Aug 31, 2009

Spice and The RJ Band - The Will

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I just picked this one up on vinyl after being re-released by Night Of The Living Dead Records which is a vinyl only Italian label.Originally recorded in 2007,it of course features Spice,the original singer from the Spiritual Beggars who produced some of my favorite albums in their earlier days.If you are like me and think the Beggars releases have been lacking something of late then you may want to check this album out.This pretty much carries on from where Spice left off in the Spiritual Beggars.I have always thought Spice as being one of the all time singers,soulful,angry and full of power.This album carries on that great tradition that he established in the Beggars and the other band he was in "The Mushroom River Band".Spice also appeared in another band called "Kayser" which was a bit of a departure for him,they was much much faster and dirty sounding.This band was formed by Spice and Robert “Bob” Ruben who was the drummer in Kayser.On this album,the classic heavy rock roots of the 70's are still there from the in your face tracks like "Pick A Rose" to more mellow groove ridden tracks like "Don't Tell Me" and "Hold On".The best track might be the title track "The Will" which is a mini epic featuring some vintage keyboard sounds and some amazing vocals from Spice.Its interesting that Spice did all the guitar work on this record and his playing is pure quality.There is some major differences between this band and the "Spiritual Beggars",this band is a lot more lean and mean with more emphasis on being catchy than the Beggars.If you are a fan of Spice or his work in previous bands you will want to check this out.The vinyl is in limited supply and i am not sure how easy it is to get this on CD but its worth tracking down. 9/10

Aug 30, 2009

Fraility - Lost Lifeless Lights & New Ep

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Ok this is a two in one review of Fraility's "Lost Lifeless Lights" album and their new untitled EP.The album for those who have never heard the band isn't your usual run of the mill Doom stuff.The mixture of influences are wide ranging which while it makes it a interesting listen,it also makes the band sound a little un-defined in places.From Traditional Doom Metal,Funeral Doom,Blackened Death Doom to Gothic styled Rock they cover a lot of ground.The album starts off with a spaced out droning intro before heading in all sorts of directions and sounds.The production is superb,beautifully recorded by Gints Lundbergs who i don't know much about but the guy obviously knows what he is doing.There is Funeral Doom moments like in the track "The River Of Serpents" and then you have more mid-tempo passages as in the track "Graphics In Ebony".There is a lot of Gothic overtones throughout the album due to the use of keyboards but for the most part its pretty heavy stuff. Vocalist Mārtiņš Lazdāns does a good job of putting across the feeling of sadness and despair and with the raw guitar sound backing everything up,it makes for some solid music.The closest comparison would have to be " My Dying Bride ",its pretty Gothic but with enough darkness to please the average Doom Head.The undefined sound can be a little confusing at times,are they Gothic or are they Traditional Doom.Well actually they are both,its a somber recording full of emotion,great players though and beautifully produced. 8/10

The EP is a little different,you can notice the musical progressions within the songs and there is some slight changes in sound.The band is obviously trying to come up with their own sound and style and trying to avoid the usual Death/Doom cliches.For the most part it works but it may be a bit much for the Traditional Doomster out there checking it out.The keyboards take more of a back seat on this EP,they are still there but play a lesser role than on the full length album.There also seems to be more aggression on the EP,the final track "A Flower In The Dark Tide" being a good example of this.The growl of the vocals is there along with the bands ability to write anthems in the sense of Doom Metal.The guitar work is excellent as is the production but what section of the Doom community will pick this EP up is hard to say.They one of those bands that seem to be trying to cover all bases and for the most part is works.Cant pick a favorite between this and the album. 8/10

Aug 28, 2009

Heading Into The Sunn

Sunneater are a slow droning sonic explosion waiting to happen,one of the new breed i guess you could say.They have a EP up for free download,check their Myspace page for that and also a track coming up on the next DMA Sampler.My good friend and the creator of the Doom Metal Alliance - Derek Edward Kellington did this interview so big cheers go out to him for this.Check it out.

Capt. O)): hey, i see you have the sunneater 2009 ep. is it any good?

Derek: i think its pretty damn good for sure.

Capt. O)): cool. you know im actually Capt. O)). we released this ep about two weeks ago

Derek: i figured you were from the band. you added me on myspace the other day

Capt. O)): in a month we're gonna release a 3" ep for witte dood records

Derek: i left a message about how you rule

Capt. O)): ow cool. thnx again Smile

Derek: for sure dude. thank you. i was off that style for some time. you brought me back. im actually the creator of the doom metal alliance. gave it to earthdog awhile back. Im looking at starting a new page actually.

Capt. O)): ah, so you're the one we've asked for the next sampler?

Derek: i don't deal with the DMA much anymore. its my baby, but i gave it away.

Capt. O)): any new projects up?

Derek: Im the guy that's in the #1 spot in the friends list. i want to get something new started. trying to think of a good name for the site that isnt so definitive like doom metal alliance

Capt. O)): yeah, i guess it takes time and patience to brew up a good name

Derek: i also want to do a drone project myself. i have a sunn alpha 212 and Im getting a garnet revolution III. figured i could mic the sunn through the garnet. it has 4 ten inch subs.

Capt. O)): nice. we used London city and sunn amps

Derek. London city? never heard.

Capt. O)): its dutch. one of the best European garage amps.

Derek: how did you record? with mics?

Capt. O)): nope. all plugged.

Derek: plugged to what? digital or old school?

Capt. O)): old school. we wrote those 2 songs during a small beer binge with alot of weed and hash. i used an old school muffpedal with a small delay for the guitars. bass i used almost the same effect but heavier

Derek: there is that effect in the background for the drums. at least it sounds like an effect. cow
bell or is that the snare. metronome? i dig it

Capt. O)): yeah we widened the sound so it would reach the kick-snare with great resonance so i guess its a sside effect. the drums are samples though.

Derek: i was thinking so.

Capt. O)): for the next release we recorded a live set so we can use our own.

Derek: awesome. so are you gigging?
Capt. O)) no, but we're thinking about it. we're gonna write a couple more ep's and then maybe go on a small tour.

Derek: the scene is exploding out there.

Capt. O)): i know. i also play in a post-metal band called ortega

Derek: never heard them

Capt. O)): that scene together with milder variaties like postrock and such are really taking over in europe

Derek: nothing like that around my parts really. indy rock scene

Capt. O)): yeah, we have that too. hate it.

Derek: i live in western canada. we dont have many metal bands. i can think of 3 or 4 which all suck.

Capt. O)): you have anvil, right.

Derek: hahaha. yeah. rub it in why dont ya.

Capt. O)): i saw their movie awhile back.

Derek: i was only aware of them a few months ago. ive been trying to forget them ever since.

Capt. O)): hahahaha. we have within temptation. im not a big power/heavy metal fan eithere.

Derek: checking out ortega

Capt. O)): cool. these recordings are from our first show. we just received our first master which will be released in january.

Derek: how long has that project been going?

Capt. O)): i think 2.5 years.

Derek: so sunneater is just a little side project then?

Capt. O)): yup. its where my roots are at. im a big neurosis/southern lord fan, and one day i was at a friends with a small home studio and we just started playing.

Derek: and the ep just bled out?

Capt. O)). first droning endlessly until something solid came out. yup. i think the first song was written, recorded and mixed in 4 hours.

Derek: St. Milo. what does he do? any other bands?

Capt. O)): he plays bass in abducted. Thats gore/grind/death. really good vintage grind. nice and heavy.

Derek: like cripple bastards?

Capt. O)): yeah. and he has a weird side project called anal chopper. anal chopper is hoompa-pa metal. and his other side project with his big brother is taurus. their mysace will be there soon. that's also drone, but more high strung. they only have tracks that evolve around hekla, an island which is a giant volcano.

Derek: im checking out anal chomper. crazy shoit.

Capt. O)): yeah, i know. they're doing their first gig in october. they're mixing the drumtracks for optimal live beating.

Derek: so i have turned this into an interview of sorts which i will have posted on the DMA if you dont mind.

Capt. O)): hahaha. thats cool! yeah, post it!

Derek: shall i edit it, or leave it as is?

Capt. O)): err, you may check the spelling. i think i made a million typo's

Derek: me too.

Capt. O)): but for the rest it's fine i guess.

Derek: ill be leaving this in too.

Capt. O)): hi mom!

Derek: lol. so you said you have another sunneater release on the way.

Capt. O)): yeah, thats right.

Derek: will the new release be much of the same? you said there will be real drum tracks this time around.

Capt. O)): yep, we're gonna use live drum tracks and sample these. the old ones were from old demo's and had to be pimped beyond recognition until we had the right sound. did we mention the track is exactly 666 seconds long?

Derek: no you didnt. lol. thats awesome. are you happy with the EP or are you changing anything up in the future release?

Capt. O)): no. we're going to keep it pure and real. if we had room for a drumkit we'd play the drums live, but we're not so lucky

Derek: well i myself think you did a killer job.

Capt.O)): thanks. we're also pretty happy with the outcome. we heard alot of nice things from people in the doom/drone scene and we're gald we did a good job.

Derek: i cant wait to hear the new stuff for sure. is it all arranged and ready for recording?

Capt. O)): we recorded the basics, only the vocals have to be done.

Derek. when did you say its ready for release?

Capt. O)): well, hopefully. it means we're done with the track and bring it to the label. i cannot say what the exact release date will be. it could be a few months. oh, i read the question wrong. the track is originally more than 13 minutes . we had to cut some pieces out to make it 666 seconds long. witte dood only release tracks which are 333, 666, 666 or 1332 seconds long.

Derek: im looking through your files here, and there is a file saying bands i booked over the years. you are a music promoter?

Capt. O)): yes i am. i work at a venue called Simplon. only partime. im also still in collage.

Derek: what for?

Capt. O)): music. it's an academy for popculture.

Derek: so you are making music your live. good stuff.

Capt. O)): thats right, thanks.

Derek: well lets end this off with 5 bands you think people should hear and we will call it a day.
Capt. O)): haha, sounds good. im starting to get hungry

5. Baroness
4. isis
3. heavy lord
2. amen ra
1. cult of luna; check their new album

Derek: awesome. thanks for the improvisational interview here.

Capt. O)): haha, no problem. are we still recording?

Derek: yeah. anything you would like to add?

Capt. O)) cool. i have one thing left to say: if you download our new ep, upload it everywhere you can! music must be free. if it wasnt for that, i never would have this interview Razz

Aug 27, 2009

Mala Suerte – The Shadow Tradition

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This band has been making the earth rattle for about 10 years now and with that sort of experience you would be expect some quality product from this band.What you get is not only quality but one of the most crust-filled Doom Metal release's to come out this year.This is bare-bones no frills Doom Metal,hell the band rarely even bothers with guitar solo's.This is non-stop riff based sludge combined with Rosa's trademark vocals and gifted occult based lyrics.A lot of bands that rely on the occult can be pretty predictable with the way they use all the occult cliches in their words but this band is different.The guy is truly gifted in the ways of dark story telling..Back to the music though,Mala Suerte are very stripped down Doom,not much solo's or even a chorus but a Heavy as Hell guitar tone that will shake your brain into submission.Highlights include "Entrance/Black Art",The Shadow Tradition" which as a lyrical composition is a mammoth piece of work."The Way Of The Reversal" breaks the mold with a more uptempo groove and there is a slight change of guitar sound in "The Monks Of Medenham" which heads off in a more Reverb soaked direction.The sound is thick and the songs have a definitive Psychedelic edge all blended up in heavy doses of raw,psychotic Doom.Think of bands like Grief and you will get the idea what this band sounds like,there is occasional twists into a more traditional Doom Metal but for the most part this is pure Doom sickness.The packaging is great and the production is also pretty damn good.I have only heard this album a few times so don't be surprised if i come back to this review to add and edit.This album is a grower and with every listen you will find something new to get excited about.Worth a spin....8.5/10

Aug 25, 2009

Admiral Browning - Magic Elixer

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This has been a remarkable year for Doom/Stoner/Sludge Metal releases and this EP is another winner from Admiral Browning.The album starts off with "Vortexer" is a conventional way by Sludge/Doom standards before it explodes into different beats and assault of slow,brutal riffing.A great track but then things get even better with " Ol' Martini Man" which has a more aggressive approach based around tried but true Sabbath meets Pentagram style riffs and arrangement.This track is a monster that doesn't let up from start to finish.Equally good is the next tune "No Good Stones" which has more of a heavy blues feel with a stoned out mix to the track that adds to the smoke filled bar room feeling the song pushes out.Next up is "Speaking in Tones" which another major highlight,a riffing tornado of a track that is relentless to the eardrums.While every track is different from each other,the EP is a exercise in fuzzed doom and sludge.The whole thing is over before you know what hit you which is a pity because this just makes you want more.Can't wait to hear a full length from this band that has a pure Doom Laden,down-tuned sound that never lets up. 9/10

Aug 24, 2009

Such Hawks,Such Hounds DVD Review

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Finally got myself a copy of this on DVD which is why i waited so long to give it a review.While seeing it in a theater is good,this is a movie best experienced at home over a nice smoke and a few brews.The basic idea behind the film is simple enough,its a documentary on underground hard rock scene from the 70's to now but focusing mainly on the current underground Stoner/Hard Rock scene.Sounds great but the film has a couple of minor flaws,the section of the film talking about the 70's underground is quickly over and done with.Even though Sir Lord Baltimore, Hawkwind, Blue Cheer and Pentagram are discussed,its a little short on details and focus.I would have like to seen a lot more emphasis on the era of music where so much influence is still being felt.Its a minor criticism though as the bulk of the film is highly entertaining.There is a mention on the 80's and the joining of forces between Punk Rock and Hard Rock audiences and bands.There is great moments when the likes of the Obsessed and the Melvins are discussed.It is also great to see Wino getting a well deserved place in the film.Some of the live performances in the movie lose a little of their impact as an interview voice quiet often drowns out the music but there is still some great footage.The big highlight for me is the passage on Sleep,about time something substantial was put on film about them.Really this is essential for all fans of Stoner Rock,Doom Metal,Heavy Psych,Psychedelic and Drone music,even Sunn O)) gets a spot in the film. Featured artists include ACID KING, ACROSS THE RIVER, THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX, BARDO POND, BRANT BJORK, COMETS ON FIRE, DEAD MEADOW, EARTHLESS, FATSO JETSON, HIGH ON FIRE, KYUSS, MAMMATUS, NEBULA, THE OBSESSED, OM, PEARLS AND BRASS, PENTAGRAM, SAINT VITUS, SLEEP, SUNN O))) and THRONES.Its a story that needed to need be told and i am glad it has been. 9/10

Interview With Dead Southern Bishop

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Dead Southern Bishop are a Sludge Metal band from Georgia,they have a killer 6 track CD out that needs to be heard if you like Sludge Metal played dirty,gritty and loud.I highly recommend you check them out on CD and live if you get the chance.

1.So how have things been lately with you guys,are you busy with shows ? Not as busy as we would like to be, but we have been using the time to work on new material. 2.Why don't tell the readers a bit about how the band started and previous bands you might have been in ? Ben and Billy started jamming in late 2007. Around the first of the year they recorded a track and put it up on MySpace. Blake happened to find it and came in on vocals. After a couple of months Chris who had played with Blake in a previous project came in to play bass and we started playing shows right after that. Then in May of this year we added Brian as a second guitar player. Billy and Brian had known each other for years and when he came in he fit just like a glove. Actually, this is pretty much everyone’s first “working band”. 3.The album has killer artwork,who did the work on that ? Artillery Creative Design out of Macon, Georgia. 4.How did it take to write the songs for the album ? Over the course of about 8 months. 5.What is the current set list for your shows ? Is there many other songs not on the album that you play ? Right now we still playing every song on the album along with a few more. The names of the songs not on the album are Bloodshed & Blasphemy, In The Presence Of My Malice, and Aranea which are all new. There is also Lord Lucifer Rise which is one of our oldest songs, we just didn’t record it last time. 6.The bands sound can be best describe as Southern Sludge Stoner Metal or that's what i think of when i listen to the album.Was that what the band set out to achieve when you started ? Yea pretty much, we definitely want people to know that we have all of those elements in our music. We just call it “Southern Sludge Groove”. 7.Can you ever imagine yourselves playing any other type of music ? Actually we all dabble… Billy & Brian are both serious shredders and like to get all technical. Ben, Blake and Chris dabble in some backwoods Classic & Outlaw Country. 8.What is the main message behind some of the songs and are lyrics that important to the band ? The songs range from the end of the world to ice smoking whores and it is almost all dipped in religious metaphors. Hell yea the lyrics are important. With us there are always the final staple. 9.What has the band got planned for future recordings ? We are planning to have either another EP or hopefully a full length around the end of the year or early next year. And there is talk of doing a 7 inch split with some friends of ours. 10. I see you have guitar and drum brand logo's up on your page,do you all have sponsorship deals ? No, But we wish. That would be really awesome. 11.How has the live shows been for the band,is there a decent scene where you live ? Not really, we live in a very rural area, right in the middle of a bunch of small towns. We have to travel over an hour to play anywhere but in a way that just makes it more worthwhile. Now there is a new venue that just opened up like last week. It’s in the next town over about 10 minutes from us, so hopefully they will get a little scene going. The last show we played was our first hometown show. We played in the parking lot of the local cd store, with some friends of ours. (They are about the only other local metal band to speak of.) The show started around 2pm, it was about a 100 degrease under the South Georgia sun and we still had about 50 people show up and it was a fucking blast. 12.What is your opinion on the whole Sludge/Stoner/Doom scene in the US at the moment ? Well there are a lot of good bands out there some of our favorite bands comes out of NOLA, Wilmington NC, Virginia and Maryland. As far as our opinion, there is not enough, but in a way that’s what makes it so special. 13.What is the plans for the rest of the year for the band ? Any tours ? Right now the plans are to keep writing, playing and trying to get our name out to as many people as possible. 14.The band also has some killer merchandise,do you want to give a heads up to the readers of how to get hold of that stuff ? On our MySpace page, there’s a blog on merch and it will tell you what we have and how place an order. 15.Any final words or thoughts ? Check us out our music, take a look at our merch and keep it heavy as walrus balls.

Aug 21, 2009

Bull Dyke Rodeo II Dykefuge

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As soon as you hear the opening of this album you know you are in one hell of a fuzz filled stoner ride.This band is from Wisconsin and they blend the best from Stoner Metal,Sludge and Doom into a smorgasbord riff fest."See You At The Party,Richter" kicks off the album with a monster of a riff,this thing just slays with fuzz filled glory.Its a pity the song is only three minutes,i would have liked to see this one stretched out to a 10 minute jam-fest.Infectious to the last note,you couldn't kick off a album any better than this.Next up is "Sue Me Dickhead" and yes they sure have a way with song titles.This is when the band really gets really eccentric with its riffs and musical sections.This has pure Sludge/Stoner/Doom moments,some weird ass guitar noodling and even some 70's inspired jamming sections that make the 11 minute plus track seem effortless.A definitive highlight on the album with some incredibly heavy riffs,this track is a monster."Pyramid Mine" is up next and starts off with another twiddly guitar before launching into another headbanging pounding riff.The guitar sound on this album is perfectly balanced between heavier than hell riffage and jazzy/progressive rock touches.The bass sound is also suitably throbbing to the unique 70's Stoner groove that the band seems to have a real talent for producing."Blue Sky On Mars" finds the band reaching another high,the vocal work on this track is particularly good.The dude has a voice that fits in well with the 70's inspired Sludge,growling its way through every track."Blue Sky On Mars" has some cool tempo changes and like the rest of the album its full of groove.This leads us to the final track,the epic "Three Breasted Ballad" which is a 20 minute tour de force that starts off slow building up tension and atmosphere before pulling in all directions.The band is influenced by Science Fiction and it shows mostly in this track.Lots of mood changes and guitar driven sections that have a progressive quality not heard much in the Down-Tempo world of experimental rock.Out of all the tracks on the album this final track is the hardest one to get into but after a few listens it becomes a favorite.I almost think of this band as being the modern day Doom version of "Captain Beyond".Spacey but still enough fuzz filled riffarama to satisfy you bong hungry stoners out there.Also with the final track things get weird at the 11 minute mark,like its another song completely.I am not sure what they are trying to achieve here,things just get downright silly.The vocals turned into something that sounds like a drunken "Billy Idol" and while its fun to listen to,it takes the final track into something disturbing for me.Apart from that minor hiccup this is a great album.Check it out... 9/10

Eibon - Eibon EP ( Aesthetic Death )

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Eibon are a four piece Sludge/Doom band from Paris and this as far as i now is their only release to date,a brief but crushing 2 song EP.From first listen,the comparisons to Eyehategod come shining through but they also have enough of their own sound to make them unique enough to appreciate what they do with these 2 10 minute plus Sludge fests. Georges Balafas is a real guttural screamer that fits in real well with the lumbering riffs from guitarist Max Hedin.While Eyehategod is the main band you think of here,they add a great deal more atmosphere to the songs than most Sludge/Doom bands."Asleep and Threatening" and "Staring at The Abyss" are both pretty diverse tracks within the Sludge realm offering both some real heavy grooves mixed with some ambient touches.When they launch into a big riff,the sound is huge indeed but at times i felt like the tracks were lacking something.There is however some real potential with this band and seeing as this EP has been out for quite a while now a full length album might around the corner.The band seems have some good shows under their belt judging by whats on their website so they be gathering a following.It will be interesting to see what they do next recording wise.8/10

Aug 17, 2009

Ol Scratch - The Sunless Citadel

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Virginia’s Ol’ Scratch has had its fair share of line up changes over the years but this band seems to get better and better.The latest album proves that point more than anything else,this is a powerhouse monster of a recording that left pinned against the wall when i first heard it.Ever been to a live show where everything is so loud and heavy you felt like you wanted to vomit ?That's what this CD can do to you if you cranked it up,the bass sound on this is the driving force.I have to say its the best bass sound i have heard in years.Ol Scratch are know for being a loud band but on this album they pushed their sound to a new level of power especially in the bass department.The album kicks off a intro piece before unleashing some Sabbath inspired Sludge that pummels your brain in the form of a track called “Infernal Judgement”.This is like Buzzoven but with a even more viscous attack,i mention the bass sound before and i must warned you i hope your stereo can handle this.My sub-woofer shit itself not long after listening to this album,i am not blaming Ol Scratch for it but it wouldn't surprise me if they are ones that did the damage.While the bass sound is so thick,you have a guitar sound that compliments the bass perfectly.It cuts,slices and tears its way through most of the tracks while the bass simply bulldozer's its way through.Most of the riffs on this album combine two things,cranked to the max Sludge Metal and dirty Doomed Out Southern Rock.There hasn't been a album released this year so far in my opinion that combines these elements and manages to keep it interesting for a entire album.Tracks like “Draconian March and Bottom Basement” which blend together like most of the tracks do on this album have a filthy groove about them.Guitarists Steve and Willy trade licks and split up solo's with demented abandon and the vocals howl and growl.One thing that comes shining through is you can tell the guys have worked their butts off on this,slightly ambitious and a totally complete album.“Brink of the Maelstrom” is another major highlight,a twisted riff monster that leave you hitting the repeat button over and over again.There is also “Redneck Deity” where the band becomes slightly (shock-horror) a little catchy and heads more towards a Doomed out C.O.C sound.There is a couple of quieter moments where the band moves into Swamp-Blues Mood but they pull that off so well it just add another dimension to the album.The closing 17+ minutes of “Wizard Smoke and Goatbridge”,the band manages to combine everything the band has played on the album so far and construct into a epic piece of Sludge/Doom Heaven.It has the Electric Wizard drugged up riffage but also with some psychedelic breaks before ending with a wall of noise effect.There is also the Sludged Up Boogie of “Last Charge of a Dying Race”,yes the band covers a lot of ground on this album.If there is any weak point at all its the drum sound which seems to get buried a little at times under the monstrous bass sound.Normally that would hurt the rating but with the songs being so good and solid it doesn't affect the overall listening experience of this CD.Conclusion - this is my favorite CD of the year so far,a release so good that i don't know if this band will ever top it.Its out on Oppresive Sound System and the artwork and package is pretty damn good also.I hope everyone into Sludge and Doom check this mutha out.Essential.... 10/10

Corvus - Demo Reviews

I was sent three demos from "Corvus" and although there is a steady progression from the first to the latest recording they are all really good.I am actually amazed a CD hasn't been released at this point because the quality is there.This band needs to be heard.The style ranges from Classic Metal to Stoner Rock to Psychedelic Metal to Doom.Special mention must go to the vocals that have "Classic Rock" written all over it,sounds like a cliche but this dude has a "Lemmy from Motorhead" type of quality.The first demo is "The Druid" which is 6 songs long,all of which are outstanding.The Guitar,Bass and Vocals are all handled by the one dude "Corvus" and done with some real feeling and passion.The other two demo's are called "Lamentations" and "Adust",its hard to say which one is the best.I put all the demo's on one CD and have been enjoying the whole thing as a great body of work.The guitar work is killer,great riffs with lots of free flowing guitar solos' that have a Psychedelic edge while remaining within the Metal realm."Left It Too Late" is one such song that leaves you with the feeling i have must have heard this before somewhere.It reeks of a already timeless quality,catchy "Fist In The Air" type stomping Metal.Other songs they enter into a more old school Doom Metal sound that is closer to bands like "Trouble" than anything else.Considering these are just demo's this is really good and all i can say is head over to the Corvus page,send a message and check out the tunes.I can't wait to see what the future is for this project.I,personally would like to say a full touring band come out of this real soon.All the demo's get a 9/10 rating from me.

Aug 13, 2009

Hour Of 13 & Agrabatti - Occultism, Rituals, Doom And Drama

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Hour Of 13 released one of the best ever Doom Albums not too long ago and now there is another band called Agrabatti pushing things in a more Psychedelic direction.Hour Of 13 fans will be thrilled to know a vinyl release of the album while Agrabatti are in the process of recording their debut.Hour Of 13 are already becoming a influence on a lot of the Doom audience and by the sounds of the tracks on the Agrabatti page,they will be same.In this interview i try and get a heads up on both situations.Enjoy this interview with the brains behind the bands, Chad.

1.First of all thanks for wanting to do this interview..I guess we should start with Hour Of 13, how did the band and the concept begin ?

Hour Of 13 began around Winter ANNO 2006. I have had the name in use since 1996, but it was then an experimental occult label. I ended the label, as I knew the name needed to be used in a different entity. Thus, the music I wrote complimented the name. Hour Of 13 was reborn!!!

2.There has been some upheavals in the band just recently with Phil Swanson leaving the band.What was the reason behind that decision ?

This whole scenario was brought on by the project I was in called Ravensbruck. Ravensbruck was a concentration camp in WWII, but we had our own reasons for using the name, NONE of which were political. There were excuses on Phil's part, and he quit. He never offerd to discuss this situation, just ended his part in an email. I ended Ravensbruck as to not cause any other damage, but he still did not want to discuss the situation. So, Hour Of 13 is now stronger than ever with the addition of new vocalist Robb Pritchard and Corey Leonard on second guitar (also the guitar lead contributor and engineer on the first album) and the new material SLAYS!!! A definite step forward for us, but still retaining our Occult ideas and lifestyles.

3.The Hour Of 13 got some incredible reviews and landed a place in the "Decibel Top 40" of 2008 ! Was you really positive about the album when first recorded ?

I knew the material had a magical quality when I was writing the initial riffs for the first record. When Phil added the vocals, it was then I knew we had something.

4.The album has a timeless quality that is rare thing within the "Doom Metal" scene these days.Did you approach the songwriting to make something unique in the world of Doom ?

The riffs / music were written in a sort of "ritual" setting. Always late at night, by one single candle. The riffs have to evoke a certain atmosphere. Without this, the music would just be ordinary Heavy Metal. Without this, it would not be Hour Of 13.

5.Still on songwriting,have you got a kind of formula you stick to when it comes to composing ?

Again, the ritual aspect. Always will be this way...

6.There is some exciting news for Hour Of 13 fans with a 2 CD version of the album and also vinyl being released.Can you give the readers some details on that ?

The First album will be reissued by a rather new but resourceful label called End Of The World (records) on 2xCD with a bonus disk of the demos of the first album and our 2009 demo, and on red/purple/black swirl vinyl in a gate-fold sleeve with a CD of the demos and a button / sticker / patch. I think some of the first ones may even include a shirt. EOTW(R) is a new label run by a good friend of mine who owns the studio the fisrt album was recorded at. They do not have a bunch of Metal bands on the label, but will be releasing the sort later.

7. You and Ben Teeter recently departed from US Christmas which of course helped create the new band "Agrabatti" .What was the reasons behind the split ?

Well, most of us are still unclear about that ourselves!!! Myself and Ben were "fired" for some really inappropriate reasons. One being a live recording done when we did an acoustic set opening for Scott Kelly (Neurosis) in Atlanta, GA. Nate Hall was contacted by some guy wanting to release in on LP, so he went for it, even though over half of the band did not want it released. I was extremely unhappy with my performance and a few of the others did not see it fit to be released, but this did not matter. The material was sent to the guy and artwork without ANY of us even seeing the art! Of course we got a bit fired up about it and this was seen as insubordination. So, Ben and I were fired followed by 2 other quitting. Totally avoidable, but evidently there was no room for discussion. The personal tension was beginning to be unbearable, perople not being able to cope with others' lifestyles, so things are better this way. More power to them...

8." Agrabatti " is already looking like a force to be reckoned with just judging by the tracks on your Myspace page but its very different to the other bands you have been involved with.What was the inspiration behind forming a band with such a classic "Acid Rock" sound ?

Ben and I were responsible for the "space" aspect of US Christmas, so when we left we took our shit with us and thus Agrabatti was born. We have not evolved the sound of USC, rather surpassed it with flying colours!!! The love of psychedelic music is the sole purpose behind Agrabatti. We united with our great friend Scott Isenhour and it has been a great union!

9.Have you always been influenced by Psychedelic Acid Rock bands,bands like Hawkwind spring to mind while listening to the two tracks on your site !

Hawkwind, Amon Duul I & II, Brainticket, Gong, Ash Ra Tempel just to name a few. But really amn, we to ourselves for our own inspiration.

10.It seems the band got its sound together very quickly or does it just appear that way to a outsider like me ?

The music came really quickly after the USC incident. I guess a "necessary purging" of the toxins from our psyche...

11.You already have your debut performance lined up which may have already played by the time this Interview is posted.I read its a total improvised set !

Agrabatti live takes parts of songs and restructures them in a live setting. Anyone can listen to a Cd and see a band recreate the same tunes live, and we just want to give viewers something different to keep it fresh. I mean, the Hour Of 13 material would not work doing it like this. Agrabatti is mostly improved on stage, but we do have the underlying structure to follow.

12.What have you got planned for the band in terms of recording or is it a bit early to say ?

Agrabatti is about 2/3 through with the recording of the debut album to be released on RAIG Records of Moscow, Russia.

13.I believe however that "Hour Of 13" will carry on still so whats in the future for that band as far as recordings and live shows is concerned ?

We are now in the process of finding local musicians to help out live so we can take Hour Of 13 to the people. The new album is being created at this time and should be out by Winter ANNO 2009-2010.

14.Another project of yours called " Ravensbruck " split and caused some controversy ! Can you give us some insight into what happened there ?

Ravensbruck existed for the sole purpose of the Will To Power ideology. Some thought that the use of the name meant we were adopting Nazi belief. That we supported the actions that occurred there. This is NOT TRUE!!!!! That is completely fucking absurd as I am 1/2 Cherokee Indian and 1/2 Dutch. For me to say I'm racist, NS or whatever is the most ridiculous thing ever. And I'm not daft... Some people just can't handle certain things. They get scared, afraid to look at things closer than the surface. That is their problem, not mine.

15.You seem to lead a very busy life with all these bands and drama's going on.Do you have a normal job and if so - how do you find the time ?

Yeah man, I have a normal job and a VERY patient wife!

16.Last one now,can you give the readers a rundown of your plans for the next 6 months to a year and what would you like to see happen with the music you are involved with ?

Hour Of 13 is total priority now and you'll see us taking it everywhere we can; the new record, live shows and all. Agrabatti will release the debut CD and promote it, and I'll comtinue to create music that I embrace wholeheartedly with the other projects. But, HOUR OF 13 is forever!!!!

17.Thanks again for the interview,any final words ?

Many thanks for this interview and thanks to all supporters of my craft. It is immensely appreciated!

Aug 12, 2009

Drown Yourself In The Doomed Drones

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Napalm Dave is the man behind WTTA,a drone/doom band that has already got a impressive catalog of recordings under their belt.Dave is a busy man as you should be able to tell by this interview.We talk about WTTA,Drone,Metal and the scene kids that are currently ruining the music scene we grew up with and love.This is a in-depth interview and is a big read but one i feel everyone needs to read.Check it out....

1.Hey Bro,how things been going your world,i hear you are moving house ?

Things have been great, I've been working on the second Somber Gravity full length and the debut WTTA album is near completion, All of the vocals are currently being done, 5 vocalists total on this album, As for my move yes and its been slow and miserable, I dont get my keys til September 11th and i cant start moving in til Sept 12, They have been jerking me around for almost 2 months, But its finally down to a month

2.Can you give the readers a background of your musical history,previous bands and instruments you play or have played ?

Well my dad has been in our local metal scene since before i was born, He was a bouncer (6'6 300 pounds) at the cains ballroom from 87 to 03, And he was a part time promotor there as well so i got to see pretty much any band that played there for free, And got to help with load in's and load outs, So I've delt with the inner workings since i was a kid, Plus my dad had several bands while i was growing up and they always played at my house, I learned to play the drums when i was 11, I had tallicas justice album in my walk man and just played along to it until i learned the whole album, Now i can say that lars is a sh.t drummer,lol, I surpassed his style long ago and came into my own, I started my first band when i was 13, It was called Reality Collapsed, It was a Saint Vitus and Black Flag clone, Although we leaned more towards the flag side, This band lasted from 93 to 98, We recorded a handful of garage recorded demos, I also started making drone around 94, Recorded a bunch of weird feedback and the like on my dads recording equipment, And i was making weird ambient things with his synth, I made around 30 tapes worth of random drone and ambient from 94 to 04, My main focus was on bass created drone from 98 on, Ive had the same bass since 99 which is a 4 string ibanaz, before that i had a cheap off brand 4 string that i used for my drones along with my dads guitars, A fender i believe and a les paul, Dont know much about guitars personally, Just how to create feedback,lol, My main passion is bass and drums, Although i had to give up drums in 2005 due to my asthma getting worse, I just bought a new 4 string ibanaz, So i use those 2 basses and a killer studio set up on my computer, I use Reason 4, Acid pro 6, Adobe audition 3.0 to get most of my sound, My bass lines are all recorded in my dads studio and then i multi track them into everything else in Audition, My dad has a full real time studio and a full Pro Tools set up, So all live sounds are recorded there, But i do all of my ambient music with my computer, WTTA just got a new guitarist and he uses a les paul i believe, You will hear some of the new material with E on the next DMA sampler, Its an exlusive DMA track titled fat guy in a little coat, 50 dollars to the first person who can identifiy the title,lol...

3.How did you arrive at this point for playing Drone ?

What inspired you to head in that direction ? As i stated earlier i started making bass driven drones around 94 out of bordem, but before that i was making drones with a cheap crap bass and my dads guitars, but i didnt really know what i was making at the time, I had heard Earth and knew thats what i wanted to do, And in 98 i got serious about it, I would soon get a new bass and i got a new amp and made some of the most heavy low end drones, They killed, And to this day i preffer bass drones over guitar, My inspiration was Earth and Sunn when i decided to get serious about drone, Sunn blew my mind and Earth just goes without saying, I would get ripped and plug my bass in, I would point my amp right at my face, Sit in my chair and turn the volume and bass all the way up and proceed to blow my brains out,lol It was an amazing feeling and it made me truly fall in love with drone

4.What makes a good Drone song in your opinion ?

In my opinion bass makes a good drone track, Im all for guitar in drone, Hell i just got a guitarist for WTTA to add depth but i think the ultra deep vibrations can only be made with bass, I take pretty much the same aproach as Sunn but with bass, Anyways to me a good drone track is obviously over 10 minutes long, And its got to be low end, I cant stand extreme feedback drone, its annoying, low end and busy as hell, I love ambient music so a good drone track should have a good ambient intro and outro, And you should be able to see the sound, Thats what i go for in WTTA visual soundwaves, Just put on a wtta track and close your eyes, Zone out the world, Although it helps if your stoned, I have a huge amount of respect for Ox as well, I love the way he makes his drone, Or space drone as he calls it, WTTA and Ox will be doing a split next year

5.If you were working in advertising,how would you sell Drone to people.Its not the most accessible style of music ?

Well i wouldnt, personally i like drone because its not saturated with scene kids, I hate scene kids, I hate gender confused boy/girls with comb overs who wear their sisters pants, And they are slowly poisoning everything that meant anything to us growing up, And this isnt ego talking but my music speaks for itself brother, Almost everyone who listens to wtta found me, I look at it this way, I make the music for myself that way im not putting out shite music i wouldnt listen to, And if people dig what im doing then that is a sweet bonus...Drone is for locals only, No outsiders...Scene kids not allowed

6.Do you ever get influenced by 70's bands ?I have always thought that Hawkwind,Pink Floyd,King Crimson and of course Tangerine Dream did some of the earliest Drone in the Rock Music world.There is also some real old classical pieces of Music that are very Drone like !

Yes, All of the above bands were huge in my house, Along with Sabbath, Blue Cheer, Vitus, etc, My dad was a hippy so i got to listen to alot of the obscure non radio bands, In fact God in my house growing up was frank zappa, And i totally agree bro, The above bands with created drone and ambient, And all of the above are huge influences on my music, Along with Sunn and Earth

7.You have done numerous recordings,do you want to tell us about some or all of those ?

Um, Where to start,lol I have recordings from my doom band back in the 90's, 5 or more crappy garage demos, but i doubt they will ever see the light of day, I have as i said earlier 30 or more tapes of random drones and ambient pieces ive made since 94, And alot of random weirdo noise crap, As for official releases i had a new version of Reality Collapsed from 05 to 07, 5 volumes of music released with that, And i had another project called Insomnia Mind Collapse that i released several things with, Both of those projects had drone elements and doom elements all mixed with ambient, Soundscapes and wierdo noise, Then i had In Emptiness which was a straight drone project, I made 2 demo tracks, Only one of which ever got released and then killed that project off, Brought it back in early 07 and started working on new material, Got a demo done before changing the name to Within The Torn Apart, which is my current band, And yes for those who noticed Napalm Dave and the band name Within The Torn Apart it is heavily influenced by Napalm Deaths Inside The Torn Apart, And all of the amazing bands tied into ND, Napalm death was my first true underground love and i remain a huge fan to this day, I have released one unofficial demo, And e.p and the full length is being worked on right now, Theres one track that can be found on the 3rd DMA comp i believe, And 2 more on the next DMA comp, I just got as i said earlier a new guitarist whom is the owner of EEE records, He also has 2 music projects of his own, Oaks Of Bethel and Njiqahdda, Then ive got Elan who is the drummer, He has 3 projects, Elan, Old Forgotten Lands and Asgath, Then we have Mikey Erasmus as vocalsist, He is in Erasmus, Anyways the debut will have all of the above on it accept E, He will be on the second album, As for Somber Gravity i have one full length and a few, Im working on the second full length, I also have cbfdib which is in the vein of Arglye Park and Circle Of Dust, then there is 22:18 which will be a more industrial version of cbf, And i think thats about it, You can find all of my music at the link below

8.Lets talk about Metal for a moment.What is the main downside to the Metal scene,there always seems to be too much of a focus on trends,fashions and cliches to me !

All of the above, I have never been part of a trend, As anselmo said it once before you can find todays metal scene on sale at the f..king dollar store, Its worthless bro, The only true underground anymore is doom, drone and ambient music, Scene kids take what we grew up on and ruin it, I was in wal mart not to long ago and i saw this he/she comb over kid with a Burzum shirt tucked into his sisters pants with a bullet belt on, This made me sick to my stomach, Dude i was listenting to burzum before he got locked up, And heres this retarded kid over almost 20 years later wearing this shirt, I walked up to him and asked him what his favorite album was by Burzum and he could not even name one, And he proceeded to tell me that some of the members of Burzum were in jail, Some of the members? The last time i checked Burzum was Varg and thats it, Samoth did the bass lines on Aske but was never and official memebr, Anyways another time i was at work, I had on a Down hat, I got in an elevator and this group of kids got in as well and this girl asked me if the Down stood for system of a down, Are you joking i said, lol, Man its sad, these kids dont know anything about real music...

9.I have always thought Doom to be the true essence of Metal.One of the only styles of Metal not bogged down by having to wear certain clothes and not held back by lyrical cliches.Do you agree ?

100% brother, I really cant see the trend crowd getting into doom, It takes brain power to comprehend doom, And most of these scene kids, Well id safely say all of them lack the depth to understand where doom is coming from

10.How do you see the future of WTTA in terms of recordings ?
Would you consider getting involved with a biggish independent label if that opportunity was handed to you ?

No i would not, I self release and self promote, The only reason im releasing with Sullen records is to get my music heard by a larger crowd, Now i will be releasing with EEE records in the future but they are extremely underground, I also have spoken to Black Winter Recordings and he expressed interest, The biggest i would consider signing to is Southern Lord, As for recordings i do everything on my own, I produce, Mix, Master and promote WTTA by myself, And i woudlnt have it any other way, Drone is not meant to sound pretty,lol Its meant to kill your head

11.What is your opinion the Metal Underground Vs The Mainstream ? They seem worlds apart !

I have never ever been any where near being a part of the mainstream, Its toxic and full of morons and trends, A dime a dozen scene kids who dont know anything about real music, As for whats left of the underground it has been my home since i was a kid and always will be, I would take a small group of a 100 loyal underground fans over a million of the american idol synthetic poser crowd anyday, They are worth nothing and add nothing to the scene, They pollute it

12.You are from Oklahoma which has a pretty solid scene with great bands like Self Inflicted.Have you met many people around there into Drone Music ?

Yes alot of them actually, WTTA will be a live band next year, And it will be made up of cats from this scene, Me on bass, A really good friend of mine on bass whom is a girl and she kills, First girl in a drone band to my knowledge (Before anyone jumps on me if i am wrong it plainly says to my knowledge, So sorry in advance to any female droners out there if there is any) And then another friend of mine on bass, Then one guitar player and a drummer, All made up of locals, The triple bass assault will absolutely kill, The Studio version of wtta will be E, Mikey and Elan though, I have no intentions of recording the live wtta, Maybe one or 2 boots over time, Dont know yet, As for Self Inflicted Keith is a friend of mine, solid cat, We have a killer scene here

13.Onto Songwriting,have you got a mindset you have to get into to create a Drone piece ?

Not really, Im depressed 90% of the time due to manic depression so im already there bro,lol, I just need quiet and a few moments to get psyched and then it just comes out natural, The only thing i hate is recording vocals, Its tedious, But other than that its all pretty touch and go

14.So what is long term ambitions with WTTA ? How far would you like to see things progress ?

Dont really have any, My hopes is to make some small mark on the drone scene, Release an album or 3 and hopefully be remebered 10 years down the road, I would never be delusional enough to compair my band to Sunn o))) but to get where they are would be awesome, Sunn is the reason i make drone

15.You are also involved in other great things like the Within The Doomed Drones and the Record Label.Can you tell us about those ?

Well Within The Doomed Drones is just a forum i made to get away from the more trendy boards, As far as i know its the first drone and ambient board, By the way i would like to say thanks for all your help on the board bro, It is also the home of SDS records also known as Serene Dead Space records, This label is to release my music, The only outside bands on my label are in some way or another tied into one of my projects, In fact one band is Zayin which is Fires project, He is also in Elgibbor and Firethrone, He does session vox for WTTA, And then there is Eclipsing Black which does splits with somber gravity, Then there is Bathyscaphe which is a sweet drone project done by Mikey Erasmus who is WTTA's lead vocalist, And then there is JOB who is another awesome drone band and several future splits with WTTA are planned with him, So thats about it, If i may steal a line from Burtal Existence Radio- Its made by the underground, For the underground

16.OK here you can speak your mind about anything,go for it !!!

Ok bear with me, This next part is going to be long winded, Its 12 points that i need everyone to know who listens to the music i make, This was takin out of a blog on the WTTA page and though it does repeat a few things i stated above for the most part it is a huge part of what WTTA stands for and i feel it is relavent here so i added it to the end of this interview, here we go

1.First and foremost i am a follower of God, If this bothers you then sorry, the reason i tell you this is sadly some people cant just listen without taking offence to this, im not trying to spread propaganda or turn you into a christian if your not, Since i dont follow organized religion i dont feel the need to bother anyone with my opinions, I'm not a preacher, But i do use my music as a way to get God's word out to people whom wouldnt hear it any other way, This i feel is my conviction, I just want to get a side of drone out that isnt very common, And prove that ones religious beliefs dont affect or infect the spirit of the music, This is all about supporting the underground and supporting free thought, Not about flaming, Hassle or bullsh-t, I'm not doing this to make enemies and i dont have time for close minded fools....So if you dont like my music then please make that choice based on my music, Not on me

2., I will say this, drone gets a lot of flack for not being traditional music, so i say this to you, I dont care if you love or hate drone, Its what i do, So as a sign of respect and common kindness please dont bother me about how drone is not music, Any sound can be made into music, What it all boils down to is do you lack imagination? As much as i dislike some music i still give it all a chance, Music is one of the last form's of free expression

3.Close mindedness is a form of sheep mentality, Keep that in mind before you throw random hate, I've never been able to understand people whom for no reason other than to spread pure hatred harrass and flame people, Now i used to do this when i was younger but i have since grown up, And the sad thing is most of these flamers are adults, Showing their childlike mentality, Its pretty pathetic when a 15 year old trend kid who dosnt know crap about old school music has more respect than an old school cat whos been around for a long time, I respect everyone no matter what, So i expect the same, I was raised in a scene back when tape trading was the way, Before the net, Before social networks, Before core music, Back in the day when the pen pals section in Metal Edge and Metal Maniacs was Myspace, I remember the first time i heard D.R.I some friend i met through metal maniacs sent it to me from new york in 91, Now things like that dont matter anymore, Now its so easy to find that same D.R.I boot on any one of these torrent sites, Nothing is the same anymore and its sad, But i guess progress is our destiny, Anyways my point is show respect and get respect, Its a simple lesson any decent parent teaches their kids, One thing that has helped cement in my mind that the old school is officially dead happened one day while me and my best friend Gina were a Vintage Stock, I asked the girl behind the counter to come here, She was emo'd out, Had on a black dahlia murder shirt, So shes got the act down pat, I asked her do you have anything by Faith No More, And you wont believe this, She asked me if FNM was anime, This supposed metal head didnt know who faith no more was, piss off, this generation is hopeless

4.One thing that has begun to really irritate me are these trend scene kids with their core music, Their girl pants, Fake bullet belts and comb overs, I actually saw one of these kids wearing a Buzum shirt at wal mart the other day, What the hell do these kids know about Varg, It makes me sick, I was listening to Burzum back in 92 before he was a famous firgurehead, Back when the underground was just that, And not some playground for gender confused kids with no lives, They latch on to all these things that actually meant something to us growing up and they trivialize it into oblivion, I've had several of these scene anal stain's run their mouths talking about how ambient and drone isnt real music and how their music is better because they actually play instruments, Let me clue you in on a few things, First i was raised around music, My father has been in many bands through the years, He also was a part time promoter and full time bouncer at the ains ballroon from 87 to 2003, So i got to help with load outs and stage set ups, And gear sets ups all throughout my teen years and got to hang out with alot of my favorite bands, Including but not limited to, Pantera, Metallica, Megadeth, Suicidal Tendencies, Type O Negative, Malevolent Creation, Acid Bath, Deadboy And The Elephent Men, Agents Of Oblivion, Prong, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Faith No More (2 times with Big Jim in the band and once with Trey, once with Hudson, I've been a diehard fnm fan since 89), Sacred Reich, Sister Machine Gun, Napalm Death, Nile, Sunn O))), Trouble, Exhumed, High On Fire, Slayer, White Zombie, Deicide, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Gorguts, Death, Origin, And since he also promoted for Little Wing and Diabolical Productions i got to see pretty much any show in Tulsa or OKC for free, So i was always around music, My father also has a recording studio in his house, Live drum set up, Bass, Guitar, Synth, etc, Alot of what you hear in WTTA is live, Bass, Guitar, The computer is merely used to put it all together, Which id say 90% of bands on myspace do as well, I myself have been playing the drums since i was 11 or so, Or since 91, The bass since 93 or so, I was in a Saint Vitus influenced doom band from 93 to 98 that would have killed alot of these myspacecore bands, Most of you are under the age of 20 and don't know what real music is (No this is not a blanket statement, I'm not saying all of you), Go listen to Clear Window Pane, Or Defeating Earths Gravity, Or Revelation (life of death) Or Bury Me In Smoke and then tell me your underoaths and killswitch engages hold a candle brother, They don't have a quarter of the heaviness of old school doom and drone, myspacecore music is weak brainless and cloned to the point of Shite and your american idol swine make me sick, I create and produce ALL of WTTA's music on my own, And what i don't create Elan does, I self produce, All DIY, Plus WTTA is signed to a record label, Not a net label, And the sad thing is half of these core bands don't even have that, Mud slinging is a waste of time and just shows your childish mind for what it is, So piss off please, And if you think drone or ambient music is not relavent to your scene that is because its not, Its relavent to the true underground which scene kids will NEVER!!!!! ever ever be a part of, The underground i am proud to be a part of and have since i was a kid, Posers need not apply, Your not welcome here, It makes me laugh to think about this but i would love to have seen a scene kid walk into a Pantera show back in the day, I've seen Pantera 4 times and never once did i see a comb over or pair of girl pants at one of their shows unless said pants were in fact being worn by a girl, Never once did i see any of this karate dancing crap they try to say is moshing, YOU DON'T KNOW THE FIRST THING ABOUT A REAL PIT SON!!! if you would have tried that karate dance sh-t at a Pantera show you would have had your ass handed to you

5.Just because im christian does not make me any different than joe schmoe down the street, I was raised on Saint Vitus, Megadeth, Metallica, Sabbath and Pantera, So i dont want to hear it, I have a pantera tribute sleeve, I've got my CFH brand f..ker, Where is your's?, My hero is the late great Cliff Burton and one of my all time favorite bands is Sunn O))), Christian does not mean close minded or straightlace, I've got long hair, Tats, I wear combats and band shirts, I despise religion which is what 90% of all people judge God for, God is not religion, Religion is man, I follow god, I am my own person, Not a sheep

6.DR(((((((O)))))))NE (((((((ON, For wtta is heavier than thou, This music is meant to be heard at full volume with the (((((((bass))))))) turned all the way up, All hail the (((((((riff))))))), No breakdowns here, No corporate sounds here, You wont hear WTTA on the radio, Or see WTTA on mtv, WTTA will never be one of the top bands featured on myspace, So what, I dont want it that way, Corporate=trendy and you can find it on the shelf at the f--king dollar store (Any true metal head will know where that last line came from, Sadly i bet over half the people who read this wont know)...

7.As you might have noticed i am a pretty outspoken person, I don't hide the truth or sugar coat anything, I'm blunt and to the point, I am always up for a good debate so if you have major disbelief in God shoot me a message and lets have a go at it, But keep it tasteful and respectful, I don't judge anyone for who or what they believe in, Thats Gods job, so don't do that to me

8.Doom rules you, Don't forget it

9.Stephen o'malley and Greg anderson also rule you, Dont forget it

10.Im sorry but Dylan Carlson lost it after the second earth album, They are not drone anymore, No matter how he labels it, And i hate when people say earth is a better drone band than Sunn, Sunn is still drone, Earth is a bluesy doom band now, Not that there is anything wrong with that but get the facts straight

11.Although i have been drug free (Opiates) since 2005 i will be pro pot til death, I dont consider pot a drug, So sit back, Light up and prepare to be DR(((((((O)))))))NED, I had some more stuff to say but after being smoked from 91 to 05 24/7/365 im a bit burnt, smokin strong since 91-), So i guess we can move on to my final statement


thanks ed for your help with wtta, you are a true soldier in the underground

Napalm Dave over and out...

Aug 11, 2009

Interview With Dirt Communion

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Dirt Communion from Nevada play some real gritty Sludge Metal and they play it with real passion and enthusiasm.There seems to be endless bands playing this brand of Swamp Rock but there is not many as good as this band.With roots in Southern Rock,Sludge,Stoner,Metal and Crossover Punk Metal like Corrosion Of Conformity they have a chemistry that is undeniable.Here they give us the dirt on what's happening now,the past and the future of Dirt Communion.

1. Thanks for allowing this interview to happen. I really appreciate it ! First up i read the band came together over a love for Sludge and Classic Heavy Music. Can you tell us about those early days ?

TONY ASHWORTH, guitar: Ahh, 1190 Evans Street in Reno. Wednesdays of Mass Destruction. Eric, Logan and I started jamming late into 2007 there. I’d say early fall. Logan’s also in a band called Otis, and it was their house on Evans Street where we practiced. These Otis kids can really tear it up when it comes to having fun, and we were writing and practicing every Wednesday night at that point. They were all off from work on Thursdays, and needless to say we accomplished leaps and bounds with that going on around Logan and I. We like to party. LOGAN SPURLING, drums: Moving around a lot, it was the music that helped me survive. I just wanted to play. ERIC STANGELAND, guitar: I played in a cover band and I fucking hated it. I was sick of not playing my own music, and Tony worked in the casino I played in. He was talking about putting together a sludge side project band, and I told him to please let me be a part of it (laughs). TONY: So we worked our asses off, wrote some damn good tunes and sought out a bassist and singer. In the middle of 2009, Eric and I caught Mark performing ‘Fairies Wear Boots’ as a guest with this great local band called Cranium, and he killed it! Eric and I looked at each other and just shook our heads in approval. Mark hooked us up with Dan a few months later, and the chemistry has been flowing ever since. ERIC: The chemistry was there from day 1. We all get along and we all enjoy playing music, which is very important to me.

2.The band has a distant Southern sound while reminding very much in the Sludge Rock mold. Was it about Southern Rock and Sludge that seems to go hand in hand ? Is it the weather,the whiskey ???

ERIC: I have no idea. I’m from Jersey.

LOGAN: My comparison is that they both follow a sort of blues aspect. TONY: Logan and I come from very Southern upbringings and embrace that very intensely. Hell, I have “REDNECK” tattooed on my left forearm. When you have bands like Eyehategod and Graves at Sea, who have a darker, almost thrashier, side with harsher vocals, and you hear them go into those big Sabbath-style riffs, it should put a damn big smile on your face as a fan of this stuff! And besides, Sabbath started out as a blues project anyway. Most of the sludge bands in the early days were birthed, or spawned I should say, in areas like New Orleans, the Carolinas, Georgia and east Texas. So having a southern drawl to their music was all they knew, and it worked very well. I mean, I’ve been in some thrash bands over the past couple of years, and even when writing with those guys, I always had a Southern pull to my riffs. So finding four other like-minded dudes that have the same goal totally is great. DAN BISHOP, bass: I think it is the attitude, too. I am the “secret southerner” in the band. I was born in Columbus GA and spent a little of my childhood down there. Even when I would come back to visit during the summer, the minute you stepped off the plane you could tell that there was a different vibe in the air. The heat and humidity are so oppressive that I think people tend to live at a more deliberate and slow pace. I think that southern influence permeates into the music. It is slower, heavy, somewhat oppressive and very to the point. There is not much room for interpretation of musical themes or subject matter -- the music is what it is.

TONY: Whiskey . . . there’s an entire other interview on how whiskey has influenced my musicianship, both positive and negative.

3. On April the 2nd you posted a blog about recording a CD. Was is the latest news on that ?

DAN: We’re just released the EP digitally on Bandcamp for now – – and by mid-September it will be available through all the major online distributors (iTunes, eMusic, etc.). We are going back into the studio later this fall to record some more material which will be included on the full length CD. We are hoping to have that pressed and released by November. We also have two songs available for download for free at our Web site -- -- and at our MySpace: The entire EP is also streaming at both sites. MARK EARNEST, vocals: The EP and the CD are both gonna be called “Antique Mechanic,” which is a phrase that Tony and Dan came up with. It’s fitting in a way – craftsmen working on something that’s old-school and new at the same time.

4.You also entered the Myspace Music/Toyota Music contest! How important is that sort of promotion to the band ?

LOGAN: I think it just allows us to show our material to people outside our local scene. ERIC: For a band like us, probably not in terms of winning any kind of mainstream contest. I really don't believe contests and music go together.

DAN: In my opinion that type of promotion is limited in its usefulness. The main reason that I wanted to enter the contest was because the widget that we could create was well done and handy to include in promotional emails. Let’s face it -- our style of music pretty much precludes us from seriously competing for the grand prize. We simply have too narrow an audience out there to pull that contest off. However, that narrow audience just so happens to have the best taste in music.

5.Tell us about influences. I know its a boring question for some people but I am always interested into what makes band's tick !

ERIC: When we were writing and recording ‘Antique Mechanic,’ I was really influenced by Sleep's ‘Holy Mountain,’ Black Sabbath -- mostly ‘Vol. 4’ and ‘Masters of Reality’ -- Thin Lizzy and Down.

TONY: For me, it’s always been Corrosion, man. Then when Down came along, I was thrown for a damn loop. Down really fucked my world up, because when I heard that shit for the first time, that’s all I wanted to play! So even early riffage of mine started exactly with this style of music. Then Black Label Society . . . I’m a huge Zakk fan. Of course, Dime. And like both of them stated many times, we’re all just Sabbath disciples.

DAN: I personally have far too many influences. I am a classically trained musician and have played in concert and symphonic bands and orchestras. I grew up with classical music, Motown, gospel and top 40. I got into metal in high school, and it was then that my interest in rock and metal really began to branch out. I listened to everything I could: Motley Crue, Biohazard, Anthrax, Tangerine Dream, Metallica, Slayer, Dream Theater, Voivod, Death, Accept, Queensryche, Queen, TNT and you name it. I have broad tastes to this day. My iPod has everything from Rat Pack stuff to old Motown to Thrash and death metal to 80s music. No one thing is really a greater influence than the other.

MARK: I’m like Dan in that I love a lot of different types of music – some of it potentially embarrassing -- but this is the first time I’ve been in a dyed-in-the-wool, full-on metal band. I could never find folks who played the style I liked the best, which was not the million-notes-a-second stuff. I do like a lot of contemporary metal and rock, but I think in Dirt Comm I may be more of the punk/alterno person in some ways. Vocally, I sort of fall between the earliest ’70 hard rock, the first wave of post-punk in the ‘80s and the better pre-commercial grunge stuff in the late ‘80s.

6.You have been doing some shows, What have they been like ?

LOGAN: The shows have been very gratifying, learning where to play in town as well as picking up new fans in other areas. We’re getting a good response.

DAN: Since there are few bands around Reno that have a similar sound to us, we have been paired with a lot of really heavy speed metal and thrash bands. We have considered ourselves the “Sore Thumb” band on many a bill and have figured that nobody would really care for us. However, the opposite has been true. Many people have come up to us after a set and just gush about how great we sounded and how they really liked how different our sound is. This surprised me at first, but I guess I’m not the only person who goes to a metal show that has a diverse taste in music.

MARK: We’ve met a lot of unlikely fans of riff-based and doom-based metal. It’s good to know people recognize ‘heavy’ as more than just one sound. TONY: Some of the shows are duds, but even at those shows we turn some heads. The funniest, though, is when we played in Citrus Heights right outside of Sacramento. We drove all the way down there to play in front of: 1. My roommate from Reno whowas visiting family down there that weekend, and 2. A good buddy of ours from Reno who moved down to Sac last year. So that was pretty uplifting . But, all in all, it’s been a great run thus far. People are really digging on us, and that’s a damn good thing. 7.What is your local scene like? Would you recommend other bands play there?

DAN: I will always mention that we have many obscenely talented bands in Reno that deserve more attention than they get here. Unfortunately there are a lot of bands competing for a small segment of the population that is able to go to shows. This is a tourism/service based economy here, and most of the folks that would normally go to see a show on a weekend have to work. Because of this, the shows tend to be hit-or-miss here. I can’t name a single band from here that can guarantee a packed show every time they play, and even the biggest bands can get terrible turnouts. The one big drag about Reno-Sparks is that the cities aren’t very supportive of local music or live music venues. Reno in particular is very hard on small to medium capacity venues. Unless you are a casino, you are going to be harassed in some way.

8.Is the band going to be a touring band and if so what places would you really like to play ?

DAN: We all have day jobs, so until we hit it big, we will be focusing on regional touring starting with the west coast. We are doing some one-off mini-tours though. We are currently planning a trip out to Nebraska and Colorado in October. Maybe we could do some more cities in southern California and Arizona during the winter months, as travel over the mountains going west and north can be pretty dangerous when it gets cold. MARK: But if we can dream, then Europe would be awesome, especially the UK. It feels like they really like this kind of sound there.

TONY: I’d really like to do a southern US tour. I really think we’d do well out there. Plus it’d be nice to see home again . . . and show these guys that West Virginia is not as fuckin’ backwoods ‘Deliverance’ shit as they claim it to be. MARK: Hey, my family grew up there! I knew that already (laughs).

9.Whats your opinion on the Sludge/Doom/Stoner scene in the US ? Do you feel its become a little bloated ?

MARK: Actually, I feel just the opposite – it’s not bloated enough! When we were trying to find like-minded bands in Reno and other towns, it was few and far between.

LOGAN: This scene is finally starting to get recognized, though, as long-running as it has been.

ERIC: Yeah, the scene is a lot stronger than I thought, which is great for a band like us.

MARK: It’s a bit of quality over quantity, which is great. As much as we like the best of the death/thrash stuff, there’s a lot of it right now, and some of the bands don’t go for a distinct sound at all.

DAN: I actually think the whole spectrum of the music scene is bloated. In general it’s like an impacted bowel – too much fecal matter and it’s hard to get through and see daylight, see the good shit from the bad shit. At least the majority of the Sludge/Doom bands out there sound pretty decent. There are some pretty bad ones too, but there just don’t seem to be as many as in the thrash and hardcore scene.

10.Is there any other bands where you live that you feel we need to know about ?

TONY: I’d say Cranium for sure. They are more of a prog-metal band but damn can those guys kill it. If you dig on Mastodon, you’d dig these cats.

DAN: The Swamp Donkey! They have been my favorite local band for almost four years now. They fucking rule. Do yourselves a favor and listen to them! Our buds in White Witch Canyon from the East Bay area near SF are a fucking great band that lies more in the stoner spectrum. They are a three piece that is louder than any two bands put together. MARK: Definitely The Swamp Donkey -- really intense but catchy and with great musicianship.

LOGAN: Otis!

MARK: Actually, Otis was my favorite death/tech style band in town even before I started playing with Logan.

ERIC: I like the Swamp Donkey and Otis, too, and there are too many good singer/songwriters to mention. Reno has a big singer/songwriter/open mic scene.

11. What is the plans for the band for the rest of the year?

DAN: Recording the rest of the full-length album, regional touring with eventual world domination. ERIC: I hope we can tour a little, make some new friends and get our music out to as many places (and different countries) as possible.

TONY: I’m really stoked on the fact that we’re heading down with a great group of dudes to go catch Weedeater, The Melvins and Down in San Fran in a couple of weeks.

12. OK last one, How or what is the best way for people to get into contact with the band for recordings/merchandise etc etc?

MARK: We’ve got our Web site up now so that’s probably best – We’ve got links on there to our other sites on My Space, Facebook and such, plus where you can buy music and eventually merch online.

13. Thanks again, any final words ?

MARK: Thanks back to you for this site, Ed! It’s good to see another place on the Web that likes this type of metal.

DAN: One of the funniest things I had ever heard a rock star say in an interview was in a piece about Trent Reznor. He was talking about how he would fuck with foreign journalists sometimes and just throw out some random shit for a quote. So in the immortal words of Trent Reznor: “Punch your balls off!”

Aug 10, 2009

Eagle Twin - The Unkindness of Crows

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Now this something different again in the world of Doom Rock.Eagle Twin is the brainchild of guitarist/vocalist Gentry Densley, formerly of Iceburg, and drummer Tyler Smith.Musically they are something in the Khanate realm of music but with a Progressive Rock twist that reminds me of King Crimson in a bizarre kind of way.Even the vocals are completely different as they have a almost Tom Waits quality about them.I personally like Tom Waits so that is not a issue for me,it just makes this band even more interesting.The songs are real slow and sometimes seem to come to a complete stop to bath some type of pulsating droning atmosphere.While the music is incredibly sparse and slow they have a couple of heavy psych moments to mix things up a bit but this is one real stark release.The opener "In The Beginning Was The Scream" sets the mood with a track that makes you feel you are stuck alone in some dark forest somewhere with vultures circling overhead.The riffs are suitably hypnotic and the drumming is a real driving force. “10,000 Birds of Black Hot Fire,” “Carry on King of Carrion" are both great tracks full of Sludge Filled Melodrama all held together with some strange Robert Fripp like riffage.I guess you could call this intellectual doom as there is stories to be told and a message to the passages throughout the album.I am hard pressed to find the words to describe this album but its heavy,murky, slow, grinding, yet with some spectacular chord progressions and impressive changes in melody.The CD takes you on quite a haunted journey in its 65 or so minutes and is more suited to the Doom purists out there.Fans of Sunn O))) and Earth will take pleasure in this album and it is more than appropriate at the moment that they are doing shows with Sunn O))),a dream gig for lovers of the Drone.Check it out...9/10

Aug 9, 2009

Abramis Brama - Smakar Sondag

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For a long time now i have been a big fan of this band and i have always considered them to at the top of the pile when it comes to Swedish Retro Rock.In recent years bands like Witchcraft have taking all of the spotlight which i think is unfair because what Abramis Brama do is just as good and in some ways even better.Maybe its the fact they have mostly sung in Swedish that makes them not so accessible for most people but to me this one of the things that gives their music so much charm.This album isn't really that much different from anything they have done before but continues their ability to write some great Riff orientated boogie rock songs.If you have never heard them they play a Stoner Rock version of 70's blues rock in the style of Cream,Sabbath and Ten Years After.I can't say anything about the lyrics for the obvious reasons,i don't know a word of Swedish but the sound of the vocals is pure 70's which is all sung with a lot of passion and old school gusto.Musically the album is almost split into two halves with the first half really focusing on big riffs while the second half features more solo guitar work. The guitar duo of Anderson and Jonansson really know how to make this kind of music,big meaty riffs and some real hooky solo's.The album has some more melodic sections that i was used to with this band and there is even some Jazzier moments that add some real variety to the tracks.Every track is good and there is no obvious weak moments but i can't say this is their best work,it is just a solid release from a band that so many people seem to ignore.If you dig bands like Witchcraft,Graveyard and the like you could do much worse by picking up a copy of this.There is some great riff tunage on this mutha,i still rate their earlier albums a bit higher than this but this is still a worthy addition to their catalog. 8/10

Aug 6, 2009

Count von Count/Electric Horsemen – Split EP

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This is without a doubt the best split EP released so far this year.Two killer songs from two killer bands make up this self-released split.Count Von Count have making some incredibly pissed off noise-rock for sometime now and the two songs they served are two of the best things they have ever done.The first one “Pharmboss” starts off as slow feedback fueled attack served up with some twisted 70's riffs before exploding into heavy duty Stoner Noise boogie.Easily one of their best tunes to date,this track just kills.The other track they have on here is also very good but hasn't quite got the same impact and that is the strangely titled “David Lynch vs. M. Night Shaymalan”.While this a good song in its own right it seems a little in the tongue in cheek side of things so it tends to pale in comparison with "Pharmboss".A full length album by these guys will be a essential purchase if these two songs are anything to go by.Next up you have the mighty "Electric Horsemen" with two killer cuts of equally impressive quality.The two songs that have put on here are “Prairie Witch” and “End of Age”which are classic Sludge Metal tracks of the "Crowbar" variety."Prairie Witch" has a monstrous Sabbathian riff with some viscous bass groove.On "End Of Age" they delivered a more Doom laced track,just as good as "Prairie Witch" but with a even more weighed down riff.Split EP's don't get get any better than this,i suggest you hunt this down and buy it...Killer 9.5/10

Aug 4, 2009

Daylight Misery - Promo 2009

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Daylight Misery are soon to release their album "Depressive Icons" due out November but in the meantime they are spreading around this 3 track promo as a bit of a teaser.They have Vassilis (Rotting Christ, ex-Nightfall, Ex-Obscecration) handling the vocals and he does a pretty good job adding a real Death Metal vibe to the songs.The songs are fairly melodic and are not really Doom but more of a Atmospheric/ Gothic style of Metal.This is a style i am not a fan of usually but with this band the melodies do drag me into digging it quite a lot.The opening track on the promo is "Meadows Of Desire" which has some solid riffing and some haunting female backing vocals which is all pushed forward by Vassilis Death Metal growl.The band also makes good use of keyboards which adds to the gothic nature of the tunes.The other 2 tracks on the promo are equally solid that mix melody with some melancholic heaviness.Musically its a blend of Rotting Christ, Nightfall, Paradise Lost, Amorphis, Saturnus and My Dying Bride.Being such a short promo its hard to judge what sort of impact a full length will have on people but the seeds have been sowed on this fine promo.I will interested to hear the album once released. 8/10

Aug 3, 2009

Kongh - Shadows of The Shapeless

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Kongh released one of the best debut albums a couple of years back called "Counting Heartbeats" and they are back expanding their sound even further this time.This album is a sprawling bombastic effort that manages to combine different styles and feelings into a pretty cohesive package but with a couple of missteps along the way.With a emphasis on atmosphere and dynamics,the album while still very much in the Doom vein this time around it has a even more "Neurosis/Cult Of Luna approach to some of the material.The album kicks off in behemoth style with "Unholy Water" that after the intro section launches into a real noise assault,the hardcore tinged vocals of David Johansson really adds to the power of the band.'Essence Asunder' continues in a similar vein that mixes some slabs of aggression with more slower instrumental passages.The downside for me anyway is this track seems to be overlong and a little messy when they try to make a weird kind of Blues meets Doom hybrid which doesn't seem to work for the most part.This is a minor criticism however because they make up for it on the rest of the album.The more ambient 'Voice Of The Below' is a great piece of music with some great guitar accents that make for a real interesting track.The final and title track of the album is a real highlight as it builds into waves of sound with a hypnotic quality.As you might have noticed,songs are pretty long but they manage to keep it interesting.They also manage to avoid oblivious cliches that show up on many other Doom releases and make a sound of their own.That is always a achievement in the world of Doom Metal where the sounds expecting from a Doom Band can be sometimes limited.This is a album that can take your mind on a journey especially after indulging in the green stuff,its a nicely balanced album that despite one or two questionable moments is a real solid effort. 8/10

Sollubi - At War With Decency

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Sollubi are a Pennsylvania/Ohio four-piece who spewed forth a type of Doom Dirge that sounds it was recorded in a dirty swamp somewhere.At nearly a hour long but only 3 tracks long,this is not the easiest CD to digest in one sitting.The CD begins with the shortest and fastest track "In Violation " which attacks with some real power and a type of Grind Sludge if there is such a thing,the guitar work on this track is hectic.After this track however you get to the real meat of the album."The White Witch" is a Psychedelic Doom Sludgefest that features long instrumental passages but also releases a wall of noise and feedback.A monster of a track that is as downtuned as it is drone filled,the lyrics are particularly of interest,something about a "pussy that is like a neutron bomb".Not quite sure what the message is here but it caught my ear ha ha.For the most part is pretty minimalist but still a real thick sound complete with a disturbing lyrical approach.At 20 minutes it is a real effort to get through the track,they are one of those bands that require a few listens to fully appreciate. The third third track "At War With Decency" clocks in at over 28 minutes and features what i consider to be their best riff of the album.The only problem is you have to sit through close to 20 minutes of the track before you will get to that bit.The track crawls along,without many if any sudden changes but is one hell of a torture filled Doom track.This is a album for the Hardcore Doom purists because if you suffer from a short attention span then avoid this album.I think the entire album only has maybe 10 to 12 riffs at that most which is the element that will either attract listeners or repel them in droves.Trying to compare is also difficult but think of Boris at their most droning or Electric Wizard at their most ponderous and you get the idea.There is the odd Sabbath meets Saint Vitus moment but this is much more nasty and bleak.Some people will hear this as a masterpiece while some people will be climbing the walls in torment.I am in the middle of those two,check it out but give it a few spins before judging. 8/10
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