "Stone Magnet" – 4:54
    "Mourning Prayer" – 5:07
    "Mountains of Mars" – 3:46
    "Behemoth" – 8:55
    "Devil's Bride" – 6:31
    "Black Butterfly" – 8:19
    "Electric Wizard" – 9:52
    "Wooden Pipe" – 0:08
Bonus songs on 2006 reissue:
    "Illimitable Nebulie" (Demo) – 4:52
    "Mourning Prayer, Part 1" (Demo) – 5:19
Some Doom-heads have disagreed with me, but i think this is one of Electric Wizard's best albums. Eighth notes never sounded so heavy (see "Mourning Prayer," "Devil's Bride," "Black Butterfly), and lyrics never sounded so stoned. The album opener ("Stone Magnet") and closer ("Electric Wizard") are utterly brilliant, and will sit among the greatest stonerrock hymns of all time as uniquely Electric Wizard (a lot of the genre borrows heavily from itself). I hear complaints from friends about the drumming on this recording. I'd agree it lacks the slipperiness and spark of most stoner records, but it doesn't hold this work back. After recording this record, it's rumored that members of the band were busted for drugs, assaulting a cop and robbery (on separate occasions). One member of the band suffered a collapsed eardrum on stage.


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    "Return Trip" – 10:03
    "Wizard In Black" – 8:14 (8:02 on 2CD)
    "Doom-Mantia" – 8:49
    "Ivixor B / Phase Inducer" – 8:48
    "Son of Nothing" – 6:44 (6:32 on 2CD)
    "Solarian 13" – 8:00
    "Demon Lung" - 5:53
    "Return To The Son Of Nothingness" - 6:38
There are few albums ever released that come close to this kind of heaviness. Like a razor hacking through pure audio sludge. The opening track, Return Trip, will blow you away and is easily the best track off the entire album. Featuring lyrics about burning the entire world and killing everyone (literally!) and coupled with some of the heaviest riffs ever chugged out of a guitar. Amazing. Another standout track is the ultra bizzare "Ivixor B / Phase Inducer" which is weird, atmospheric and awesome. Truth be told, all these songs are great and that's really all that needs to be said. Regarded by a lot of people as their finest work.Essential.


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    "Vinum Sabbathi" – 3:06
    "Funeralopolis" – 8:43
    "Weird Tales" – 15:04
    I. "Electric Frost"
    II. "Golgotha"
    III. "Altar of Melektaus"
    "Barbarian" – 6:29
    "I, the Witchfinder" – 11:04
    "The Hills Have Eyes" – 0:46
    "We Hate You" – 5:08
    "Dopethrone" – 20:48
    "Mind Transferral" – 14:54 (reissues only)
Their sickest and most twisted album,Dopethrone continues in the tradition of being as heavy as possible and slowly grinding out some of the most mind-bending riffs ever recorded.This is one intense album to listen and maybe the most inaccessible album they have ever done.There some interesting soundbites too like the one in Vinum Sabbathi" and "Mind Transferral" which comes from a episode of 20/20 discussing Satanism.Another essential release. .


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    ...A Chosen Few" – 6:35
    "We, the Undead" – 4:29
    "Master of Alchemy" – 9:23
    I. "House of Whipcord"
    II. "The Black Drug"
    "The Outsider" – 9:18
    "Night of the Shape" – 4:02
    "Priestess of Mars" – 10:02
    "Mother of Serpents" – 5:08
It was the last release from the seminal line-up of Jus Oborn, Mark Greening and Tim Bagshaw, the trio that created the bands best albums, "Come My Fanatics" and "Dopethrone". Divisions were reported during the making of this album, and unfortunately this came through on record. "Let Us Prey" is a bit hit and miss throughout, mostly due to some unexpected and out of place experimentation. "We, The Undead" sees the band surging into relatively lightning paced punk rock, and "Night of the Shape" surprises with some moody trip-hop dirge. Electric Wizard had just perfected their super-heavy, brand of 70s doom, and these experiments were not only unnecessary, but quite out of their field. The band sounds messy and confused playing punk, and as for trip-hop...well...just a weird choice. Frustratingly, amidst the unsuccessful experimentation is some bludgeoning classic EW. Opener "A Chosen Few" blasts in with a typically brutal lead riff, and you wouldn't be stupid to think another "Dopethrone" is on the way. One of my all-time favourite EW tracks is the monumental "Master of Alchemy" piece. Purely instrumental, the song swaggers through two of Oborn's best ever riffs, psychedelic atmospherics and wailing solos. There's a sublime doom groove throughout both sections, making the clutter before it become even more frustrating. "The Outsider" and "Priestess of Mars" are both decent tracks, not brilliant but staple EW and enjoyable, and they keep a small level of consistency going.


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    "Eko Eko Azarak" – 10:48
    I. "Invocation"
    II. "Ritual"
    "We Live" – 7:46
    "Flower of Evil (a.k.a. Malfiore)" – 7:29
    "Another Perfect Day?" – 8:03
    "The Sun Has Turned to Black" – 6:25
    "Saturn's Children" – 15:08
From the flat out spooky opening chords of "Eko Eko Azarak," this CD seems to come out of the speakers and flood the room with a thick, dark, smoky presence that is almost tangible. On top of this, the songs stick in your head for days; a neat trick for doom/stoner metal, which often tends toward sameness. This is advertised as "Electric Wizard Mark II" on the liner notes and indeed it is; as heretical as it may be to say this, I find Mk II to be a more focused band with better musicians than Mark I. There, I said it. I found their earlier releases somewhat monochromatic at times, but with the addition of Liz Buckingham on second guitar there's a lot more going on in terms of the density and the sinister way the instruments intertwine around each other like giant cosmic serpents mating in the void. (Yeah, I said that and I mean it, deal with it.) The flow and fury of this is easy to get caught up in and I find it hard if not impossible to extricate myself from it. The most underrated Electric Wizard album.


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    "Witchcult Today" – 7:54
    "Dunwich" – 5:34
    "Satanic Rites of Drugula" – 6:06
    "Raptus" – 2:13
    "The Chosen Few" – 8:19
    "Torquemada '71" – 6:42
    "Black Magic Rituals & Perversions" – 11:01
    I. "Frisson Des Vampires"
    II. "Zora"
    "Saturnine" – 11:04
    "Raptus Reprise" – 2:21 (Japanese release only)
Simply put: evil oozes from the speakers when you put this on and the Elder Gods are invoked. The perfect soundtrack to a horror movie that does not yet exist. Indisputably heavy, the new Electric Wizard Mark II is more focused and tighter than Mark I ever was but are the songs as good,almost but not quiet. Electric Wizard has shown in the past not only can doom/stoner metal be unbelievably heavy, but can also contain hooks that sink into your brain. This album takes a few more spins to get into than the other EW albums but it grows on you like fungus.The 70s-style production, atmosphere and art work complete the entire trip, and it's a trip that's worth taking over and over. Absorbing and addictive like some strange drug, this deserves to be blasted through large speakers at a volume big enough to terrify the neighbors.


Jul 26, 2009

TONA - 1000

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Tona are from Serbia which makes them kind of unique,i don't know how many bands you have heard from there but i have not heard many at all.This album came as a bit of a surprise because i really only ever heard there songs on their Myspace page and on some shitty computer speakers.That's where i went wrong,this CD is made to be played loud to be fully appreciated.To sum up their style and sound is not all that easy,they mix up Metal,Rock,Punk,70's Hard Rock Sounds and some mean Stoner Metal to create something that hits your between the eyes if you are in the mood.I say that because it took me a while for this album to grab me,once it did however i found their songs to be really good and kind of infectious.The vocals are very clean and used to accent the rhythmic nature of the songs.The songs attack with some relentless energy although they do slow down sometimes throughout the album.There is some Motorhead style to some of their songs while at other times they sound more like some of the revved up Monster Magnet stuff.They also have the ability to mix up Progressive Rock with real Boogie/Bluesy based tunes also.Yes this is a mixed bag of a album but what they do they do real well.Production is a bit basic so that hurts the sound in places but they have come up with a album that shows some great promise for the future.Not really the type of band i would normally listen to but i found it quite addictive after a few listens.7.5 / 10

Reverend Witchburner Destroying Scene Kids

I have been listening to Metal for some 36 years and in that time i have met thousands of Metal fans in 3 different countries.Most of them have been pretty cool people but i have met my fair share of idiots,posers and others that just give Heavy Metal a bad name.I have also had the pleasure of talking to hundreds of people and bands right here on Myspace.One of the coolest is the Reverend Witchburner is a obviously dedicated Metal fan who really knows his Metal and is well in touch with the history of Metal as well.He comes up with some of the most exciting playlist's you will ever find and always has a opinion worth listening to.Here is a interview with him and i hope people take note and go check out his page.

1.Well i guess you should start off by telling the readers a bit about yourself !

-Well I've been running this page for nearly two years, this is the second go as the original one got shut down by the "powers that be". This is pretty much my hobby, part time job, and obsession. My goal and ambition is to bring some of the lesser known metal bands that I enjoy to the attention of fellow metal fans.

2.So how did you get introduced to Metal ?

-My uncle was a big time metalhead back in the 80s and I remember seeing all the Iron Maiden, Slayer, Metallica, Venom, etc records and posters and such so I was exposed to it at an early age. He also gave me Black Sabbath's "Paranoid" for my 8th birthday and Slayer's "Show No Mercy" when I was 12. Its been downhill ever since then.

3.How do you view the Metal scene as a whole.I must admit i love the underground forms of Metal but the mainstream sucks !!

-I think the metal scene like any scene has its issues. Its had problems since day one, but every sort of community has its problems. The mainstream will always be a fucking joke as far as I'm concerned. I'm sorry but Job For A Cowboy is not one the most innovative or original bands no matter what Myspace or whatever over priced magazine kids buy say. The underground has grown by leaps and bounds since the 80s thanks to the internet. You'd be surprised how much you have in common with people who live thousands of miles away from you in terms of music. There are still shitheads and clingers on who are just there to be part of something. You got your MPDS fan boys who will wash out of being metal fans within a few months. Eventually they will learn that there is more to heavy metal than eating pizza and drinking shitty beer.

4.Your Myspace site has always had some killer play lists,what inspires you to do those ?

-My girlfriend is the one who gave me the whole idea to start doing this. She maintains a Tori Amos page where she was putting up more obscure tracks which gave me this brilliant idea to do the same with all sorts of heavy metal bands. I do this because heavy metal is something I enjoy very much. Plus I always have plenty of down time at my actual place of business so I come up with playlists, ideas, etc. I think its a shame that so many stellar bands never got their due during their time due to whatever issues prevented them from doing so.

5.This one could get us in trouble but what the fuck,what is your opinion of Myspace ? It has become a really controlled environment these days !

-To me its a double edge sword. Its a great place to meet fellow metal maniacs and discover up and coming bands. However Myspace only promotes shitty "metal" bands. As of late too the whole cracking down on copyright infringements and photos that are "offensive" has become a joke. I have never made a dime off my page and always give proper credit where credit is due. I'm shocked at some of the bands who actually take part in this but I digress. Its their creation not mine. What really chaffs my ass is the whole offensive material enforcement. How is the Demon Flight EP offensive when I have album covers with exposed female genitalia and all sorts of gore? Likewise there are pictures of underage girls semi-nude and folks taking part in illicit drugs yet the "Fire Breaks The Dawn" cover is somehow offensive and was removed to comply with the rules? Come thee fuck on man!

6.Back to Metal,what about all the cliches in Metal like the fashion or the Black Metal bands with their make-up etc.Do you think Metal is becoming like a parody of itself or has always been that way ?

-I think the cliches warp people's perceptions of metal fans and metal bands. People are shocked when I tell them I have a college degree and no criminal record. The fashion thing gets to be annoying at times. So fucking what if you have a pair of high tops? They weren't cool in 1990 and they sure as hell don't make you cool in 2009! Retro-thrashers totally ruined thrash metal by making it about fashion rather than good music. Black metal is a very odd genre to me. The classic stuff like VON, Bathory, and Sarcofago is fucking sick and I will never get tired of it. Its more or less the three million black metal bands that have popped up in the wake of the Norwegian scene that all sound identical and cant distinguish themselves from the other bands. To me corpse paint is a gimmick much like something GWAR or Slipknot would use. If you need a gimmick, then your music probably isnt worth shit. The whole black metal fan base too fucking sucks. A bunch of whiny, pale angsty teens who think the world has wrong them somehow. Reminds me a lot of that whole emo scene at times.

7. Have you got any musical ambitions yourself ?

-I've played guitar on and off since 2003 and have provided vocals in a couple bands but I dont think realistically I have a future in music. If I was to form and maintain a band, my goals would be to play shows and maybe release an EP or two. From the musicians I've met, I hear that business is a nightmare and getting screwed over royally is the norm.

8.Name some of your favorite bands and why you think they are so good ?

-Angel Witch is my favorite of all time, they got me into chasing obscure metal bands to the ends of the earth. Carnivore is another personal favorite of mine. I dig that whole lets offend everyone and not be a bunch of PC pussies like everyone else. I've been digging the shit out of Heavy Load a lot lately, such an awesome band that never got huge outside of their homeland. Damn this list could go on forever.

9.Everybody has at least one skeleton in the closet as far as Musical interest is concerned.Is there a style of Music outside of Metal you like ?

-I dig the hell out of late 60s and early 70s music. I'm as likely to listen to Thin Lizzy, Icarus, and Mellow Candle as I would be listening to Oz, Venom, or Sodomizer. I take no shame in what I find to be good music. Mellow Candle is probably thee most oddball band I own an album from. We're talking late 60s folk rock with two female vocalists, total departure from what would be expected of The Witchburner to enjoy.

10.I was having a argument with a idiot on a music forum the other day and i will quote what he said to me and you can respond. " I have never heard any Heavy Metal band that isn't about stunted adolescence, half-assed rebellion, tongue-in-cheek stupidity, masturbatory pap, tuneless dirge, juvenile morbidity, retarded sexuality, or some nauseating combination of all those things "....By the way i let the guy have it which resulted in me getting kicked off the message board !

-He's just making a broad, uneducated generalization of heavy metal like so many others. Sure there are bands that fall into that description, but then there are bands like Voivod, Slough Feg, or Demilich that totally step outside of the confines of what people consider "metal". Everyone is entitled to their opinions no matter how fucking stupid they are.

11.How about talking about the bands you hate,that's always fun ha ha...

-Venting is always a nice thing, especially when its about shitty bands and or shitty fans. Pantera is my favorite punching bag just because they try so hard to deny their glam metal roots. It astonishes me that there are so many Glamtera apologists out there. The funny thing is they might in fact be dumber than your typical burn out,dipshit Pantera fan.

12.OK what is your plans for Myspace and beyond,have you ever thought about getting a official website together ?

-People have been telling me since day one to start an actual webpage but I'm not exactly web page savvy. But who knows, I've seen some pages on the internet that look like total crap so I figure I can't do too much worse. I'm going to keep doing this until I get shut down for good.

13.Any final words ?

-If you're not a metalhead you might as well be dead...words to live by.


Jul 24, 2009

Dread - Buried In Narcissism

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Dread from Boston new album "Buried In Narcissism" is a excursion into some of the most beer soaked,anger filled Doom Metal you will most likely hear this year.Opening the album the immediate top heavy bass sound will bowl you over while the crust filled vocals that are spat out at you will leave you crushed.This is Heavy Doom Music played with passion and real intensity.While this is slow torturous Doom,there is plenty of head banging grooves to get a fix on.Its slow but it kicks some major ass,listen to how manage to squeeze out some major grooves while remaining so so heavy."Crush My Spirit" is a major highlight for me on this album but really every track is solid,no filler to be found here at all.One of the strengths of the band is they have carved out their own sound but while there is some influences that can be heard,its hard to compared them with anyone else exactly.Want to hear some killer riffs,every track on the album has got them.The guitar sound grinds in a slowed down way and the little solo outbursts here and there whine and moan.This is crushing Doom,go buy it....9/10

A Repost Of A Old Dread Interview

With the new CD finally out i thought it fitting to repost this great interview done with the members of Dread back in 2007.Yes its out of date but still relevant,the interview was conducted by Derek Edward Kellington. 1.What is your name and occupation in the band as well as the other members? John: My name is John and play guitar. Paco: My name is Paco, I also play guitar. Andy: Vocals. Salmon: Drums 2.How did the band come to be? John: Trying to get back into music and I wanted to do a band with Salmon, Andy, and Paco. Paco: Got the call, heard the stuff, and said yes right away Andy: John said he liked my vocals and asked if I would want to do something with a band he was starting up. Salmon: John and I worked together on a few projects many years ago. He asked if I would play drums for this project and I immediately accepted. 3.What is the common favorite artist among the band? John: My guess would be Black Sabbath or maybe Kildozer. Paco: Those two definitely. I'm sure we could come up with quite a list. Salmon: Sabbath and Kildozer for sure....but as Paco said, there are probably more 4. What is the basis of the band's sound? John: Black Sabbath. Paco: I'd bet Andy would sound like that even without Black Sabbath! But that's the starting point. Andy: The basis of the sound is the riff, first and for most. After that I can work my vocals onto it. People seem to dig it so it must work. Salmon: Gotta be able to lounge behind the kit. Heavy and slow for sure 5. Are there any side projects by members of the band? If so, what band? John: We all do other stuff. My other projects are Post Mortem, Ernest Borgnine, and hopefully the Electric Sinners when I have some time. Paco: I've done alot of different music but right now I'm focused on total DOOOOOM! When we're not ruining everyone's day, me and Salmon do a thing called the Golgi Apparatus Andy: I have a one man crust punk sludge band called Spoiled Humanic Waste, but I agree with Paco DREAD is my main focus. From the second I wake up till when I pass out all I think about is DREAD and how I can use what I have to create something that's fulfilling to me. Salmon: There is always something in the works though Dread is my main focus...gotta have the doom. Paco and I have the Golgi Apparatus which satisfies another side of me 6. Do you rock out with your cock out? John: No, isn't that against the law? Paco: No, but I've been known to pass out with my ass out.... Andy: I've been doing interviews for a long time, I also write for underground fanzines under a different name… this is by far the most ridiculous question I've ever had the displeasure of seeing. Salmon: Ever wake up with a fist full of rubbers hanging out of your asshole? 7.What was the first album you ever bought? John: I think it was the Beatles red album collection, actually my mom bought it for me. Hmm, the first album I remember buying, with my own money, was probably Aerosmith's Greatest Hits. Paco: I saved up six bucks and bought Kiss Alive. I was probably 8 years old and it fucked me up for good. Andy: I can't remember right now... Salmon: Can't remember...have piles of 'em now and the pile keeps growing..... 8.What was the last album you bought? John: Ashley Tisdale's "Headstrong." Paco: That shit rocks! She's no Hillary Duff, but then who is? I recently picked up Rembrandt Pussyhorse by the Butthole Surfers (Highly recommended!) Andy: Last CD I bought was unfortunately Mastodon, that's the most over rated shit I've ever heard. Salmon: Domenic Cortese's "Accordion Continental" 9.What is the most important album you have ever heard and why? John: Many LPs are important to me, all early Sabbath, Dr. Know, Bastards, and all the albums I play on (for selfish reasons.) Paco: Probably Colon on the Cob's "16 songs for your 2 Bucks" or Kilslug's "Answer the Call". because both records made me realize that everyone can go FUCK themselves if they don't like it. Andy: Black Flag- my war Salmon: Never Mind the Bullocks...changed my life when I was 13 10.What band turned you onto Doom Metal? John: Black Sabbath Paco: Sabbath definitely. I wasn't aware of anyone else doing what could be called "Doom" 'til the early '80's. I might have missed something in between but the next stuff I was aware of was Kilslug, Upside Down Cross, and Post Mortem. Andy: band that turned me on to doom- PENTAGRAM, vitus, sabbath i could go on, but, pentagram was the main one. Salmon: Sabbath for sure and it still does it for me... 11. Name an obscure Doom Metal Band that people should be aware of. John: Hmm, Electric Sinners, Kilslug, Nude Dudes on Ludes, or maybe Full Blown Aids. Bands I only became aware of recently like AoG and Moss have interesting sounds. Paco: Anyone who's into Doom needs to check out Upside Down Cross. Andy: kilslug is the shit, moss is ok. Salmon: I agree with John on the Electric Sinners...the Cross for sure. 12. Name a band that is not in any way metal for the people who are wanting to look outside the box. John: My fav's are Colon on the Cob and Guaranteed Katch. Paco: Butthole Surfers. Andy: The Doors. Salmon: The Golgi Apparatus, Lustmord, Caroliner Rainbow 13. Do you feel there is a nation with a stronger underground scene, and if so which nation? John: Probably and no idea which nation. Paco: I dunno. I'd guess there's little pockets of weirdo's in every nation Andy: The US has the best underground scene because it's so fuckin diverse! Right now I think the south has the best scene, especially in the deep dark sludge filled parts. Salmon: who knows....the underground is everywhere and loaded with more talent than you can shake a stick at 14. Do you feel you were born too late?(sorry had to bring out the Vitus quote) John: No :) I have been doing this since the early 80's. I am wishing I was born later! Andy: YES always have felt that way i guess... go vitus Paco: I always wished I had been born about ten minutes earlier..... always felt like I mighta missed somethin'.... Salmon: I would like to see something different for a change..I too have been involved for a long, long time and it seems the same crap gets recycled over and over again. It would be great though if Paco were 10 minutes older. 15.Do you think Doom Metal will ever break the mainstream like Black Sabbath did so many years ago? John: I am still surprised that bands with low tuning have any fans at all. Andy: Well Down is doin good and they have some doom elements in them (kirk and jimmy for sure), but I think that any kind of sub genre of music will never be "huge" because it's not designed to be. Paco: I don't think anyone who does this kinda stuff is thinking about breaking the mainstream, It seems like they (we) just CAN'T NOT do it. Whatever happens after that....who knows? That being said: yeah, Dread will be the hugest band on earth in about 7 months. Salmon: Don't care. It makes me feel good. If I wanted to break into the mainstream I would have been Bon Jovi 16.Would you ever consider covering a sickingly mainstream song to the style you play?if so which song? John: I personally hate doing covers. I would consider doing a Spoiled Humanic Waste cover or an Electric Sinners cover. Andy: Oh yeah, I don't know what song it would be but I'd do it. Paco: We're currently working on a version of Christina Aguilera's "You Are Beautiful" John: Hopefully, we can do it justice. Salmon: Covers are a waste of time. Why the hell do I want to play someone else's stuff? 17. What is your opinion on bands like Wolfmother breaking the mainstream? Do you feel this will help the Stoner/Doom Community break through (as kyuss did in the early 90s) or just give it a bad name? John: Never heard of Wolfmother or kyuss. Andy: Wolfmother fuckin sucks dick!!! I hate that shit!!! that's not doom that's not stoner that's nothing but one hit pop wonder fag shit! Fuck them!!! "woman your like a woman"???? are you kiddin me? My words might be lost in screams but I'll never write that kinda shit! Does it help? Fuck no, it makes morons think they are a part of something there not. If High on Fire goes platinum then I'll say that wolfmothersucker helped to make people aware of slightly down tuned shit but come fuckin on! wolf mother??? I'll beat the shit out of that singer if I ever find him. John: I get the sense Andy is not a fan of Wolfmother. Paco: I agree with Andy, Wolfmother aint doin' us any favors. They're more about a shirt and a haircut than anything else. I don't care about them one way or another but I'll show up to watch Andy kick their ass! Salmon: Don't know who they are and don't care. 18. What is your favorite Black Sabbath album? John: VOL 4. Andy: First 3. I can't choose. Paco: My Fave Sabbath Album is Master of Reality. Side 2? C'MON!!!!!!!!!!!! pure fuckin' doom - I'm gonna go put that on right now!!!! Salmon: Hard to say. I usually listen to them all at the same time. 19.Do you have sex the same way you play music? John: Not sure, I'll ask my wife…be right back… Andy: You mean get drunk while listening to EYEHATEGOD, and then go ape shit without thinking? Paco: No, these songs last way longer than I do. Salmon: Doom metal has left me withered and useless 20.Ive recently heard kids who are into thrash metal and death metal talking about Sabbath sucking and not being metal. What is your view on this subject? John: To me Black Sabbath is one of the inventors of metal and metal sub genres, I doubt they intended to create metal, but, I think they were a big part of it. Andy: Sabbath not metal? This shows how fuckin stupid people really are! You get a 13 year old kid who goes out and buys a Lamb of God CD and they think they know how all the shit fucks! I don't consider myself to be an expert on metal, there's so much out there I don't think anyone can say they know everything but the basis of loving metal is knowing your fuckin history. Post Mortem, Kilslug and allot of Boston bands were doing down tune before the Melvins before Crowbar but history seems to skim over that. What a shame. Paco: Sabbath sucks? Who fuckin' said that!?? They're next after Wolfmother!! Seriously, I'm a little bewildered.... I've never actually heard anyone say that Sabbath sucks. These kids obviously missed the point or just don't like music. Whatever... there's nothing you can do about peoples taste. I understand "anything old sucks" but Sabbath?.... Salmon: Don't care 21.Name an album that is a sinful pleasure(an album you dont normally admit to liking) John: I love Aly and A.J.!! "Into the Rush" and "Insomniatic" are amazing. Aly and AJ are the only act I want to see live. I answered this wrong, I normally admit to liking this. At this point in my life, I am pretty comfortable admitting I like what I like. Andy: Ziggy Stardust Paco: I've been listening to "Whipped Cream and Other Delights" by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass Band. I'm like John too though, in that I'm a sucker for chick pop singers; I've been a lost cause since Britney's first album came out. Salmon: I've got nothing to hide. Who cares what I listen to anyway? 22.What is the band up to at the moment and what are the plans for the future.? John: We are creating new songs for our upcoming CD on MTS records. Hopefully we'll be able to take this show on the road and do more CD/LPs/7 inches/8 tracks/ etc. Thanks for the interview and all that you do to support doom bands!! Andy: I want to tour, we will see what happens with the CD. Paco: I can't wait to ball this thing up and roll it down the highway! We've been writing and recording and having a lot of laughs actually. Andy and I drink alot, so we get drunk and then John and Salmon laugh at us. It can be a pain in the balls puttin' a new band together and recording an album, but with these guys it's been a total fuckin' blast! Salmon: Recording this CD has been really great. We all get along really well and the music keeps coming out of us. It would be great to take this on the road as soon as possible. We really appreciate all the support we have been getting. It makes it real easy to keep doing what you love to do when you get real sincere people digging the music. Thank you!

Jul 23, 2009

Bible Of The Devil - Freedom Metal

Image and video hosting by TinyPic This has to be my vote for the most infectious,most catchy beer swilling party rock album so far released this year.This band continues to get tighter and more consistent in their way of recording some of the most toe tapping/headbanging Metal rock ever produced.Their previous work has been great but this is the benchmark album for them,a total complete masterpiece of irresistible of 70's Stoner Hard rock.Think of the most classic Thin Lizzy songs or even Iron Maiden and this is the vibe the band dishes out from start to finish.This album at first listens reeks of a tribute album to the greats of the mid 70's to early 80's but after more spins they make their own mark in your brain.You can't help but step back in time when you hear this CD,it makes you want to break out your old Angel Witch records.This is pure old school classic Heavy Metal but they are so good they automatically can sit heads and shoulders along with those Metal classics of yesteryear..Hoffman's vocals shine throughout the entire album and they have a kind of Bruce Dickenson type of quality full of meaty goodness and laced with passion.Tracks like "The Turning Stone " are full of massive riffs and grooves. Darren Amaya on bass and Spalding on drums supply the perfect Metal backbeat to propel the songs and everything stinks of old school energy.Time to bring out the old denim jacket while listening to this fucker ! "Night Oath" features one of the more crunchy riffs on the album and will stick in your head even just after one listen.This may not be everyone's pint of beer,especially if you are hooked in the heavier Doom/Black Metal stuff but if you love the old school sounds or are from that era you will love this.One negative comment has to be made though,at times the Thin Lizzyism's get a bit too close to the real thing.Take the song "Ol Girl" for example,you might find yourself checking the CD to see if you didn't throw in "Johnny The Fox" by mistake.That minor criticism won't affect you however in enjoying the crackling energy and the fists in the air old school glory that "Freedom Metal" offers.One of the all time great party albums!! 9/10

Jul 22, 2009

Ahkmed - distance

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OK this is hard band to get to grips with,the sound is not clearly defined and they play a style that mixes genre's rather than sticking to a chosen genre.They are in the Doom side of the musical field but play in a Space Rock kind of way.Ahkmed are a compact three-man group of guitar, bass and drums/vocals that produce a colossal wall of sound similar in parts to Mogwai but while that band has the tendency to bore me most of the time,this band comes up with a very interesting batch of songs on this album.The album opens with the most basic of drumbeats before it assaults you with a swirling Psychedelic guitar attack.Every track on the album has passages that moves and changes and its this approach that for the most part sets it apart from many other bands.Most of the music here is very much in the Ambient Doom vein but still manages to sound different than anyone else.There is backward sounds, extra loud bass, endless guitar effects and more tricks than a 100 other albums put together,It's safe to say that the guitarist feeds his riffs through the number of fx pedals - delay, reverb, etc.While this makes for a gigantic sound they lose some originality points on this one but still tracks like "Saltwater" have some killer guitar passages from a quiet almost pretty section to some immense power chords.I admire any guitarist that can mix things up like this dude.There is some sparse spoken-word passages but don't buy this for the vocals because there is not much vocals at all on here.In fact i didn't even noticed any vocals till the second listen.This is a interesting release on Elektrohasch Records that will might take a few spins but it suck you in eventually.Good stuff from Australia.8/10

Jul 21, 2009

FORSAKEN - After The Fall

Image and video hosting by TinyPic I was surprised to work out that this is in fact the 4th album from these Doom Masters from Malta.They have been flying under the radar for a number of years despite getting some rave reviews from their appearance at the "Doom Shall Rise" festival in 2003.Once again they have delivered a high quality top notch class album with great playing.The stunning album cover by Jowitta Kaminska gives you a hint of the quality that lies within the grooves and there is not much to disappoint any fan of the Doom Metal genre.They started out with a clear "Candlemass" influence but now have developed a sound and style that is much more all their own.While there is still the obvious influences present in their music,this time around they have managed to come up with something more original and intriguing."Aidenn Falls", the opening main track (let aside intro "Tenebrarum"), is a superb epic doom metal track, which features incredible lead guitar work by Vucovic.‘Vanguards of the Void" is the slowest and best song of the album in terms of pure Doom Metal and "The Sage" is the odd track of the bunch.Not a bad song at all but one that is questionable giving the rest of the context of the album.Metatron and the Mibor Mythos" is a outstanding track that closes the album in fine style similar to the way the album opens.Epic Doom Metal that is well composed and arranged.The only disappointing factor of this album is the production.While it sounds good at first,after further playings you notice its flaws including a bass sound that is almost unnoticeable.At times the guitar sound sounds blurred and messy but its not so bad that is really hurts the album.This is a band that could really benefit from some polished production but unfortunately they don't get it here. I am sure that "After the Fall" will propel the band's name to a wider audience and attract fans to their previous work as well.They will do even better albums in the future i am sure but this is still a fine addition for a band that deserves more attention that it currently gets.7.5/10 www.myspace.com/forsakenmalta

Clutch - Strange Cousins From the West

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OK a little rant before i begin this review,i am not really a Clutch fan.I thought the debut and "Blast Tyrant" were good albums but the rest has pretty much left me cold.I was almost going to ignore this album completely until a friend insisted i check it out so i did.It was worth it because while i can't say this is their best album, it is much better than most of their other albums,however there is a downside and i will get to that later.This is their 9th album and shows signs that are approaching a peak in their musical growth and songwriting status.Stand out tracks like "Struck Down", "Let a Poor Man Be", and the moving lead single "50,000 Unstoppable Watts" are full of blues rock influences and are instantly memorable even after just one play through.There is a lot of strong guitar harmonies and good riffage throughout and the vocals are pretty good for the most part with his bluesy like chant.There is still some negatives however as the songs seem almost a bit too predictable once you reach the halfway mark on the album.Now you can argue that point with a lot of bands but in this case it seems even more so.Other points to argue about are long empty spaces and wandering guitar lines that ultimately don’t add anything to the song. And those catchy riffs? After you’ve heard them about four hundred times in the same song, the luster wears off. This is the death of “The Amazing Kreskin” and “Abraham Lincoln,” two otherwise promising songs. To finish up this is a album that Hardcore "Clutch" fans will like,fans of "Pure Rock Fury" and "Blast Tyrant" may seem disappointed.I am in the middle of those two,there is some great tunes but a lot of filler.I guess you can make up your own mind.6/10

Jul 18, 2009

GORSE - Slumber Of Artemis

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Gorse from the UK have released this EP which is one hell of a dirty fuzzed out Stoner/Noise Rock release.Imagine Sabbath,Baroness and Kylesa mixed up with the alternative rock sounds of bands like The Jesus Lizard and you will get the idea.There is a lot lot of melodies, well-thought out arrangements and an relentless sense of momentum and doomed out intensity that makes 'Slumber Of Artemis' a rewarding listening experience. 'King of Tyre' is my favorite track here with some incredible changes going from intense highs to dramatic lows.The clean vocals of guitarist James Parker (ex-Hey Colossus) are not quiet what i expected but they seem to fit in well with the bands overall sound.The 8 track production gives the band a muddy sound but it also doesn't seem to hurt the overall sound,in fact it actually enhances the songs.This is some ugly sludge driven Stoner Rock that is hard to put a tag on,there is even times when bands like Godflesh spring to mind when listening to this.There is also a deep element of the 70's but Noise-rock, doom and melody have rarely combined into a sound so organic.Even though is called a EP it runs well over the 30 minutes and you will be happy with their brand of intense Doom laden heaviness.A impressive EP from a band i know little about so hearing this made my day.Heavy !!!!! 9/10 http://www.myspace.com/gorseband

Jul 15, 2009

Tank Destroyer - Head Of The Demon

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Here is a review/preview of "Tank Destroyer's" upcoming album "Head Of The Demon".This is one highly anticipated album and from the time the first track starts cranking out you will be blown away by the production.This album shreds and everything is pushed to the limits,heavy as fuck !! First track "Broken Sermons Of False Prophets" is a punishing slice of Stoner Doom with a riff and a guitar attack that slays,they couldn't have picked a better way to kick off this album.The vocal sound is just as bruising as the guitar sound ! I am not going to do the usual and try and compare them with anyone else because this really can standout on its own."Human Epidemic" keeps up the momentum with a riff that slices and cuts through with some powerful distorted riffage.The solo is a highlight of the track,really classy playing while keeping the heaviness at the maximum."Withered" follows with a slower more melodic intro piece that adds a bit of a different flavor to the album.This track flows real nice,beautifully constructed but with some twists that make it a stand out track on the album."Bonfires And Bloody Knuckles" is a surprise with the acoustic guitar making a appearance,the speech going on in the background gives the track a ethereal feel.Somehow haunting and melodic at the same time,a interesting track indeed."Saints Amongst The Begotten" brings the band back in full tilt mode,another great riff and vocalist Chris Sherrod giving another killer vocal performance.Some more awesome guitar work is featured,this band really has all the chops.One thing that also has to be touched upon is the great sound and playing of bassist Mike Sliclen, the bass lines are a real feature of this album.Once again,killer guitar solo's and shredding !! "Apathy Lullaby" follows with a Doom ridden riff and more of the same relentless attack that this album seems to have no lack of.Really good tune that passes the six minute mark but never feels like it while you are listening."Remnants Of Lost Days" starts off with a moody intro section which has a kind of Psychedelic mood about it before launching into total heaviness complete with some excellent lead guitar work.This is a instrumental,every good album needs one of these and this is a fine piece of work.Dramatic and Intense,the track builds up to powerful climax before grinding to a halt.Final track is the title track and its a 10 minute plus epic,epic in length and in musical arrangement.One of the highlights of the album,i listen to this track 3 times in a row when i first heard it.The way the vocals blend with the guitar work is exceptional and once again there is more killer riffage to indulge in.The solo in this track is particularly outstanding,the way it swirls around your head.At the 5 minute mark there is a great tempo change as they bring things down to total Doom mode,once again it has to be pointed out how over the top the production and sound on this album is.The final track is a fitting end to what is one of the albums of the year,made to be played as loud as possible.You must check it out once released.9.5/10 www.myspace.com/tankdestroyer1

Jul 13, 2009

Serpent Throne - The Battle of Old Crow

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Another long overdue review but one that must go out for all lovers of the riff."Serpent Throne's" "The Battle Of The Old Crow" is the follow to their masterpiece "Ride Satan Ride" which is a total classic in its own right so it was a pleasant surprise to find this album is even better.First up it must be point out that this is a instrumental record and there is not many instrumental bands in the Stoner Rock genre that can keep my attention as much as this band apart from "Mystic Krewe Of Clearlight" who released that killer album some 9 years ago.I am one of those people that loves riffs and wants a lot of them,the more the better and "Serpent Throne" have some of the best riffs you will ever hear.This album is a riff fest from start to finish and while most bands like this would be searching for another "Ozzy Osbourne" wannabe to fill the vocal spot,"Serpent Throne" have so much to offer the riff junkie that vocals are really unnecessary.The band is one half Fuzzed Out Stoner Rock and one half 70's inspired Twin Guitar Shredding Hard Rock.Some of the more obvious influences are Sabbath,Lizzy,Mountain,Captain Beyond,Leafhound,Budgie but there is a strong element of early 80's Doom Rock like Pagan Altar and Witchfinder General.This is pure party Stoner Rock,the perfect companion to a smoking/drinking session and its so good that the 10 tracks fly by you leaving you craving more.Production on this album is made for this type of music,the guitars are front and center and everything has just the right amount of punch.Not much point in doing a track by track analysis because all the tracks flow in each other with ease,this is a band that could come up with a 60 minute epic without any problem at all.They have a kind of big riff grandiosity which gets lost in some other dirty Stoner Rocking bands and this may sound cheesy but if you think you might be too old for air guitar then give this band a listen.9.5/10

Jul 11, 2009

Witchfield - Sleepless

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The Italian label "Black Widow" has already released some great albums by Pentagram, Manilla Road, Hawkwind, Death SS and now here is another one to add to the list. " Sleepless" by "Witchfield" is a very interesting band featuring ex "Death SS" / "Paul Chain "drummer "Thomas Hand Chaste" along with "Baka Bomb" who i think also worked with "Paul Chain"."Witchfield's" sound is one of classic Italian Traditional Doom Metal with a extreme occult vibe mixed with what sounds like some early obscure 70's Progressive Rock influences of bands like "High Tide" and the almighty "Black Widow".Special guests on the album are Steve Sylvester (Death SS) as vocalist in the Alice Cooper’s “Black Widow” cover and Clive Jones (Black Widow) as woodwinds player on “Void in My Life” and “Inquisitor”. The songs are filled with suspense and the feeling of drama and have a certain theatrical approach that so many Italian bands are famous for.Some highlights include ‘The Mask Of The Demon’ which sounds heavily inspired by King Diamond and ‘I Curse My Fate’ and the ultimate traditional doom of ‘Witchfield/Black Widow’, with a great sing along chorus.The vocals are not the strongest part of the band,sometimes they sound a little weak to me but the guitar parts feature some great down tempo riffing with some killer wah-wah effects.My favorite track has to be ‘I Curse My Fate’ with its driving keyboard sound that has classic 70's written all over it.Don't be fooled however because this Traditional Doom but with a 70's Progressive Rock flavor.This album has been out since the early part of the year but after reading some positive reviews,i thought i better get a order in.To be honest i was a little disappointed but there is still enough good riffing and strong musical ideas to warrant repeated spins.This will appeal to lovers of Traditional Doom but also to those fans of the obscure 70's Hard/Progressive Rock underground.8/10 http://www.myspace.com/witchfield

Jul 9, 2009

Hyperion Blast - No fucking filler

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One of the best Sludge Metal bands on the planet is "Hyperion Blast" and one killer album already out and another on the way it is a exciting time for the band.I interviewed them about a year so its about time to catch up with them once again so here is a interview with main - man Ryan.

1.Hello,how things been for Hyperion Blast ?

(R) How's it going? Things are great here. Things seem to be going nice for us lately. Working on the full length and so on.

2.Its been about a year since we last did a interview,what has the highlights and low lights of the past 12 months or so ?

(R) Highlights would be signing with Leaf Lust Records. Those are some rad dudes and they got some good bands on that label. Will be fucking awesome to be around to see them grow into a doom metal powerhouse. No real low lights. Overall things are going good.

3.The new album is going to be called "I Became the Earth".What was the inspiration behind the title ?

(R) I wrote this very mellow thing on guitar. It is an instrumental called A Shadow Cast Over Absolute Darkness. I am a science dork and all about the endtimes and so on. Meteors and shit ripping the earth apart. The final 3 songs on the Cd are Trailing Chicxulub, the one mentioned above and I Became The Earth. Chicxulub was the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs and there is another one out there waiting to tap down on earth. The shadow in the next song would be the covering of the sun. As for the title track it mainly is being around to see the end of the world. Scary as it is I think that's something I would like to be here to see. Kinda just the smallness of humanity when it comes to the entire universe and that we really have very little control over things no matter how big and powerful we think we are. Getting back to the earth. Its fucked a bit. The CD was originally A GRAVEYARD FOR MEMORIES but I came up with this as a song title and we loved it and decided it will be the album title.

4.Have you seen/heard changes with the band's musical approach in the last year ?

(R) We stuck to our formula of anything really goes. If we write something and dig it then we use it. Slow, fast...it makes no difference really. As long as we are writing songs that we like that's all we want to do.From just playing together more and getting to know the writing process a bit more with each other we of course are progressing as song writers. We learned a little more how to make the heavy parts sound even more bombastic and so on. We tend to write a song and let it sit a while. we don't want to just keep writing the same songs over and over again. But there is always the fact that you are influenced more by certain things and it will come through. I think people know its us but they will hear a progression on the new CD. A few surprises here and there.

5.You signed up with "Leaf Lust Records" for the last album.How did that finish up going ?

(R) They are awesome guys. They had Black Market Ministry as their first band. Then they signed us and Buzzardstein. They are putting together a nice lineup of solid bands. I think we are most excited that they are a new label and they are into what they are doing. They want every detail to be excellent. Artwork, packaging and of course the music. It's gonna be amazing to some day be able to say we were the 3rd band on that label. I see good things for them based on their dedication to the genre and to the bands. They could have swept up dozens of bands but they want to focus on what they have and build from there.

6.What is your opinion on the scene in the last 12 months.Its been a pretty good year for killer albums,would you agree ?

(R) I would have to say so. I've been hearing lots of new shit lately that I am super into. Soda is a band from Germany and I can't get enough right now. Some of the local bands like Be Fierce and Corpus Dei could definitely go head to head with just about any band on the planet. Seems to be solid bands out there and now it's just a matter of getting people to hear them.

7.You seem to be doing more shows than ever these days,have the offers for shows been a constant thing lately or do you have to go searching for gigs ?

(R) We actually are turning down a bunch of shows. We love playing out but our main focus is writing the best damn full length we can. No fucking filler. A few out of town shows and we have 2 more set for Buffalo and that is it for the year. When fall hit's it's gonna be all prep for the recording.

8.Can you tell us about some of the songs for the new album ?

(R) Most of the songs deal with the path through life from birth to death. Being born innocent and ignrorant to the world. Growing and learning about it and seeing it for the ball of shit it is. Downhill from Day One is a song on the new CD that talks about that. Feed the Remains to the Rats is about the homeless and hungry dying in the streets everyday and pretty much nothing being done about it. The people who have food on their plate make their donations and give shirts to the goodwill and so on and consider their job done. A lot of it deals with world issues in the way that we are always looking to see what is going to destroy the earth and humanity and we don't take much time to notice that we are the main problem. We are in the end our own worst enemies. But people get into a comfort zone and feel invincible. There is also a lot of very personal stuff on here. A Graveyard for Memories deals with the whole growing up thing. On a pretty personal level for me. Places from childhood being erased basically right in front of your eyes. There were two places locally that when I was a kid I attached so many memories to. They are both gone. One of them I witnessed being taken down little by little. A line for the song is "And all who now shall walk across will never understand my loss". When I was a kid you built memories that are with you for life. Things that seemed so small and insignificant. It seems that is a lost thing now. Computers, texting and all that. You don't have to leave your house anymore. I personally don't think kids experience shit like us old fucks did and it kind of saddens me that I will never be able to take my kids to a place like Crystal Beach or The Aud.

9.What about tours,is there any future plans for taking the band to the West Coast for example ?

(R) For a ton of reasons we are not really planning on touring. It's a cool thought to think people in other parts of the country want to see us but there are lots of reasons. One of us is married and we all have full time jobs. We are fucking old farts.

10.What is the normal routine for the band members,do you all have day jobs and if so how hard is keeping that all together and playing in a band at the same time.Pretty exhausting ?

(R) We all have full time jobs. We have 2 town workers, a salesman and a teacher in the band. Marc is in another band as well and the other 3 of us are just in this. For me personally it keeps me happy. Time is never a real huge issue. We do things on a pretty low level of stress.

11.What about Interests outside of the band ?

(R) I am a baseball nut and have gotten super into dirt track racing as of late. Got 3 nephews who I wish I could spend more time with but I enjoy every second I get to see them. My gal keeps me busy. We are getting married next year. That will be fucking awesome. Animals are also a huge thing there. We go a whole slew of animals. Documentaries on all sorts of shit. I like to keep my plate fucking jam packed.

12.Can you give us a rundown of the merchandise currently available ?

(R) We have 2 different shirts. Both have the logo on the front and the red version says "Northern Mentality, Southern Brutality" on the back. We also have logo trucker hats and stickers and pins. The Buzzardstein split should be out soon. For any merch stuff there is www.hyperionblast.bigcartel.com and www.myspace.com/endtimeblasts. those are usually updated constantly if things change.

Desolate Anguish - Death metal fucks don't like black metal fucks

Desolate Anguish from Knoxville,Tennessee are a raw,dirty sounding noise machine combining styles from Doom to Thrash to Punk and making a enormous racket along the way.Needless to say i was instantly attracted to the raw energy the songs on their Myspace was giving off.Here i present a interview with Terrible Tim { Axe and Screams } and Kung Fu Bolt - { Skins and Bones }.

1.Hello,thanks for this opportunity to do this interview.The first thing i must ask how would you describe the bands sound.Its like Doom,Thrash and Hardcore all mixed together ?

First of all, I would like to thank you for the opportunity. As far as the way you describe our tunes, I think that you hit the nail on the head, great description! To me, it's a really sick doom style with upbeat thrash and heavy metal overtones. I basically just take elements of everything that I listen to and write the heaviest fuckin tunes that I can. Desolate Anguish is definitely a brutal doom band to me and Terrible Tim runs the asylum. Here is a interview with the man.

2.How long have been playing music ? Can you give us a bit of history ?

Terrible Tim:

I got my first bass in 1989. Grew up on 80's thrash metal and Black Sabbath! I had a death metal band called "Sawed Off Slut", that was my first real project. We had some rockin fuckin tunes, played in vein of those killer Swedish death metal bands of the day (ie. Dismember, Entombed, Grave...etc.) Such politically correct hits as "Toe Tagged and Tea Bagged" and "I Should Have Been That Cunt", just to name a couple. I was in another kick-ass band, around that time in 1999, called "Satan Manning", named of the Knoxville TN football great, Peyton Manning. We were raw-as-fuck black metal with some cool theatrics. About the same time, I started playing bass/guitar with "Your Kid's On Fire", sick, insane grindcore, in the vein of early Carcass or Napalm Death, which I was involved in for five years. I have even played in a couple of hardcore punk bands a few years ago, with Kung Fu Bolt. "Desolate Anguish" is the latest, and what I am most proud of. If you look at the all the insane bands that I have been in, it’s easy to see why our tunes are all over the place.

Kung Fu Bolt:

Been jamming in bands for the past 14 years. Started on guitar and moved to drums 10 years ago with the birth of hardcore punk band “U.S. Policestate”. Played bass in hardcore band “Sadville”. Currently frontman of crazy hardcore band “Cooter Punch”, as well as drummer of Desolate Anguish.

3.With a such un-defined style,what sort of listener do you think your tunes will attract ?

I would like to think that my tunes would attract anyone who is into any type of true heavy metal. I know that is probably not the case, there are too many dividing lines in the metal scene. Death metal fucks don't like black metal fucks or grindcore and so on and so forth....everyone has to be more brutal than the next guy. I never could figure it out, sure there is a lot of lame shit out there, but everyone in the scene is part of why there is a scene to start with. I think that my vocal style will definitely put the fuckin torque on all the trendy metal fucks, for sure!

4.You write on your Myspace page that you are going into the studio.Can you give us a update on that ?

We are definitely getting into the studio, ASAP. I had a temporary set back when my original drummer, Dirty Dan, done me dirty and queered out on me. Bolt is learning the tunes at a quick rate and doing a killer job, putting his own spin on them. We should be in there by the end of the year.

5.What music really influences you ? A bit of everything "Heavy" by the sound of things !

Your right again, everything that's truly heavy. Some of our all-time favorite bands, no particular order: Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Danzig, Early Carcass, Napalm Death, Death, Macabre, Impetigo, Gut, Old Metallica, Slayer, Hirax, Sadus, Drark Angel, Kreator, Destruction, Bathory, Dark Throne, Immortal, Mayhem, Dissection, Eyehategod, Greif, Sleep, BuzzOven, Melvins, Misfits, Grimple, MDC, S.O.A., Minor Threat, Screw 32, Cause For Alarm, Shutdown, Chaos U.K., Rupture....list goes on and on.

6.I was checking out the video on your page,have you done many live shows ?

Thanks for checking out the video. That was from our first gig, it was a kick-ass Halloween party. We had a lot of great feedback that night. You could feel the thirst for blood and guts in the air that blasphemous evening! We have done a few, a couple of really cool parties and a few local gigs. We played one recently with "Waiting Mortuary" and "Call The Paramedics", that was a fun show. Done many shows with my past bands, unfortunately, never too far from home.

7.How is the Scene going where you live ? I have never been there but i want to check it out !

Save your time, Knoxville is deader than fucking dead, has been since the mid nineties. There are a few cool bands here and there, but they are definitely few and far between.

8.What have been listening to lately ? Has there been anything that really stands out in your opinion ?

Lately, a lot of cool doom and retro metal. Been jamming a lot of Witchfinder General and a lot of Cirith Ungol. Those bands are the shit!!! As far as new shit, I like The Sword pretty good, cool guys too! There is not a lot of new shit that catches my ear these days. I Iike Saviors too, Municipal Waste is pretty cool too.

9.I have thinking about buying a new guitar soon.What do you play and want is your favorite equipment to use ?

Go to your local pawn shops and find you an old B.C. Rich. I have a Mockingbird and a Warlock, both mid to late eighties, they are the shit for metal! I have an old Yamaha SBG200 that's killer too. New guitars suck, unless you wanna pay a shit load of money. I also have a Jackson and Ibanez that I rock out sometimes. To be honest, I grew up playing trash, so I like anything that gives me a nice raw heavy sound. Any Gibson is the shit, but a lot of Epihones are really nice too. Of course, vintage shit is best...if you can find it. I play Crate with an old Fender cabinet. Kung Fu Bolt plays a Tama 5pc. Rock Star w/ Pearl Hardware and Sabian AAX Cymbals. Vater sticks and Evans Heads. Sponsorship Anyone?!?!

10. What about the lyrics in the tunes,any stories about how they came together ?

Not really. I like to read and study a lot of different shit. "Kings" is about the exploitations of that zany King Soloman with his tons of bitches and witchcraft and all the good shit. "Inferno" is based on Dante's brilliant book about his vision of hell. "All That A Man Has He Will Give To Save His Own Life" is a quote from Satan in the book of Job. "Japanese Cunt Basher" is a true story about a teenage serial rapist/killer from Tokyo. "Traitor" is about the life and times of good old Judas Iscariot.

11.You have a new or newish drummer "KUNG FU BOLT ". How did you find him and hows that been going ?

Kung Fu Bolt, is one of the craziest fuckers that I have ever met, that’s for sure! Me and that fucker has been to Hell and back together. He has been a close friend of mine for years. Back in the day, Early 2000’s, our bands (Sawed Off Slut, Your Kid’s On Fire and U.S. Policestate) used to jam together in the same seedy Knoxville storage shed complex. We partied till we couldn't drive no more, then we partied more and jammed some more. The rest is a fuckin blur…. We have jammed together in a couple of bands in the past. We had a hardcore band, called "Christopher George", named from the killer cheese actor from the old gore flicks. I also jammed in U.S. Policestate for a short time. This is his first go at doom, and it is working out great.

12.Have you any long term ambitions in music or do you take it one day at a time ?

My biggest goal is actually record some shit, in the fucking studio. I have tons of jam tapes and CD's, but never really nothing "professional" to show for anything. I don't plan on being a rock star anytime soon...

13. So what is the plan for the rest of the year for "Desolate Anguish " ?

The studio is first on the list, for sure. We are working on some new material that's really cool. We still have 4 or 5 existing songs to get down, so we will definitely be very busy. I'm sure we will play some shows here and there too. We are really getting geared up and excited about it, feels fucking good too.

14.Any last words or thoughts ?

Just wanted to warn everyone to look the fuck out, Desolate Anguish is gonna fuckin tear it up with some brutal fuckin DOOM that’s gonna separate the weak from the strong!!!


Jul 8, 2009

Minsk - With Echoes In The Movement Of Stone

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Minsk from the Chicago/Illinois area are one the heavier exponents in the Doom scene and certainly one of the more eclectic.The new album however takes a little more listening than the average Doom album to fully grasp the sonic landscapes that this band is producing.Specializing in rich Psychedelic crushing ambiance which has become their trademark sound,this new album see's them going beyond what most bands hope to achieve within the genre.Beautiful and terrifying at the same time,the band has a sonic progressive Doom rock quality you don't hear that often.Opening track "Three Moons" attacks the listener while " The Shore of Transcendence " is awesome in the way the track builds and builds,again a great example on how to construct a song.This track may be their best track ever,a instant classic ! “Almitra’s Premonition” keeps your attention throughout the entire 10 minutes and provides some extra crunch to the album." Crescent Mirror" is another great track,full of dynamics and reverb.One thing people will noticed with this album is how the band has changed since their earlier works,the vocals are more gentle with the blackened screams are more or less gone.This is not much of a problem as now they seem to have a new lease of life.The strange drumming techniques are now a little easier to follow and yet this may be the heaviest thing they have ever done.Overall this is a intriguing hour of music that may confuse some fans and it may take some people a few times to fully grasp the songs but after that this album becomes quite infectious.One of the best releases out on Relapse this year.8.5/10

Jul 6, 2009


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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CD 1 - FREE DOWNLOAD - http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?qzyk2yvwthj

CD 2 - FREE DOWNLOAD - http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?tw5qnoyynlm

Yob - The Great Cessation

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Yob from Eugene have always made some killer music but they back with their strongest release to date." The Great Cessation " is a bit of a departure from their more Psychedelic Spacey of the previous album to one monumental slab of crushing Doom with this one.The 12-minute opening cut “Burning the Altar”takes off with a monster riff and a scream to match.It has touches of the built of aggression of the Middian days,the rhythm section of Travis Foster on drums and new bassist Aaron Reiseberg add a surprising amount deliberate energy in for a Doom band.The tracks burns for the entire 12 minutes but there is equally such strong material on the rest of the album as well.Track number two " The Lie that is Sin " has a more forward motion to it an has a more solid vocal hook.Featuring some melodic, psychedelic guitar work that adds a nice contrast to the overall heaviness and make no mistake this is one heavy album.The sound on this album seems to be darker than on their previous works,maybe the whole Middian experience forced this darker approach for Mike Scheidt & Co."Silence of Heaven" continues the album in typical epic fashion,a 9 minute masterpiece and is a bruising slow minimalistic track that takes a more Sunn O))) direction.I guess this is the odd track of the bunch and the hardest to get into but it serves as a great interlude halfway through the album." Breathing from the Shallows" at a mere 7:35 is the shortest track on the album but features some of the best guitar lines and solo work on the CD.The second half of the track is particularly brutal with all the starts and stops that show the bands power at full force.Then you get into the last track of the album which is one "Yob's" trademarks,the epic Doom piece.At 20 + minutes title track " The Great Cessation" has more twists than most bands have on a entire album.This track is less focused on heaviness than it is on atmosphere with the vocals kept clean for the duration of the piece.Once again more melody than the usual "Yob" fare is the feature of the track.Starting of fairly restrained and quiet it builds into a grand body of controlled but multi-dimensional emotional rock music proving once again that the band is beyond most other musicians in the Doom genre when it comes constructing and arranging music.The track is complex to a point but without getting pretentious,another classic epic track from "Yob" and maybe the highlight of the album.The track ends with some feedback that you really don't expect giving the context of the rest of the track.The end of the band "Middian" was a sad one but i for one are so glad "Yob" are back as this album is exceptional and proves if there is one band that we all need around its Yob !! 9/10

Jul 3, 2009

Dead Mans Root - I think the average metalhead would be confused by a cheese sandwich

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"Dead Mans Root" have been around a few years but still haven't got the recognition they deserve.They played a harsh brand of Stoner Metal that has been compared to "High On Fire","Mastodon",and "Rwake" but in my opinion they don't really sound like any of these bands.You really need to hear them yourself and make up your own mind.Enjoy this very entertaining interview.

1.Tell us how the band got together ?

Ben: My brother and I have been playing in bands together since we were about 12. We have been playing as Dead Man's Root for about 3 1/2 years and Yanni has been with us nearly 2 years.

2.The music showcases a range of influences and styles. Is there a particular direction do you think the band is heading in ?

Yanni: The wrong direction?

Ben: Whatever direction is interesting for us. We are the ones that have to drive 200 miles up the M1 to play to 3 people, so its got to be interesting to us or else whats the point?

3.When i listen to your tunes you sound more like a American band than a British band.Would you say you are influenced by US bands more so than the English stuff ?

Ben: Well, 2/3rds of the band members are American, me and my brother are from Brooklyn. And Yanni is often accused of being an American, but in fact he is just a hairy Greek.

Yanni: The English bands that influence me are no longer around. Since I was a kid I found the guitar to be what I listened to the most in music, after listening to albums like master of puppets, blood sugar sex magik and appetite for destruction it was hard for me to get excited about what Oasis and Blur were doing like everyone else seemed to be when I was growing up.

4. Do you have a certain approach to songwriting ?

Ben: I think Bob Dylan said "write 10 songs a day and throw away 9". Pretty much that...but instead of 10 songs a day its more like 10 songs a year, and instead of throwing them away we keep them and just release sub-standard material.

5.Who writes the lyrics and the music or is it a real band effort ?

Ben: I write the lyrics and the riffs, then we work on them all together in rehearsal and see where it goes. Then we usually try out new songs live to see how it feels.

6.How has the local scene been treating you ? Do you get many requests for live shows etc ?

Ben: Terribly. There is no local scene to speak of, and all the London hipster metal bands don't want anything to do with us. The UK is pretty much a wasteland as far as this type of music is concerned. It doesn't help that we are all horrible and ugly people so nobody ever wants to approach us. If it sounds like I'm bitter its because I am.

Yanni: haha as far as the ‘local’ scene goes. We have hurt a few feelings along the way, it’s not all our fault tho, we have some mischievous friends that seem to ruffle a few feathers every time we are out. Lucky for us this bands been playing live here in London since 2005 and we are finally getting to the point where we can start thinking about promoting our own events.

7. At times you sound like a thrash band from the 80's,do you listen to a lot of bands from that era ?

Ben: Well we kind of grew up on that stuff. Speaking for myself I don't really listen to that much new music. I mean, I'll listen to new releases of bands I like, but they are pretty much all older bands like The Melvins and Slayer. Mastodon are amazing though, they have influenced us a lot.

Yanni: yeah there’s a few cd’s from that era on rotation in our van (‘the bat chain puller’)

8.How did the album come together,how much time did you spend on it ?

Ben: We spent about a week recording and about a week or two weeks mixing and mastering, spread out over a few months due to money and time issues.

9.The band could almost be called Sludge Thrash which is very unique in todays metal scene.Would you think that mixing these styles up confuses the average metalhead ?

Ben: I think the average metalhead would be confused by a cheese sandwich.

10.What do you listen to when you at home or whatever ?

Yanni: This past month the new mars volta album, the new mastodon album, the new john frusciante album...OH! and the Mon£y Maker$ album is amazing!

Ben: Hardly any metal. Mostly stuff like Tom Waits, Townes Van Zandt, Nick Cave and so on.

11.What has been the reaction to your album,i have read some mixed reviews !

Ben: Mostly apathetic.

Yanni: I think its awesome that the people that hate it really can’t stand it! The people that get it fuckin’ love it. I can tell from now that the next one will probably get the same reaction. The fact the song’ Indie Fag’s Fuck off’ is on there doesn’t do us much favors, but there is no way that song shouldn’t have been on the album. Hopefully one day when people look at the date on the back of the album and see 2007 they can have the perspective to understand how pissed off all of us that don’t follow that trend here in London feel. I guess indie has different meanings in different parts of the world, but here the typical indie band is some such bullshit like Razorlight with all the fans parading around in skinny jeans, fancy haircuts etc. We go out as much as we can afford to and at the time it was just in our faces everywhere we would go, and it still is.

12.What have you got planned for the rest of the year ?

Ben: Book another tour and try to get some money together to record a new album!

Yanni: Hopefully we can get some more gigs in Europe and get our new songs out at some point. We had a lot of plans last year and they all went down the toilet, our van broke, gigs got canceled, I broke my wrist. Musically it’s a good a time as any for us.

13.You got a pretty awesome guitar sound,what kind of equipment do you use ?

Ben: Why thank you. I have an Orange OR120, I think its from 1973. I use a Krank Distortion pedal and have a Gibson Explorer.

14. If someone asked you to describe the band in a few words what would you say ?

Yanni: broke and hungry with a pessimistic sense of humor

15.What is the current state of Metal in the UK ?

Ben: Awful. There are a lot of metal bands but almost all of them are terrible. Hopefully not us included, but sometimes im not even sure of that.

Yanni: Other than some friends that play in heavy bands I don’t really keep up with what else is going on to give you a good enough answer. Gigs and CD’s are expensive!

16.Tell everyone how to get a copy of your album.

Ben: If your in the UK you can get them off our myspace. If your in the USA, you can pick them up in east coast stores or from Oppressive Sound System Releases' website.

Yanni: You can buy it off the website if you still like to buy CD’s, we are down to our last 100! I think you can download it off soulseek for free but the quality isn’t as good. It’s also streaming on lastfm.com.

17.Thanks for the chance for this interview.Any final words ?

Ben: Thank you very much! We are really glad you gave us the opportunity to be interviewed. And for everyone out there, Dead Man's Root are coming to a turd town near you. If anyone out there like folky music check out my vanity project at www.myspace.com/bendelacour

Yanni: thanks to everyone that gets what we are about.

Jul 2, 2009

Cathedral - Forest of Equilibrium (Deluxe Edition)

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Usually when a masterpiece like this is re-released its usually a cash in for the record company and offers nothing for the fans.This time its different as this one has a 40 minute documentary DVD and while its a basic one or two camera shoot,it is still essential viewing for any fan of Doom Metal or Cathedral.On the DVD the band talks about how the band formed,the reasons behind taking the Doom Metal approach and the this the first album.While this could have been longer with more footage,i know most Cathedral fans are getting sick of watching their bootleg concert DVD's which range from poor to average quality at best.It would have been great to get some decent quality versions of some of that stuff but what we have here is still essential,relevant and unreleased.The audio portion of the release includes the 'Soul Sacrifice" EP which in some ways is just as a important release than "Forest Of Equilibrium"All of the 4 songs on the EP are landmark Stoner Doom tunes and its pretty cool to have it on here as a bonus.Now the "Equilibrium" album is one of the most important albums in Doom ever and still is properly my favorite Doom album.I bought it when first released and still gets played on a regular basis,no other Doom album has stood the test of time quite like this one.Some people have complained over the years that Cathedral didn't continue on in the same snail-paced Doom Metal style but i honestly think changing styles was a good thing in the long run.Reason being is that album just can be repeated,recycled or cloned,it deserves to be a one off album.It stands on its own on the world of Doom Metal and will always be a touchstone for Doom fans and bands alike.Just from reading the titles like "Commiserating the Celebration", "Ebony Tears", "Funeral Request" or "Reaching Happiness, Touching Pain" you can understand that these guys aren't the happiest lot around. But I promise, your expectations for oppressively slow, heavy and gloomy music will be superseded by what you'll hear.The 58 minutes of this album delivers painfully sluggish and crushingly heavy riffs,the solos are sparse and chaotic and Lee Dorrian's vocals are a tortured, low, moaning growl that gives off a atmosphere of cold inevitable depression. No other album so thoroughly defines the genre of Doom Metal like this so if you haven't got it yet then this re-released with bonus DVD is a essential purchase.10/10

Cavalcade - Into Bolvion

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From Michigan comes the experimental noise/sludge/grind/doom/punk machine Cavalcade,yes they blend all these styles and even more.Hard band to analyze and even harder to listen to at times,Cavalcade don't follow any rule book when it comes to putting songs together which in the case of "Cavalcade's Into Bolivion" its actually a good thing. Vocalist Zak Warren has a voice similar to that of Jeff Walker from "Carcass",guitar player Cale Sauter really sounds like no one else that springs to mind.This is one of the bands strong points,the ability to create something unique is a skill that is slowly dying within the music scene.The Rhythm section of Craig Horky and John Bruce lock in together beautifully and at times sound like they should be in some sort Jazz/Progressive Rock outfit.The songs for the most part are over before you know what hit you,the album is only some 31 minutes long and if you are not paying attention you will miss something.I had to listen to the album some 10 times before truly getting to know the tunes.Highlights include "These Bastard Years" which is properly the most accessible track on here with its Punk Metal Crossover groove.Opener "My Pigeon,Julias is a song about Joseph Zeman, the pigeon man of Chicago who died in late 2007.This track really highlights Zak's rasping vocals and is a great track."Eccentric Funeral" is as classic as the song title suggests,yes these guys have a sense of humor and it shows.Overall this is a album that some people will find hard on the ears while others will dig it totally.If you like challenging music with a lot of twists and turns you will find something on here to dig.8/10
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