Mar 2, 2010

Sabre - Demo II

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Sabre has delivered to me their Demo II CD for review and what a no-holds barred filthy sludge attack it is. The demo is in limited quantities but available for download at - Demo The demo comes in a hand-folded paper CD sleeve with screen printed artwork on the front. The Demo opens up with "Hammer Fist" that has a kind of Punk/Metal crossover sound blended with dirty, swampy Sludge Metal grooves. The vocals are of the hollering, shouted variety but what hits you hardest is the filthy sound which is so bass driven, you have to wonder if there is any guitars in the mix at all. Not a bad thing of course because it means they have produced a lo-fi but powerful sound. Second track "Condescension" pummels along with pounding drums and more aggressive shouted vocals, it is Sludge played at a mid-tempo pace which is perfect for some good neck snapping exercises. There is also screeching lead breaks to add to the bombastic nature of the sound. Next up is "Josiah", more mid-paced swampy riffing and the vocals which remind me of early 80's British Hardcore Punk. There is a slower Doom passage which is heavy as hell and as dirty as a infested swamp. The riff on this track and all the others for that matter contain no polish whatsoever but that just adds to the overall minimalist vibe of the recording. Final track is called "Witchhammer" which is a short burst of old-school Punk meets Sludge Metal crossover. The whole demo is over and out in around 10 minutes and with the low-budget garage quality of the recording, its a little early on in their recording career to fully judge where they will stand in a year or two. One of thing is certain though, the band have some real energy and power to unleash. I feel they just need a better recording and production to do the songs and the band the justice they deserve. For now, this is a band to watch for in the future. Download the demo and check them out. 7/10

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