Oct 26, 2010

Iron Witch - Demo 2010

Iron Witch were conceived, in the time-honoured fashion, sat about on a Friday night with a few drinks, by Chris (vocals) and Rick (bass) jamming with each other. Once the songs started to take shape, they were joined by Dan (guitar), Will (drums), and as soon as they hit the rehearsal room, by Sam (lead guitar) to fill out the sound.

The foundation of their rotten sludge, is the riff worship of bands like Black Sabbath, Sleep and St Vitus, but with the influence of Black Flag sitting underneath to give that nihilistic air that permeates most of Eyehategod’s output. This is the soundtrack to alligator wrestling in a Louisiana swamp, cheered on by a rowdy mob of whisky-fuelled reprobates.

These 2 tracks, 'Hyper Vixen' and 'Booze Blues' are taste of things to come from this Liverpool bunch, with the ‘Single Malt’ EP due to land in early 2010 on Witch Hunter Records. (Bio written by Hopkins - Thee Big Black Forum)

It's pretty hard to get a good feeling about a band in just 2 songs especially when those two songs take up a whopping 6 minutes but Iron Witch have already sold me with this demo that is up for free download via their Iron Witch Myspace Page. This band from Liverpool in the UK have been around a very short time and their very first live shows planned for the 29th and 31st of October and I wish them all the best of luck for the event. The first song here, "Hyper-Vixen" gets off to screeching start with feed-backing squeals before barreling into a rolling, pummeling distorted sludgy burner. With angry, pissed off vocals and some nice and beefy stops and starts, Hyper-Vixen is an high-octane sludge metal assault that reminds me somewhat of the now defunct Ol Scratch but a more hardcore punk edge. They deliver an incendiary performance on the tune that ends much too quickly and while the production is far from perfect, it still highlights the intensity within the grooves.

The other tune, "Booze Blues" has almost the same playing time but double the menace of "Hyper-Vixen". The blues reference is fitting as it does have a bluesy vibe but this is like Grief trying to play Dazed And Confused. It is an ugly, screeching, squealing drunken blues thrown into the Sludge-Metal melting pot. The song is compelling and crushing but like the other track ends just as the groove is becoming hypnotic so you do get the feeling these songs are half-baked or haven't been given the arrangement treatment they deserve. However these songs are smoking so if this a taste of things to come, count me in. The potential is there for a killer Sludge-Doom-Droning band to emerge into the minds of not only UK audiences but also the worldwide Doom Metal community will want to keep one eye out for this band. Without a doubt a full-length album is needed and soon, Iron Witch are the real deal folks........8/10
Iron Witch @ Myspace
Witchhunter Records

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