Oct 3, 2010

My Sleeping Karma - Tri

Their website reads "My Sleeping Karma combines the organic aspect of psychedelic groove rock with emotional shades of aphasian landscapes". It sounds like high-brow stuff but its not really, this is just really good Space meets Stoner/Psychedelic groove rock of the highest order and with this, the third installment from My Sleeping Karma; the band have produced a Space Rocking album that is going to be hard to beat in the world of Cosmic, Progressive Stoner Rock. The German four-piece’s instrumental spacey excursions have always been enjoyable, the last album "Satya" was one hell of an discovery when I first stumbled upon it being played in a Seattle music store but this album has taking the bands sound and style to its ultimate level, not only in terms of musicianship but also in the atmosphere the album creates. With Satya the themes were centered around Tibetan Buddhism while on Tri they seemed to have moved to Hinduism as all the tracks on "Tri" are named after a Hindu God.

As with the previous album, guitar player Seppi seems to be the force behind the songs, his guitar approach is organic as well as multi-dimensionally progressive. Influences range from Ash Ra Tempel to King Crimson to early Hawkwind or so at least it sounds like to me, this is clear to me on the albums opener "Brahama". This song flirts with Heavy Prog Rock and more traditional infectious Stoner Rock sections while the following "Parvati" is an very ethereal interlude setting up the mood for the third track "Tamas" which sounds like a long-lost Hawkwind jam, its very spacey but also energetic. "Sattva" in turn uses layers of synths before heading into one the albums highlights in "Shiva". The sonic experimentation crosses over many styles and sounds from early 70's Space Rock to the modern post-rock styles used extensively by Neurosis, Isis and Mogwai.

"Vishnu" kicks off the second half of the album in an introspective vibe before erupting into more cosmic goodness with "Lakshmi" which is another highlight and this high-point is maintained through the closing "Rajas" which is played out as epilogue of sorts to "Lakshmi" and then the album closes with the most complex track on the album in "Sarasvati". The Jazz Fusion overtones mixed with the Space Rock vibe really works well on this powerful closing number. A couple of points about this album and band; They strike an amazing balance between Space/Stoner Rock and Progressive Rock without really fitting into either genre, this produces a uniqueness to the band. The songs seem complex in the way they are constructed but the playing isn't overly technical so its really difficult to explain this band or give them a 100% accurate review. My Sleeping Karma will mean something different to every person that hears them and that is something unique right there. One thing is certain and that is the band have progressed much faster than most bands will ever do and where they will go next is going to be real interesting. Without a doubt this is one of the best Psychedelic/Space Rock type of albums released this year and at only 40 or so minutes in total running time means that this is a recording that takes no effort to listen to, it is a musically, captivating journey.....8.5/10
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