Jul 26, 2010

Downtune Despondency On Brutal Existence Radio

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Brutal Existence Radio has always been a great supporter of Doom Metal and its related genres, starting off with the short-lived but excellent Funeralopolis Show, then came Crestfallen on Friday nights with Kev. Since then even more Doom has been hitting the airwaves with the great Stoned Insanity and the Soggy Bog Podcast. Now another show is up and running on Monday nights and its headed by the Downtune Despondency team. Downtune Despondency was started in Australia by Nikki (a.k.a Kitty) but also as part of the team is Doom Metal purist's Matthew (a.k.a Cavewizard), Beth and Kenny. Downtune Despondency has been a major inspiration to me personally, without them the Doom Metal Alliance, Earthdog Promotions and Doommantia.Com wouldn't have even got off the ground. There is so much Doom Metal on the airwaves now, that it can provide a 24/7 soundtrack to your lives if you wish and Downtune Despondency on for 4 hours on a Monday night is one essential part of the Doom Metal Internet Radio schedule. Tune In and get some Doom !

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