Mar 3, 2010

Black Acid Devil - S/T

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Coming out from Boulder,CO, this three piece band have one of the best demo's going around at the moment. I have been sent a lot of demo's in the last month but this is certainty one of the best. While the band is not original in any way, they put their influences to good use creating a sound that sounds fresh even though it sounds like it could have came out of the mid 90's. Black Acid Devil takes the psychedelic rock riff and mixes it up with some Doom grooves and delivers it with a no-bull approach, its just straight out riffing good fun but with a few twists here and there. The opening track "Firebird" is the most 90's sounding track on here as it harks back to the beginning of the whole Desert Rock movement with a sound reminiscent of bands like Nebula, Fu Manchu and Kyuss. The song has a infectious fuzzy groove to it and is a great way to start the EP. "Nameless City" is different again, the changing styles is a feature of the EP. There is some great variety of sounds within these 5 tracks, on "Nameless City" they build the track up from a moody opening to a mid-tempo Doom Metal/Sludge Metal section. Some great starts and stops are used to great effect as the tune builds to a ripping guitar solo that wails, the variety also comes in the vocal department which changes from song to song. At times its the lay-back style of Scott Hill, Eddie Glass to the aggressive hollering style similar to Matt Pike. "Dopesmoke" begins with a bass intro and a crawling Doom crunch that is repetitive but the riff is a classic and deserves to repeat. The vocals on this track range from the spacey to the aggressive and there is another cool solo to finish off the track. "Chronoclasm" is a dirty riffing number that once again has a building arrangement from Doom to mid-tempo Sludgy grooves and the final track "Doomscrolls" is also in a similar vein. Yelling, throat ripping vocals, stomping mid-tempo riffing and a great sense of classic riff-rock song arrangement makes this tune another winner. This is all killer, no filler and even though its just a short EP/Demo, the evidence is that this band deserves to be at the forefront of the Stoner, Sludge, Doom scene. If the riff is the key to making this genre of music, then they are already there. Check them out. 9/10

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