Dec 6, 2010

Wooden Stake/ Druid Lord - Split 7”

This is a great split 7" from two of the best upcoming death-doom acts who specialize in the horror end of the doom metal spectrum, Wooden Stake and Druid Lord. You would have seen recent reviews for both these bands on so this 7" comes as a quick follow-up to those albums as I didn't expect it to be available so quickly but it is here to melt your eardrums with creepy sounds and macabre atmospheric heaviness. Wooden Stake and their track "In The Godless Moonlight" is a sinister recording with a sound that could have easily been recorded in a dungeon somewhere. The esoteric nature of the performance is entrancing, mesmerizing and above all else spooky. If you have never heard the band before, they are very much in the pagan-doom class with a serious early 70's proggy edge that makes me think of Black Widow's more satanic heavy tunes. It is raw and primitive but that adds to the overall atmosphere of haunting doom. The female vocals display enchanting sexuality with Vanessa's sultry vocals and musically the band is thundering but relaxed. While this is sinister, it is also a laid-back kind of doom-metal that draws you in with its warm sounds. Wooden Stake have many releases planned and I have no doubts at all, they will be getting played regularly everywhere by doom-heads within the next 6 months. This is another great track by them.

Druid Lord are a gift sent from a hellish place especially for fans of Acid Witch and Hooded Menace as they have the same kind of horror-doom sickness going on. Their album "Hymns For the Wicked" is a monster recording and this song titled "Black Candle Seance" continues in the same vein. More on the death-metal side of horror-doom, they can be compared with Acid Witch right down to their artwork which is very similar but they are no rip-off band as they have their own sound and unique presence. This is a ghoulish heavy tune that will please death-doom fans everywhere, if not I would like to know why. I believe this 7" is very limited so you wont want to miss out on this, a very short but captivating couple of tunes from two killer bands................9/10
Wooden Stake @ Myspace
Druid Lord @ Myspace

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