Mar 31, 2010

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Brigantia - The Chronic Argonauts

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Brigantia's newest recording is out my doom friends and its available on CD or as a free download, check their Myspace for details. Coming from Tipperary in Ireland, this three piece doom outfit seems to get better all the time, maybe its all the killer shows they have been playing. Some of the bands they regularly do shows with are also killer doom acts so this could be one of the reasons the band is gaining strength all the time in song-writing and performance. This three track EP called "The Chronic Argonauts" is the latest and best recording from them to date. The EP kicks off with "Time Machine Of Doom" which as the title might suggest plays out as a almost tribute to the music we all hold so dear - doom metal. Starting with a drumming intro, it crawls its way into a type of Saint Vitus styled riff that is seething with monolithic, plodding riff structures. This gives way to a bouncy, mid-tempo stomping riff and drum beat that is catchy and infectious. Similar to Trouble with a infectious stomping rhythm, its a cool old school headbanging anthem in a way, maybe it wasn't intended to be like that but its got that "fists in the air" stadium atmosphere about it.

Track two is called "Prisoner" and its less catchy than the opener but much heavier and more doomy. The vocal performance of Dave who also plays guitar is very strong on this tune, he has a perfect voice for doom metal. Howling but clear, he has a perfect sense of melody and range for this genre of music. The main riff on "Prisoner" is a creeping, twisting classic. Its total doom in every way, no blending of musical styles here, this is doom metal made by doom fans for doom fans. While its extremely dark and heavy, its also very melodic and builds tension all the way to the final notes. The production on the EP is also very strong, guitar has plenty of crunch, the bass is solid throughout but the drum sound is a little thin but that is a very minor complaint and hardly makes a difference to the all encompassing sound. The best track is left to last, "The Eyes Of Lugosi". More old-school riffing is the key to the track and there is great use of a stop-start arrangement that adds another catchy element to "The Chronic Argonauts".

The band has a natural flair for writing doom metal songs that are heavy and dark but also with a lot of irresistible riffs. "The Eyes Of Lugosi" also has some great bass runs and more great vocal phrasing that adds a extra dimension to the song. Its all over and done with in 20 minutes or so and leaves you wanting a lot more, really its a teaser for a full length album that Brigantia desperately needs to record real soon. For fans of Saint Vitus, Pentagram, Cathedral, Sabbath and Trouble, this is a band that most if not all doom metal fans will enjoy. Its hard not to when they play a style that defines "doom metal" so precisely. Buy the CD or grab a download, either way i think you are going to dig "The Chronic Argonauts" by Brigantia. 9/10

Mar 30, 2010

See It Burn - Ascending To The Masters

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Thanks goes out to Dustin for sending me the new album from See It Burn titled "Ascending To The Masters". Their first album "Desolation Overture" which i also reviewed a few months ago had me scratching my head trying to figure out what this band was all about and this new album is equally as intriguing. The band is a duo from the UK made of John Hoskison-Parkin and Glenn Boddice but who plays what on this album is also a mystery. Described as a concept album, it paints the picture of a medieval pilgrim on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment, as he learns his life lessons, he ascends towards his masters. Such descriptions are useful but i am still confused as to the true meaning of it all but one thing i do know is this is a very strange album that is beyond easy genre placement. Part drone, part doom, part industrial, part folk and very acoustically driven ambient progressive rock, this is a mellow listening experience that demands concentration for you to be able to fully absorb the vibes and moods within. The album begins with a intro titled "Eve Of Beauty", a sad melancholic acoustic piece rich in a folksy type of sound but that is only one element of what is a very diverse album. "Through The Valley Of Solice" begins with more acoustic guitar that is a warm, very live sound almost like its right there in your living room. "Alone I Wander In The Dusk" is even more peaceful acoustic sounds and at this point, you will be wondering where is the drone or doom. "Mountains In The Mind" doesn't change those thoughts either, it is more acoustically driven ambiance that is very well played but the urge to fall asleep is overwhelming at this point.

"Nocturnal Harvest" at least wakes you up a bit, it has a haunting droning ambiance that can be compared to a mellow Sunn O))) while the next track "Bleak Tidings For A Weary Traveler" brings back more acoustic, medieval folk driven melodrama. Once again my patience is pushed to the limit, i don't mind sections of music like this but not a entire album. "Unleashing The Mammoth Rage Of Mother Nature" is up next and finally we get some dramatic song structures happening, a chilling droning burst of fuzzing ambient noise and distorted guitar sounds. At last, after all this band is widely regarded as being in the drone field of music but you have to wait a damn long time to hear any on this album. This is the standout track on the album just because it breaks free of the acoustic guitar shackles that the album is tied to throughout. "Into The Black Caves Of Eternity" is the final track on the album and is a mammoth piece of work at over 20 minutes at length. Thankfully this is more droning heavy doom ambiance, a 20 minute acoustic piece would be overkill at this point. The track is full of light and shade, heavy to mellow and back again, the loud sections build up some droning, industrial intensity at times that is very much in the Sunn O))) vein. Beautifully constructed and arranged, there is even a (shock,horror) drum beat that starts up in the last 5 minutes adding some much needed drive to the track. It never gets dull throughout its 20 minutes, i just wish the whole album could have been more like this. Anyone who read my review for the previous album from See It Burn would know how impressed i was with that album but i am sad to say, this album is top-heavy in acoustic guitar for my usual readers to stomach. But it also must be pointed out that the last 2 drone tracks take up the bulk of the album filling up some 31 minutes so i guess you can always skip the first 6 tracks( just a tip for the drone fans out there). To sum up, despite the fact that the acoustic tracks nearly sent me into a coma, the last 2 tracks are great and so makes the album worthwhile from a drone perspective. The album could have better served by putting a drone track as the first and last track of the album with the acoustic tracks in-between. Still a very interesting album, i just cant take the acoustic numbers in such a large dose. 6/10

Eternal Idol - Blunt Force Trauma

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Eternal Idol from Aberdeen in the UK came together to fulfill a long time dream of playing doom, Jay the guitarist came from the hardcore metal bands "Forever Tied" and then "Choose Your Fate" with bassist Steve being totally new to bass playing and being in a band. These two formed the nucleus of the Eternal Idol, the pair starting jamming in November 2008 learning and mastering the doom metal craft along the way. After a long search, Ash was found to take on drumming duties and they enlisted "Choose Your Fate" bassist Christy as the vocalist. Yet another line-up change with Matt taking over the drums and the band line-up was finally settled and they have gone from strength to strength ever since. Their first EP titled "Blunt Force Trauma" is now up for free download from their Myspace page, the link is posted below and is well worth your time downloading as it is a fine piece of dirty sludge metal. The EP starts off with a intro that has a dirty, stomping groove setting things up for the first real track, "Blunt Force Trauma". A great dirty groove is unleashed after a squeal of feedback and we are away on a crust-filled sludge metal journey. The crustiness comes mainly from the screaming, grimy, bellowing vocals of Christy but the guitar is not exactly clean either, its some gritty, swampy dirge which acts as a perfect vehicle for the musical assault they deliver. You would be a stretch of the imagination to call this original but it has a unrelenting groove about it that is hard to resist if you are a sludge metal fan. A few bands spring to mind when you listen to this EP and they are all American, Weedeater, Sourvein, Ol Scratch to name just a few. Eternal Idol keep their UK tendencies to a minimum and provide a sound that is rich is southern sludge, USA style.

"No Honor Amongst" is a bone crunching pounder with thick sounds coming from the guitar and bass, a lot of bottom end in this baby. Christy stretches his vocal chords from deep in the grave growls to terrifying screams and the song is interspersed with feed-backing guitar and tempo changes that go from heavy to heavier still. "Sleep When Dead" begins with the mandatory squealing guitar before a filthy doom riff crawls its way into the proceedings. Seething, plodding and with its fair share of malice, this is a immense track. The slightly off kilter guitar work adds a touch of evil to "Sleep When Dead" that echoes Saint Vitus and Eyehategod in small doses. "Respect Where Respect Is Due" is the final track and its a keeper. The epic of the EP, its a slogging sludge-fest with a mid-tempo opening section that is pure ear candy to a sludge metal fan like myself. The track soon takes a turn to sloth paced doom for the later half and i don't know if this was totally intentional or not but it disappears completely for a few minutes. False ending maybe but when the music reappears, it is a monolithic riff that is worth waiting for. My pick as my favorite part of the EP, this is a riffing section to die for but the total absence of any sound for a few minutes is a bit hard to sit through especially for me with my utter lack of patience. In conclusion, this EP promises great things for the future for this UK sludge/doom band as they dish up some killer riffage, monolithic vocals and a solid rhythm section. Its also produced well with all instruments being easy to hear, nothing is buried in the mix and thus provides a mighty ear-full of a sound. This should be high on everyone's "must download" list, check it out. 8.5/10

The Deadists - Time Without Light

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The Deadists from Sweden are in the unique position of being a stoner meets doom metal band that is influenced by the usual suspects like Black Sabbath, Entombed, Hawkwind, High On Fire, Sleep and The Melvins and yet don't sound like any of these bands. Bringing a fresh approach to this genre of music is always a achievement and The Deadists have done that with their new EP. Formed in 2001, finding information on the band isn't easy so i will have to let the music do most of the talking here. The EP was by produced by Sven Jensen (M.A.N; Hide the Knives, Sister Sin, Outshine, Transport League) and mastered by Göran Finnberg (Dark Tranquillity, In Flames, Opeth, M.A.N) so you know the sound is always going to be of a high quality. Kicking off with the track "Woven", it has a fuzzy guitar sound and a aggressive attack especially from the vocals of Joacim who has a commanding voice. Some nice riff changes move from a stoner groove to slower doom laden passages, a great wailing guitar solo section and its all backed up by a great pounding rhythm section of Paul on bass and the viscous yet precise drumming of Markus. Calling them stoner rock doesn't do the band justice really, they are just a fine, powerful hard rock band. "Human Stain" is even more aggressive in some ways with a crunching riff and rolling, thumping drum pattens. The twisting, churning riff that the song has is a killer attack but it also has a catchy appeal. It has the darkness of Sabbath with the commercial assess-ability of early Clutch but the riffs don't sound like anyone else, they have managed to create some that is fresh and invigorating.

Moving on "Infinite Self", the band takes on a darker, moodier vibe, slogging out a pounding doom groove with some great chugging twists and turns. A pure headbanging burner it grooves along for over 6 minutes and is my pick as best track on the EP.
The duel guitar work of Anders and Peter are in perfect sync and deliver a flawless performance, the track never loses intensity and its raw power. "Deeper Within" has a more mellow beginning while still remaining heavy, it slowly builds up to a dramatic conclusion but is the most one-dimensional tune on the EP. Not a let-down by any means, just lacking the twists and turns of the previous tracks. The final track here is "Chase The Giving" with a monolithic bass intro, its another track that builds in its intensity. Blending psychedelic vocal sections and some pure fuzzed out guitar work, its a expression of dark intent till you get to the last half of the track when they raise the tempo to a pulverizing ending. This is without a doubt one of the surprises of the year so far, original, dynamic and extremely raw but with a fair amount of metallic polish, The Deadists should establish themselves as one of the new leading lights in the Swedish stoner doom scene but being so fresh and original sounding might mean some people may have a hard time putting a musical tag on them. Call it whatever you want but The Deadists mean business with "Time Without Light", good stuff. 9/10
The Deadists @ MySpace

NOTE: Sorry about the rather small cover image, its all i could find - Ed.

Mar 29, 2010

Cephalophore - Bacteriophage EP

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The Cephalophore project is the same band that brought you the excellent but extremely bleak and haunting "Ghosts" released only 2-3 months ago. Like that great album, this EP is also released on Barren Meadows Recordings. Putting together back to back recordings is no easy task but here Cephalophore have kept up the same fine quality that is present on the full length debut but with some subtle but important differences. This EP is around 28 minutes and consists of 3 tracks, one brand new and two remixes of very early tracks, dating back to when Cephalophore was known as rVn. As a added teaser you also get a forth track which is samples from the "Peccatoris" full length album that is coming this summer. The EP starts with "Cycle" with reverberating sounds, humming and haunting. It drones its way along for 13 plus minutes setting up a hypnotic atmosphere but also kind of un-settling. The industrial edge that the band had on "Ghosts" is even more to the forefront on this EP with a lot of distorted and clanging metallic sounds. It is pure ambiance but very much on the vein of a bleak, cold droning soundtrack for the disturbed person inside all of us. The title track "Bacteriophage" is perhaps even more disturbing, it reminds me of sitting in a forest on a extremely windy, rain-soaked day. Again its very haunting with sounds that range from heartbeats, bird noises to echoing wind noises. I don't know if this was intentional as what you get out of this music is up to your own imagination but this gives me the feeling of being alone in a very unforgiving environment.

The third track "Blink" is the most noise laden track on the EP in some ways and the most industrial with bass sounds pushing the bottom end up to levels o sheer intensity. Fuzzing, distorted static sounds buzz and vibrate giving off the feeling of being trapped in some kind of electrical force-field. This could be some kind of radio transmission sent from aliens in a faraway galaxy, once again what you hear is up to your own imagination and i hear something different with each spin of "Bacteriophage". The teaser i spoke of earlier in know here as "Peccatoris Extractions", it is basically from what i can gather samples from the future full length album. If this is anything to go by, the album should be a serious mind-warp of a album. Some of the sound textures are terrifying as they cut, stab and cause some serious damage to the senses. There is even some spoken word to add some color to the sound-scapes. Cephalophore have a kind of sci-fi edge to their droning ambiance, other worldly to the extreme. There will be people that wont be able to handle this for more than 2 minutes, lets face it, drone and the various ambient musical styles are a acquired taste that you have or have not but it must be said, if you are a droning, ambient fan then this has winner written all over it. Available now as a free download so you got nothing to lose from grabbing a copy of this EP. 9/10

Mar 28, 2010

Hour Of 13 - The Ritualist

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About two years ago now Hour Of 13 released one of the most memorable debut albums of the last 10 years which established them as one of the new leaders in occult-driven doom metal. "The Ritualist" not only is a great follow up to that album but in some ways, its even better through stronger production and doom tunes that are rich in catchiness. What sets the band apart from so many others in the doom metal scene is their total devotion to genuine sounds from the past, everything from Sabbath, Pagan Altar, Witchfinder General, Candlemass to more traditional heavy metal bands like Mercyful Fate and Judas Priest but make no mistake, this is doom metal in its purest form. It is great that the vocals of Phil Swanson are here, there was some talk it wasn't going to the be the case but thankfully they are on this album and he delivers a flawless performance. His voice may be one-dimensional but he has a natural charisma in his vocals that offers a dramatic, emotional edge to the songs. The first thing that becomes clear is the guitar sound has been giving a extra boost of chunkiness on this album and the overall production is more polished than the debut offering.

The next thing that becomes obvious a few songs in, is this album has more variety in the song structures but the lyrical content remains the same. "The Gathering" kicks off the album in a psychedelic style with a guitar and organ sound straight out of the early 70's. "The Ritualists" puts the band into a pure plodding doom mode however but with great melody and a spacey atmosphere, this one of the more Sabbath inspired moments especially in the guitar department. "Naked Star" sees the band in a more chugging headbanging mood which summons up the classic sounds of Judas Priest but with a much more doomier edge. You have to keep in mind that Chad Davis plays all the guitars, bass and drums on this and its a seamless performance throughout the whole album. His bass and drum work may be a little basic but they still provide a solid driving force behind his incredible guitar work which shines more on here than it did on the debut, especially when it comes to solo's, there is more of them on "The Ritualist" than on the debut and they shred, kill, twist and turn.

"Demons All Around Me" is the most "Mercyful Fate" sounding track that the band has ever done with a multi-part arrangement, catchy riffs and a chilling chorus. As the album moves into the second half, it becomes more varied even though "Evil Inside", "Soldier of Satan" and "Possession" are still rich in Iommi worship riffing. The main riff in "Possession" sends a chill up the spine as not only is it heavy metal at its best but also reeks of the kind of class mostly only heard from supergroups of the 70's and early 80's. Just like all classic albums, they have to finish on a highpoint, a epic finale of sorts and Hour Of 13 do it on here with a track called "The Crawlspace". Like most of the songs on here, this one takes some unexpected twists and turns and also deliver classic riff after classic riff for all of its 9 or so minutes. A lot of bands are playing in this retro style these days but not many of them nail it quite like Hour Of 13 do on "The Ritualist". Totally old-school right down to the production while remaining seriously heavy, this album should gain a wide audience of thrilled listeners. The musical technical ability of the Chad Davis combined with the charismatic charm of Swanson's vocals makes this a all round winner. If you plan on buying just one retro-doom rock album this year, its hard to go past this one. 9/10.

Mar 26, 2010

Last Chapter - The Living Waters

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Another re-issued album has come my way and this time its Brainticket’s reissue of Last Chapter’s The Living Waters which was originally released in 1997. This was a album that nearly didn't happen with band problems and various other disappointments which plagued the band. Last Chapter originally recorded a demo in 93 which is included here but it would be some 4 years before they finally got around to recording this debut full length album, the band however almost broke up before the album was ever recorded. This is where the story gets interesting for doom fans, the singer on the original demo was no other than Robert Lowe, now famous for his work in Solitude Aeturnus and Candlemass. At first he was just a temporary vocalist to get the demo over and done with but after years of trying to find someone permanent to fill the vocalist role, they found no one. Getting desperate, they asked Robert Lowe to come in and record for the album which is why here is credited here as "Honored Guest Vocals". The fact that Lowe sings on this album makes it essential listening for dedicated doom fans but also because this is actually a pretty good album but with a few minor flaws.

For those that never heard the band the first time around, The Last Chapter were traditional doom metal in the vein of Trouble, Solitude Aeturnus etc but with heavy christian leanings in the lyrical department. The guitar work of Darrin Davis and Cody Griffith is excellent with many great riffs on display here, the drumming of Jason Spradlin is also incredibly solid but its the vocals of Lowe that as usual make this album stand out. The guy has always had a natural talent for singing and this album highlights the fact that he must have been born that way because even though this album is 13 years old, it shows Lowe had his craft already perfected even back then. The vocals also provide one of the downfalls of the album, they are sometimes too high in the mix making the sound very un-even at times. A minor glitch for sure but still something that can be a bit off -putting. There is though some killer tracks like "Thorn of Creation", "In the Wake of Delusion" and the instrumental "A Warning Never Heard". Last Chapter did record one more album called "Paths to Always" released in 2002 but this is a much better album in my opinion. One for doom purists, collectors and especially for fans of Lowe, a good album from a forgotten band that should have got more attention. 8/10

Mar 25, 2010

Triptykon - Eparistera Daimones

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Ok you may be wondering why i am reviewing this album, well to me Celtic Frost never got credit for being a sludge/doom band but if you listen to some of their songs especially the early stuff and most of the Monotheist, it is some of the darkest, doomiest tunes ever recorded by the metal band. Triptykon’s first album "Eparistera Daimones" takes off where "Monotheist" finished but this even darker and more bleak than anything Tom Gabriel Fischer has ever recorded in the past. It is the sound of a man scorned, pissed off as this is one album of pure hatred and anger. Along with Fischer, there is Norman Lonhart from the German melodic death metal band Fear My Thoughts on drums, V. Santura from Dark Fortress on guitars and Vanja Slajh on bass. Fischer sounds like a man possessed and this album is the exorcism to which his demons are released. The album starts with "Goetia" which is a 11 minute lumbering beast which switches between rampaging beats and double kick drums to all out sonically charged doom passages. Some things never change like Fischer's trademark growl is still there on this album along with his distinctive guitar sound which on this album sounds like he has been revisting the Morbid Tales album for inspiration, only here its heavier than anything from that era. "Abyss Within My Soul" is even more bleak and dark but there is an unexpected blast of pure thrash in "A Thousand Lies" but its played with such a down-tuned guitar sound it still reeks of some sort of apocalyptic doom metal.

"In Shrouds Decayed" has a strong gothic doom vibe before it is taking over with some heavy crunching headbanging rhythms. "Myopic Empire" changes the mood slightly with female spoken word and classical piano as does "My Pain" which is the weakest track on the album for me. The hip-hop influenced sounding drum effects reminds me too much of bands like Portishead for my liking. The highlight for me though is the 19 minute monster called "The Prolonging". With so many twists and turns, multi-faceted vocals and a guitar tone to move mountains, this track is full of great riffs, exciting tempo changes and some of the best grooves ever laid down by Fischer. The riff that comes in at around the 5 minute mark is pure metal madness, the kind of stuff that makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck. Pure metallic bone crunching genius! If the album isn't good enough already, it also marks the first time since Celtic Frost’s Into the Pandemonium that surrealist artist H.R. Giger has provided the artwork for one of Fischer’s albums. Its really only the track "My Pain" and some musical experiments right at the end of the album that stop this from being a instant classic. However, its a incredible follow up from Monotheist and maybe just the best release Fischer has done since the first three Frost albums. 9/10

Mar 24, 2010

Interview With Primeval Realm,s Joe Potash

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PRIMEVAL REALM was created by Joe Potash in June of 2009 with a overwhelming love for doom metal, he has recorded three demos and all of them are exceptionally high quality doom metal played with finesse and class. Joe also plays in HORRIFIER, another great band. With a EP for PRIMEVAL REALM planned in the future, they are a band you have to keep a eye out for. The potential for another classic epic doom metal band in the same league as Solitude Aeturnus etc is right here. There can never be too many bands indulging in traditional doom metal so it is with great pleasure i give you this interview with Joe.

1. Thanks for allowing me this interview. Can we start off with you telling the readers about yourself?

Thank you for conducting it Ed... I think Earthdog and DM Alliance are two of the best sites for this little sub-genre we hold so dear. Well I'm 22 years old and a huge all around headbanger. I've been playing guitar since I was a kid and have always messed around on all sorts of instruments.

2. How long have had Primeval Realm going and when was the original concept put into place ?

I established the project in June, 2009... but I have been wanting to start a band with just one guitarist for a long time now. All the other bands I've been in always had two.

3. You have a poll on your Myspace page asking viewers to describe what style of doom is Primeval Realm but how do you describe it?

Traditional Epic Doom Metal

4. I read you have recorded three demos in the past year. Can you tell the readers about those and if they are available for purchase or download?

Yes, the first demo "Eclipse Of The Soul" was recorded in July 2009, the second "Doomed From The Beginning" was recorded in August 2009, and the final self-titled demo was recorded in October 2009 and released on Halloween... all engineered by yours truly. They are all available for free, (which you can order from the myspace page... all I ask for is the shipping charges) but they are not up for download.

5. You recorded a cover of Pentagram's Relentless, would you say they are a major influence on how you play?

Most definitely... the DEATH ROW-Penta lineup is a big influence to all aspects of my playing.

6. Can you fill us in on the past bands you have been in?

I am currently in my main band HORRIFIER in which our debut record will be released on May 31st, 2010 through Witches Brew records. I actually got Greg Seymour (ex-Iced Earth) to do a drum spot on the album, which is my favorite band. Also back in 2008 I was in another NJ thrash metal band called ELIMINATOR.

7. Are you looking to record a full length album soon? Judging by the sound of the demos, you seem ready!

Not a full length album but an E.P. entitled "Primordial Light", which will pretty much be a professional quality compilation of the demo tracks. I just bought the artwork for it and I should begin recording in a few months.

8. Have you been sending the demos out to labels and if so what has the feedback been like?

No, I haven't got a chance to do any of that yet because my schedule is so busy with HORRIFIER and work and college (can't wait to get the fuck out of there!). But the feedback has been stellar thus far... not one bad comment yet.

9. You play guitar, vocals, bass, drums and keyboards, do you own all these instruments and do you have your own studio?

Guitar is my main instrument, so I own a decent arsenal when it comes to that, but all the other instruments I partially own with the rest of the members of HORRIFIER. No home studio just a shitty 8-track recorder.

10. Did you always want to do a one-man project or did come out of the situation of not finding the right people to work with?

No, not really it's just hard finding the right, like minded people to do the job who are both talented and local. Plus I work better and faster by myself. I'm trying to get the live line-up running ASAP.

11. What have you been listening to lately and do these bands play a major role in how you approach songwriting?

Well, for this project I listen to a lot of SOLITUDE AETURNUS, CATHEDRAL, PENTAGRAM, WITCHFINDER GENERAL, CANDLEMASS... great traditional doom like that but I love all real genres of metal, mostly the older styles though. But when it boils down to it I always find myself looking back to the bands I was raised on like SABBATH, PURPLE, ZEPPELIN, FLOYD, HENDRIX.

12. This next question kind of relates to something I already asked you but I would describe the band as traditional epic doom metal in a similar vein to Solitude Aeturnus and Candlemass. Is this form of epic songwriting something you have to work on or is it a very natural thing for you?
You hit the nail on the head with that one. Two of my favorites... I'm glad it comes out in my writing.

13. You have been played on some Internet Radio shows, are you are big fan of such shows and how important is getting airplay for you?

Yes, the Brutal Existence Radio family are all very cool people, especially Kev and Mark. They've helped me out a lot in terms of promotion. Crestfallen is probably the best structured radio show I've come across in terms of material... killer stuff.

14. What about your history as a guitarist, when did you first start playing and how did you master the instrument because you sound like you have it together.

I first started playing when I was about eight years old. I quickly lost interest in everything else and practiced constantly. As far as mastering the axe... I still have a long way to go. There's always something to be learned, but thank you for that compliment!

15. So what is your immediate plans for the rest of the year?

To pretty much push HORRIFIER as much as possible... our free record release show is at the world famous Duff's bar in Brooklyn, NY so if anyone lives in the area... come on out and hear some of our Power/ Thrash! As I stated before, I will be going into the studio to record the next PRIMEVAL REALM E.P. so keep a lookout!

16. Well, thanks for the interview and I hope the readers take note of all this and check out the band and the demos. Any final words?

Thanks to you man, my best wishes go towards all of the great things you're doing with the sites and in the doom metal underground in general! Doom on!

Barren Earth - Curse of the Red River

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Featuring former members of Finnish metal band Amorphis, to current members of Swallow the Sun, Moonsorrow, and Kreator, Barren Earth are a metal supergroup that strangely no one seems to be talking about. Late in 2009 Barren Earth released the EP called "Twlight" and it promised great things for the future, little did i know the future would arrive so quickly. The full length album "Curse Of The Red River" is already here and its a great piece of work but it may not be what people expect. Blending death/thrash metal with progressive rock, folk, psychedelia and doom is never a easy task but they have done a great job at producing something eclectic but also very easy to listen to considering what a challenge that must have been putting this together. A intense mood along with melancholy are perfectly meshed together. The album's main strength is they completely ignored the standard metal rules by doing away with traditional song structures, the songs can switch from depressing doom to uplifting melodies and usually do it when you least expect it happen. The opening title track is a uneven slab of music but awe-inspiring in its arrangement, from doom passages to prog rock to death metal and everything in-between all crammed into its 8 minutes. This somewhat confusing blending of genres seems like a mess on the first listen, what mood am i supposed to be in while cranking this one up? Once you get used to this wild mish-mash of styles though, its a captivating CD from start to finish. Lively guitar solos that cross across the whole of the heavy metal spectrum are played sometimes with intense melodic touches and at other times they just shred. Vocals switch between the clean to growling death vocals and the addition of classical piano in songs like "Forlorn Waves" adds yet another dimension to the wealth of sound textures already present on "Curse Of The Red River". "Flicker" hits upon a folk metal sound while "The Leer" sounds like classic power metal from the past. "The Ritual Of Dawn" has a spacious atmosphere with intricate guitar solos and on "Ere All Perish" they sound like a European epic doom band. "Deserted Morrows" is another sound again with the acoustic guitars creating a almost Gothic doom vibe, the band literally don't leave a stone unturned on this album which at times is a bit of monstrosity in musical terms but at same time, never boring or pretentious. The album was produced by Dan Swano at Unisound in Sweden (Katatonia, Opeth, etc) who commented, "One of the best albums I have ever had the privilege to mix". Not a surprising comment really, the album is one of the most un-compromising albums made in the last few years and any band that can mix Latin guitar strumming with death metal riffing and make it work gets my vote. The bottom line is this a album with something for most metal fans out there but ones with a more narrow-minded, clearly defined taste in metal may find this album a little overblown with so many genres and styles blended together. Aristocratic, potent, epic, progressive and technical, this band may be the metal supergroup of 2010. One point though, the band has been labeled as doom metal by some websites and reviewers so if you are expecting another plodding doom release, this will disappoint. This is closer to melodic, progressive death metal than anything else but then again, words cannot describe a album like this. Check it out for yourself. 9/10

Interview With El Hijo de la Aurora's Joaquín Cuadra

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El Hijo de la Aurora from Peru are one of the more interesting bands in the scene at the moment because of their range of influences which is everything from Zeppelin, Sabbath, Floyd to Electric Wizard and Yob. Extremely psychedelic with a obsession in the occult but with a sound that is pure authentic, trippy retro psyche rock mixed with doom. Their album "Lemuria" is a total trip of a album with everything thrown into the psychedelic melting pot including a theremin and a moog synths. Here my partner in doom, Aleks tries to get a handle on what its all about with a interview with drummer Joaquín Cuadra.

1. Joaquin, first of all tell us about El Hijo de la Aurora - yes, simple like that… There was another band Don Juan Matus with You and Manolo Garfias, and You played stoner/doom as You do now so why did You start to play similar music with another band? Where is difference?
What's with Don Juan? You've released 2 (!!!) albums in 2008 and then - bang! - El Hijo de la Aurora appeared! Was this appearance sudden for You or was it just normal process?
J.C.: A bit history for answer these two questions… In mid-2005, Richard Nossar and I , we founded the band Don Juan Matus (Richard on guitar and me on the drums) ,in the begining we were only both and the band had like a goal was record and release two tracks like a EP. These tracks were "Polaris" and "Vortice Espital".
Then we joined Manolo Garfias (Richard close friend) and the history was other. The Goal was not record a single , now was record a album, then came Nasoni and the vinyl from Germany.
We did it!!!.
Late 2007 Richard and I ,we started working on the Second CD , the concept: Paganism. How was this? Easy, Richard had a movie called "The Wicker Man (1973)" by Robin Hardy. with Christopher Lee the group saw the film, personally, a wonder the movie!!! And both we started working on the concept and construction of the album over this concept. At this time we were joined Alex Rojas on vocals and the band was complete.
We recorded a single EP for Japan, also on vinyl, (the theme: "Sol Poniente" - Setting Sun)
a track which was not included in the first disc. Richard composed the lyrics and the music, but, personally, This Song reflex the state of the band, a period where the sound and production of the group was complete.
While i worked of the themes and production of the II CD (Visiones Pagana - in this time, no title), I was reviewing information about Paganism, then I found information about the history of a continent pre-Atlantis called Lemuria (MU).
At same time two books drop on me : "Atlantis and Lemuria" by Rudolf Steiner and "Witchcraft Today" by Gerald Gardner and parallel, i began to compose themes associated with the raise of the continent of Lemuria (Mu) a universe without language , only cosmic sound, the evolution of human race and the destruction in a the epic cataclysm that marked the end of the Solar age and started Moon Age ("La Luna se Acerca la Sol" or "the moon closer to the Sun"), last sentence of the lyrics of Lemuria Part VI , this album would be the III CD of DJM Band.
In these moment the production of the II CD of DJM became a shit, many problems.
Anyway, the End was between March-April 2008 and I leave the band for to develop the Lemuria concept. DJM became a headache, was unsustainable. In may 2th 2008 i formed "El Hijo de la Auroa" ( "Son of the Dawn") and my relation with DJM ,in parallel,i was record the tracks of Drums of the themes, The production of this CD , in the Richard and Manolo hands. Is for this reason That's September-October 2008 was released the DJM II ("Visiones Paganas")
and on 22th December 2008 i released the Lemuria album.
Then i Invited to join to the Band to Manolo for be part of the band, he was interested in the concept of the album and the style and the sound. Now, if exist or will exists some differences of similars sound between DJM and "El Hijo de la Aurora" i don't knows , for me and Manolo are different sounds ,concepts and bands.

2. How did it happen that You've released Your first CD in Germany and single EP in Japan? Did these labels simply offer You such deals or did You send Your promos to them? We cold even find El Hijo de la Aurora onto Dirgenera Compilation of Russian label R.A.I.G. records.
J.C.: In September 2007 ,Jose Moron (Dios Hastío's singer and owner of Impulso Ruin Records) who was looking for a group to start a new label (Espíritus Inmundos), with José became interested in Don Juan Matus after hearing a couple of samples and offered to release the album on CD as soon as the mastering was finished. A modest limited edition of 300 copies was released through Espíritus Inmundos in mid-October. (this was the peruvian edition) Then we send a Promo CD to Nasoni Record (they released the first and second Album to "La Ira de Dios".) Then, they offer a deal for release the Eponymous CD of DJM in Vinyl and CD , this was in October 2007
Now , more history …
Jose Moron has a friend in Japan , this friend have a Record label (Golden Procession) , In December 2007, the band entered the studio once more to cut a track for a split 7" with Germany's Angel of Damnation, to be released in early 2008 through Golden Procession (Japan) and Espíritus Inmundos (Perú). After the recording was finished, Alex Rojas was invited to join the band as a full-time member and he accepted.
With R.A:I:G Records, they send me a email and asked me if I want to shared a track in the Second Release Dirgenera Compilation(by myspce page) , I accept with very pleasure , in this case was like a promo track

3. Why did You start to compose and play doom-metal? You know that "stoner-doom from Peru" is very interesting title, do You?
J.C.: I think that are our influences : (Black Sabbath, Beatles ,Led Zeppelin, Uriah Hepp, Deep Purple, ELPGenesis, Pink Floyd, Captain Beyond,Hendrix and new bands like Boris, Electric Wizard & YOB) ,both we are composers of the tracks , the sound is more evolved, with more attacks, more dirty and dark , more Doom.
I do not care about the music style of "El Hijo de la Aurora" if is Doom / Stoner or Heavy .
I only write and compose the music, i worry that the sound environment and the atmosphere.

4. You've named first El Hijo de la Aurora album "Lemuria" - why?! It could be obvious if Don Juan Marcus album was named title "Crazy Cactus" (though of course I know that eating peyote is not main idea of Castaneda's books)… Or if El Hijo de la Aurora released album "Morning star" though it would be too simple for You, right?
J.C.: For be honest in the disc not have title or refers to a particularly name, only when you see the CD Label called "Lemuria" . Not exist any reference of the name "Lemuria" (in both side of the brochure ,Front or back ) only in the corners. It is a CD without a title, it only delivers a concept. The second CD of the band, will be without name also, only the group name and the concept of the disc. I do not believe in labeling a CD, the music is free, without labels.

5. Why did You choose for the album with such title this art-work? For angel (even if it's fallen one) and ancient Lemuria are not very similar themes…
J.C.: Would have been very easy a Cover of the Album like the Ocean or a Map, a Continent, a Storm or a metal classic art, but i don't wanna not be so "Easy" with the message.
I elected the art when i saw an old copy of the Book "The Raven" by Poe, with designs by Gustave Dore, was him , lucifer Angel,bearer of light and knowledge, with the key to freedom of thought.

6. Can You mention any reminders of Lemurian culture in Peru?
J.C.: I know about the stories of W. Scott and James Churchward who discovered some stone tablets from tibet or the Mukulia empire and government of the Elder ,the Mayan and Egyptian cultures talk about the history of a continent in the Ocean Pacific where is now the polinecia Island. The stories of Pascua Island and the Mu civilization of high technology. etc. ..
But Lemuria is more than this. is a part of human evolution where we learned to think, to dream (You do not believe about Darwin's theory? really is not complete) The understand the concept of time, I invite you to read the book "Atlantis and Lemuria" by Rudolf Steiner.

7. No, I do not believe in Darwin's theory of course… But how does this concept (Lemuria as part of human evolution) show itself through Your songs? There is some certain horror atmosphere as it seems, it doesn't combine much with history of ancient races… Or does it?
J.C.: For example, when I read Steiner, he draw in his book a atmosphere pre-historic, when the crust was still very thin. The Earth full of fog, with the sun very young, there was no language ,there was no memories, it's easy to imagine a landscape about this epic story ,this period was ruled by the humans of the Sun.
Therefore, the disc begins with whispers, first one man and then a woman,is how they communicated. This atmosphere with sounds of winds that come and go, ground sound, drawing epic eruptions. Well, these are ideas that came to mind at the time of writing all the parts of the theme.

8. Joaquin, tell us about process of songs' composing please. Songs of "Lemuria" are very different - there are horror and ambient elements, there are even some very inordinate components in this album and there's some substance which we consider as "doom" of course!
Well, really… Why are these songs so different? How did it happen?
J.C.: I always take a concept and the freedom for develop it, I call it method "Random"
Manolo and I recorded the disc directly, without a clear script, or a specific playlist, is more " freshness" and have a real sound if you wanna comparative to the "formatted" music scene. The same concept i was used when I wrote in Don Juan Matus the track "Circulos de Sueños"
The concept : Lucifer , his army , the war with Michael , his exile to the Earth
About Lemuria:
- The seven parts of Lemuria (the seven ages of Theosophical Lemurian ) reflex the real style of the band (soundtrack of Terror, Heavy / Sci-Fi, etc. ..)
- Deus Sol Invictus (Powerful God Sun), is a tipical heavy rock instrumental
- Portal to Venus (Portal a Venus), a theme Psycho / Stoner / Noise taken from a horror Serie B movie by Daniel Haller and taken from a book of H. P. Lovecraft called "The Dunwich Horror '.
- Black Raven (Cuervo Negro), is a Requiem ,very heavy rock like Uriah Heep &
- Atma (Soul) is a Acoustic track that Chistian VanLacke (Tlon band ) helped us to produce,
"Portal a Venus", is my favorite track , is a simple beat, the good classic accompaniment of the Hammond's, ,the spectacular guitar solo of Manolo and the end ..... all stormy, noise, chaotic drawing the band as an uncontrollable explosion and then ... silent .

9. How often do You play gigs in Peru? Do You have any partners, any bands playing similar music to make gigs together? What's about local metal-scene? Do You feel Yourself as a part of world metal-scene?
J.C.: We will play in concerts to promote the themes of the second CD and of the first also, for next year, this year I doubt.
In the Peru exists very good bands like "Reino Ermitaño ", "Tlon", "La ira de Dios ," "El Cuy "
that are far ahead from their peers in other countries, all members of these bands are friends of us, we get together often there is a very friendly environment for cooperation between us. is as it should be. Perhaps we will play with any band friend "Reino Ermitaño " or "Tlon.

10. What's about new album? Will You release Your new album during next Solstice?

J.C.: The new album ... is about 'Witchcraft Through the Ages', I'm very close to Wicca, I like the relationship with nature and the world, i expect of the new album (the music) will be more Terror cosmic , with more attack. The new album for this year i doubt, possibly to June 2010

11. You're followers of neopagan Wicca religion, what can You tell us about it? How did You find it and why do You think it's "more true" than other religions?
J.C.: Honestly I am a nihilist, an ascetic, I think we are here to learn, respect to everyone and enjoy the life.
"The job of office is a shit", "The money, a concept without any logical, absurdity, The World does not belong to humanity, do what you want without disturbing anyone.
Wicca is a point of view very honest ,the way of thinking ,Wicca as simple, Respect for live with the nature respect and love to the planets, the Sun, Moon, the woods .

12. Joaquin, don't You contradict Yourself calling Yourself as nihilist and playing in "pagan" band or even just using the themes of Lemuria or Atlantis in Your songs?
J.C.: Be nihilist, does not mean not read or listen to other people's ideas. In my case, my music expresses what I have read, what I think or what I has saw. freedom of thought, simplicity. You can find interesting things ,stuff that take sense and are interesting, and others that not I think that our-self we can be a filter of these things or ideas , the important is the the essence of one, remains intact.

13. Don Juan Matus's conception (as we can understand through band's title) is based upon Castaneda's teachings so… There's a mention that some occultists let to see their followers only lower spheres of ethereal and astral plain giving them some ingredients, nothing more - only lower plains… For this way is simpler, it's shorter… Such teachings are reminders of more ancient true Teaching therefore we can not consider them as only way.
And don't You think that it would be too easy - to reach any spiritual progress by dealing with mr.Smoke and mr.Peyote? They can let us see beyond of course but it's doubtful whether they can grant any chance to look beyond higher and brighter spheres… Tipheret is unreachable through it as it seems.
J.C.: The spiritual Progress ... I think that we don't know anything about the how is built our Spirit or that call it "Soul". We can not understand or comprehend spiritual levels using "earthly senses" (like see, hear, smell, taste) these are "human senses" are used to process the information from our life here on the earth plane ,the brain processes the information of these senses, is all.
If we wanna "see beyond" or take paranormal experience or any situations about this
we must encourage and learn how use our "astral senses" (a astral vision, a sense of hear Astral)
for processes the information from this plane astral. if i want see my "silver wire", for example, my sense of "astral vision" has to be awake and working well.
The Use of Peyote or Drugs only work if you wanna feel free from social prejudices and also
if you are seeking to have the best sex of your life. "The Search of a spirtual progress " with using drugs, for me, don't take sense.
I Don't believe much in these "Gurus" or "Masters spiritually" many are a clowns,are jokes,
"is the entertainment of the party" for rich people, empty and boring, only are seeking feed his ego or to search for free sex with any innocent victim.
Yes, i've experienced some occult practices like "astral travel" and develop telekinesis exercises,
ok is interesting, but something much important , us has the "power" to do this and "many more"
but these acts or rituals of "Wizard of salon " o "make tricks" is for entertain an audience y get applause,like a monkey ...mmm!!! Is not the way Correct for waste this energy, much better use it for my own benefit.
About the Occult rituals", I like the "psychodrama", concept of Anton LaVey, is nice.

14. And what do You think about channeling energy through the music? Don't You think that it could be just unreasonable waste of energy in some certain cases? And sometimes it could be just process of spreading "unclean" energy… Here is the question about such terms as Good and Evil if You like..
J.C.: Whatever we do, mix with the associated mood our self. In the music (I don't talk about pre-made or "commercial" music, of course), Music done with the soul and bowels, express "hate,deception, Confusion etc...of the composers" many times without knowing the lyrics of the tracks ,this energy, that somebody hear these tracks, perceives it.
For my point of view, someday I'd like to get done these kinds of compositions.

15. Tell us about Peru and Lima. What are positive and negative sides of living in Peru?
J.C.: Peru is a country of contradictions. For one side , we are very cheerful, ready to help you , be kind and polite. The Peruvian food is spectacular !!,our women are "particularly" silly and stupids.
We waste our time in stupid problems, like football when we should solve problems "most important", like eco-system, public health or education. And the other side a political class that is a shit and not work. The Government not spend money in culture and many musicians make music just for the "Love to the art".

16. What do You know about Russia? All answers are right ones! (even when it's about bears and vodka!) :-)
J.C.: About Russia... I like the bands that are in the CD of "R.A.I.G. COMPENDIUMII"
like ENDNAME and "IGOR Timchuk".
I know more about your history and science ,I am studying to Blavatsky, I read in the college to Trotsky, i have respect to Michael Gorbachev and to Yuri Gagarin ("this man had balls!!"). I studied at university to Kolmogorov and his theory of probability (I am a mathematician also). I know that you have socially problems, about the Mob Russian , is scary:) and yours women are beautiful.

17. I've read "Secret Doctrine" of Blavatsky and some other books few years ago; don't You think that this theosophic points of view are not totally correct? Some of her ideas look as helter-skelter..
J.C.: I think that exist much wisdom and POWER in the "Theosophy", his search of a origin esoteric, interpret the man's attempts to approach of the divine and universal truth. Unfortunately this "esoteric power of the Theosophical" always give us ideas like greed, and the idea of be Lords the world.
The Esoteric also create much attention because exist much mystery around and the people always looking in the esoteric, the same answers for the usual questions: Who we are, where we came from, where we go, etc ...
About this, i could say, "Just live and enjoy, you never know when the end arrive" Do not waste time trying answering to stuff that you will never know. Our evolution like human be is not in a balance. for example, The human body is perfect, all its physiological function is a sign that nature is perfect, but "our Spirit" is very young and has not evolved, we are as embryos.
We still have much to be on the same level with evolution of our human body. Look at the historical facts, (eg the fascination and search of the Nazis by the use of what Esoteric) A knowledge like this, in "hand of infant" always ends badly. We are not prepared for this knowledge , we still lack enough to, is not in us.
In my case, I don't know if this is correct or not, is fascinating, Ok is true ,, but "it is Truth"?
Much remains to understand how things are built o were built , we only know what gives us our senses for to process.

18. It was the last questions for this time, so I would like to thank You for Your patience and answers! Do You have anything to add?
J.C.: Yes, Thank for the interview , I hope keep the contact and most importantly …
Doom On!

Mar 23, 2010

Talbot - EOS

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This a great album made by Magnus Andre on bass guitar, keys and vocals and Jarmo Nuutre on drums, programming and vocals which makes up a doom duo from Estonia. Very original within the context of doom metal, they have created something that should appeal to many types of doom metal fans out there. From Electric Wizard sounds to Sleep, Om, Zoroaster to sounds normally found on albums by Moss, Minsk and Kodiak. They have a psychedelic, space rock edge to their music that sets them apart from a lot of other bands especially with the vocals that range from the clean which come from Andre and guttural growls made by drummer Jarmo Nuutre. The band has already completed some tours and played at some big festivals including Estonia’s biggest indie-festival "Plink-Plonk". From the intro "Threshold" which leads nicely into the crushing "Cayenne", the band have a extremely damaging sound for a duo but they are also very multi-dimensional. Check out the track "Observer X", from space rock swirling sounds to some monolithic doom laden riffing, the song crosses over many heavy styles in its 8 minutes. The combination of melodic vocal styles and some grim, horror filled growls blends incredibly well adding to the other-worldly vibe of the track. Such originality is hard to find within the confines of a doom band so this makes this a unique doom metal experience. Songs flow into each other such as when "Observer X" moves into the title track, the change is hardly noticeable. In "Eos", the band switches in a mood that could be compared to the band "Tool", progressive, ambient and dramatic. Special mention must go to the bass playing which is excellent, always moving and becoming the main focus to a lot of their songs. "Combat Zen Speech" is a track that was released as a single and its also featured here, not surprising being such a monumental track. It builds from a throbbing bass line to a floating, ambient space, doom rock dirge providing a cosmic vibe. Driven by subtle but ever changing bass lines and rolling drum passages, it is the highpoint of the album. The last three minutes of the track feature some truly earth-shaking low notes but at the same time, the band doesn't depend on simply down-tuning for heaviness sake. The heaviness comes from the moods created by the songs themselves so they unique from that point of view. "The Van Of Pleasant Living" has a Pink Floyd spaced out vibe at first before another sonic slab of thumping doom riffage is unleashed which leads into the final track "Coach". This is one of the darkest, most apocalyptic tracks on the album and also one of the best cuts on this monster. It again has a spacey, cosmic vibe coming from the keys with growling vocals that sound haunting, menacing and slightly evil. There is great, swirling bass notes that gyrate the eardrums along with a middle section where the band hits the gas into a mid-tempo intensity, great stuff. For a DIY release, this is very professionally done, very well played and produced. There is also a strong emphasis on song craftsmanship so they have created something that can be listened to over and over again as you can hear something different each time you give it a spin. Its experimental but they don't lose track of what makes a good piece of music, its spacey but without sounding like another Hawkwind/Pink Floyd copy cat band. Nothing is recycled here, its just a solid album from a what i know is a fairly underground band outside of their home. Ambient, experimental, psychedelic, doom, stoner, space rock and sludge all rolled into one seamless package, the album is available from their websites. I suggest everyone check them out. 9/10

Official Website

Mar 22, 2010

Tekhton - Alluvial

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I gotta be honest whenever i hear the term "post-rock", i cringe. Something about a lot of bands that get that tag usually finished up sounding like some kind of watered down, alternative punk metal rock hybrid which sucks big time. The Dutch band Tekhton also get this tag quite a lot and that is a shame because if you are like me, you may be avoiding hearing the band for the fears i mentioned above. Tekhton are anything but lame, trendy and don't fit the post-rock tag at all in my opinion. Tekhton don't sound like anyone else despite some obvious influences and the band may have the best description of all for their music on their Myspace as they describe their style as Prog-Sludge, couldn't have put it better myself. The band's debut album "Summon the Core" was a satisfying chunk of down to earth Sludge Rock with a heavy side dose of thundering Doom Metal all mixed with a Progressive Rock element that is not that far removed from the likes of King Crimson and Van der Graaff Generator. While these prog-rock tendencies are subtle, they are even more evident on Alluvial and yet at the same time, sound more brutal than ever. The band also sound more focused with more emphasis on well-balanced song construction and arrangements. The guitar duo of Dirk and Ralph Evers sound tighter and more melodic than they did previously and there is also a more diverse approach to their playing on this album. The rhythm section of bass player Jurgen and drummer Marco Oostra sounds more technical and the vocals of Bert are stronger than before but this time around, he seems to have added more range to his vocal technique especially when it comes to melody. The album starts off with "Clove Hitch" that gets along its way after a brief acoustic melody. The track contains several throbbing Doom riffs, all of which are thick and rich with earthy grooves. "Tooth And Nail" follows with what sounds like Sabbath and Saint Vitus jamming together in a pot-smoke filled bar. Classic Doom meets Progressive Rock chord progressions with some unique rhythmical timings twist and turn and keeps you guessing as to where will the song go next, a awesome track and a major highlight of the disc. The album wanders a little bit off track for me at this point till you get to "All Is Glory". This tune is a massive piece of stunning work with intricate guitar melodies and a throbbing groove that is carried by the bass and drums. Sounding like a Space Rock version of Rwake in a way, "All Is Glory" is a magical slab of Sludge Metal and is brought to a even higher level with the vocal performance which is brilliant in its rough but precise delivery. When you get to "Auric Revelations", you are treated to a mid-tempo kind of Electric Wizard Doom groove and its another keeper of a track and if that is not earth-shaking enough, the next track "Tectonic Mass" is properly the heaviest track on the album. With massive chords and a pulverizing dirge-filled arrangement of beat changes and 70's inspired squealing guitar solos. Its very old-school in its approach and the use of sampled voices gives the track a unique vibe. "011712" has the stench of Black Sabbath all over it in the beginning before you are bombarded by a sequence of riffing parts that fill out the instrumental track, another highlight of the disc right here. The only weak parts of the album for me is the final two tracks, "The Return of Viracocha" and the synth filled "90° S". While these two tracks are high in musical ideas, they spoiled the flow of the album for me. Overall though, this is a very impressive album that is rich in mood changes and musical variety while remaining seriously heavy. Tekhton are a band that bring something new to the Doom Metal table once again, just don't get put off with that "post-rock" tag. Stunning. 9/10

Ereb Altor - The End

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Ereb Altor formed way back in the 90's by Isole members, Crister Olssen and Daniel Bryntse. This is their side project where they share all the instrumental and vocal work making Ereb Altor a true two man band. Compared to Bathory by a lot of people and i can hear why but this a much more Doom inspired release rather than the viking-obsessed Bathory era material. There is a lot of sounds though that seem to be lifted straight from the works of Quorthon, the male choir chanting, the mixture of electric and acoustic guitars and even the drumming which sounds like pure Bathory at times. Despite the comparisons, they still have a few tricks of their own on this album. Most of the elements that make up a "Doom" album are here, long songs that are sometimes drawn out, some repetitive sections and moments where not much happens at all except build intensity and atmosphere. If you are aware of the sound of the members working band "Isole", you will hear a lot of similarities also, the overall sound isn't that far removed from that band. I guess this will fall into the Viking Doom category as its not your plodding, crawling Doom Metal, its a slightly faster, Black Sabbath tinged style of Doom but played with more traditional Heavy Metal/Black Metal elements. The album begins with a 4 minute intro piece titled "The Entering (Myrding Prologue)" which flows into "Myrding". The highlight of the song is the vocal performance during the chorus which has a majestic, soaring, moaning climax which is amazing to hear. "Our Failure" and "A New But Past Day" both have great guitar work and arrangements that build and climb with intensity despite the slower tempos. However about halfway in to "A New But Past Day" you get the feeling the band are not only taking the Bathory worship too far but they are also ripping off themselves. There is not a lot of variety here and the songs become a little like a copy of themselves, its still good stuff but it the songs a little short on ideas. The highlight of the disc is without a doubt the title track which is split into 3 parts taking up 24 minutes of the album. Here the band get it right on so many different levels from Epic,Viking Metal to sorrowful Doom Metal, the track is a captivating journey from start to finish. While the 3 parts of the song sound vaguely similar, they also each have a separate identity giving the album some real character which it is lacking in the first half of the album. The sound on this album is huge, mixing keyboards with a monster of a guitar sound works throughout and acoustic instruments are only really used to set the mood before the crushing electric guitar is applied. Lyrically its all about viking myths and legends and if you are a Bathory fan of the "Hammerheart" era, you would have heard it all before but it is well written and entertaining. I found the album to be split into three parts of varying quality, a great start, a dull middle and a absolutely awe-inspiring ending. The end will appeal to both Epic Metal fans and Doom Metal fans but also the more traditional Heavy Metal fan should be able to get something out of this, hardly original but rather exhilarating for the most of the album. 7/10

Ereb Altor @ Myspace

Mar 21, 2010

Doomdogs - S/T

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Doomdogs debut album is finally available after what seems like a endless wait, the build up surrounding the release of this disc has been quite intense along with some heavy promotion. What is unique about this bunch of Swedish Doomsters is the musical background of one of their members, i speak of Tomas "GG" Eriksson who played drums in death, black metal band "Grotesque" along with a stint as a guitarist in "Intoxicate" and "Runemagick". He was also the lead vocalist in Valedictory (Progressive Rock), Ancient Dreams (Candlemass tribute band) and Kung Diamant (King Diamond tribute band). With such a musical heritage behind him, it was obvious that Doomdogs was always going to be at the very least, interesting. This is taking nothing away from the rest of the band, this is one hell of a tight outfit. The first thing that becomes clear from the very start that despite the name which was inspired the Led Zeppelin track "No Quarter", the band isn't really Doom Metal at all. They played a mid-paced brand of gritty Stoner Sludge Metal inspired and sounding like a blend of Crowbar, Kyuss, Sabbath with a healthy dose of Cathedral and Motorhead thrown in for good measure.

The overall sound of the guitar sound may sound doomy but the production is pure 1973 analog giving the band a vibe that is rich in 70's hard rock and its indeed heavy. The album contains 6 tracks that are mostly pretty long and there isn't a weak track in the bunch. The band stays clear of trying to be experimental and instead dish up a barrage of indestructible riffs along with charismatic vocals that is really the icing on the cake. The guitar solos from Christer are in inspiring and very exciting and the rhythm section is about as tight and solid as you will hear within the genre. When the band does thrown in a Doom passage, its a Candlemass meets Cult Of Luna vibe. These sections add some color to the music which is for the most part, is a wall of dark and gritty sounds. "Fight the Greed" starts the album off with a sledgehammer riff, pounding drum work and thumping bottom end crunch. The sound is immediately assessable and also catchy so this is a very easy and satisfying listen.

Other highlights are "Calling" and the album closer "Shout", both these songs have a instant Stoner / Doom groove that gets you hooked in but the rest of the album is equally as enjoyable. You can beat a good fat riff and this album is full of them, they are hardly original or ground breaking but then again, they are not trying to be. The more skeptical listeners among us may hear the riffs as being a little too familiar but i think those people will be in small numbers. This is a solid release and what is frightening is i think they are capable of even better material in the future, not taking anything away from this debut album however. Its a nice blend of retro riffing, modern Sludge Metal with quality Doom Metal overtones to complete what is a very good slab of Sludgy Metal. One of the must have albums of 2010, check it out. 8/10

Mar 18, 2010

Bretus - Bretus MCD

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Bretus originally took shape back in 2000 by guitarist Ghenes as a homage to the greats in the Doom Metal scene starting with Black Sabbath to the modern era of bands like Cathedral, Trouble, Saint Vitus but there was also a deep love for horror movies especially the soundtracks so the concept of Bretus was born. Along with another guitarist Neurot in 2008, they recorded some tracks and Bretus started to make a name for themselves in the Doom underground. With vocalist Marko and drummer Sest they developed a sound that while not exactly original, it has a timeless, classic quality that is instantly accessible. After a long, almost painful wait, a 5 track CD is now available. The CD gets on its way with a horror movie spoken word sample in Italian, the following riff that is unleashed in monumental in its delivery, classic Doom in every sense possible and sounding like a cross between Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus and early Cathedral. This track called "Sitting On The Grave" has two killer riffs of the highest quality, the opening main riff that sounds familiar yet original and another riff that comes in 2/3 of the way into the song. Another monster, chunky riff that pushes the song up to a dramatic climax. At that with some fine wailing solo work and you get the complete package. Next is "From The South" and its also based around some solid riffing and some great melody lines and solo work. Plenty of crunch and crashing drums provide the balls of the track along with some unforgettable vocal phrasing. Devastatingly heavy, catchy and a total Stoner Doom burner, this is the real deal. There is no weak point in the band and they sound like a band that should be huge within the Doom scene, you get the feeling you are listening to a band that you have been hooked onto forever even though this is pretty new stuff. The only band i can think of they fits into the same mindset is "Orchid", you just get instantly hooked by the tunes and grooves. Track three is "Dark Cloaks Arrive" which is a classy instrumental interlude in the tradition of other timeless instrumentals from the 70's like Black Sabbath's "Laguna Sunrise" etc. A gentle strumming acoustic guitar and melodic, folksy note runs produce a floaty, cosmic vibe that is soothing to the ear and a nice break between the heavy duty Doom tunes."In Onirica" is up next and it has a killer, twisting riff that gyrates around the solid rhythm section of the band. Its another riff line that has been done before but its done here with so much conviction, it doesn't sound recycled at all. Another interesting solo is featured before the tune gets shifted down a gear creating a swirling vortex of a groove. "The Only Truth" is the final track and its more of a "Heaven And Hell Sabbath era" riff line that runs through this track. The vocals echo that of classic Metal front-men but without sounding like anyone else, the track has a infectious tempo change about halfway in. At this point, its pure old school headbanging Metal complete with another wailing solo. Yet another tempo change and riff pattern before you are treated to yet another great solo creating different and unique sound textures. The ending riff is total Doom rock greatness that is unbelievably catchy and when the track comes to its grinding halt, you are left with the feeling you have just heard something that is a instant classic. Like bands like Orchid, Witchcraft and the like, Bretus make no apologies for their worshiping of the Doom / Stoner greats of the past and the present, in fact they embrace that sound and do it some great justice. The only sad fact is that the EP is so short, a full length album is something that needs to be made and soon. The world needs more bands like Bretus as they are the true essence of Doom Metal. All the ingredients of what is needed are all here, not only for a Stoner Doom release but also just a straight ahead, no bull Heavy Metal CD. Great riffs, a rock solid rhythm section, powerful vocals and great production. I get the feeling this is only the beginning of a band that in the next couple of years will become a big influence in the Doom Metal underground and beyond. Essential! 9.5/10

Pike - Beyond The Surface Demo

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Pike are a Psychedelic Fuzz Rock power trio from Sweden, jammy, heavy and extremely innovative for a band in the style they play and this is a review for what i think is their second demo. The demo titled "Beyond The Surface" is a 3 track riffing, jam-fest blending everything from Blue Cheer, Sabbath, Motorhead to more traditional Psychedelic Stoner Rock sounds like Australia's Thumlock but then putting their own original groove to it. After trying to do some research on the band, it become obvious the band is still underground to the extreme so i know very little about their history or musical up-bringing so i will have to judge everything on the 27 minutes of grooves on this CD. "Tales Of The Black Freighter" kicks out the jams from the opening notes, fuzzy guitar riffing and a revolving drum pattern which sounds like a helicopter taking off, i know that sounds like a lame description but that is what it reminded me of. The track has a irresistible flow, forever moving and changing tempos keep it interesting. Throbbing bass lines supply a good backbone to the song which sounds like a intense Psychedelic stab at 70's inspired Hard Rock. Intense riffing builds and builds till you get to the 9 minute when there is a tempo shift to a slower, more blues-laden vibe. A great waling solo comes in and despite just being a 3 piece band, the sound remains full. "Tales Of The Black Freighter" is a dazzling display of fully charged jam rock and its a quick 12 minutes that never gets dull. Next up is "Thy Grave In Water" and its a more aggressive tune than the demo opener. Shouting vocals and a shredding guitar/bass line with some weird twisted riffing makes it a track a bit different from the usual Stoner Rock you might be use to hearing. The pounding drums also supply some energy and aggression to this much shorter but catchy slab of high octane grooves. The final track is "Sarnath's Doom" and as the title suggests it has a slightly darker vibe while still keeping the spacey, Psychedelic Jam Rock vibe going. At this point its interesting to discover that while influences are kind of obvious, they really don't sound like anyone else. The groove and tempo is always changing but never loosing intensity and the guitar solo section at around the 6 minute takes the song into another world completely, its quite the trip into Space Rock exploration. Like the other epic track on the demo which is the opening track, this track never loses your interest. Nicely arranged with the right amount of fuzzy distortion, "Sarnath's Doom" gets locked into a solid groove and stays there right till the end. You are a sucker for Space Rock, Psychedelic Rock sounds that free-flow but still have a great deal of aggressive qualities, then Pike is a band you must check out. This is a great demo that hints at a ever greater future for the band, given the right production and label, the band should be a force within the next year or two. 9/10

Mar 17, 2010


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Released on the Doomentia Records label comes this limited 7" split between Hooded Menace and Anima Morte. Available on a spectacular picture disc designed by Justin Bartlett. Two completely different bands that are worlds apart musically but somehow this is 7" works in various creepy ways. Both bands have a love for all things horror and a love for soundtracks so here each band does a cover version of each others song. Hooded Menace do Anima Morte's "Decay of Mind and Flesh" and put their own stamp on it so much that you would swear its a Hooded Menace original. Their version has a lumbering, haunting groove while still keeping the retro, atmospheric vibe of the original. Anima Morte on the flipside do a cover of Hooded Menace's "Grasp of the Beastwoman" which is a complete re-do of the track. Its a mesmerizing arrangement as they take the original Death/Doom classic and give it a 70's Italian horror film vibe complete with haunting Progressive Rock organ sounds. Fully instrumental and limited to 500 copies only, this maybe already sold out by now but well worth hunting down if you can find it. Chilling! 9/10

Hooded Menace

Celestiial - Where Life Springs Eternal

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Many moons ago, the line between Heavy Metal and just Rock got very blurred, what is Metal and what is not was a source of debate for many a Metal fan. Now it seems a similar thing is happening within the Doom Metal scene and especially Funeral Doom, i am getting to point where i don't know what Funeral Doom is anymore. The boundaries have been stretched and the Doom envelope has been pushed so much that its all getting very confusing and slightly diluted. The reason i am starting this review with this gripe is in the past month, i have received several CD's all with the Funeral Doom tag even though some are very ambient, some very traditional sounding and some verging on Progressive Rock. Same thing happen with Stoner Rock, now days any band with a slightly fuzzy guitar sound is automatically labeled "Stoner", just like if you are slow and heavy, you are instantly tag as a "Doom band". I have always thought Doom was a lot more complex than just simply de-tuning and cranking up your orange amplifier. OK my rant is over, another band that is been given the "Funeral Tag" for better or for worse is Celestiial. Their last album "Desolate North" was a solid release that came and went without much fanfare so i was hoping this new album called "Where Life Springs Eternal" would create more of a buzz. I am sad to say however, i cant see it happening because this album is one tough album to listen to. "Spell Over Still Water" is a 4 minute intro that goes nowhere in particular, it is full of loaded samples, feedback and noise. Maybe it is suppose to create a vibe for the rest of the album and if that is the case, its a pure fail. The album really starts with the second track, the 30 minute "Great Storms Carry My Sadness" which is incredibly depressing at times, extremely long-winded and underdone for the most part but does have some inspiring moments. Tanner Reed Anderson tortured screamed vocals are blended in with lush keyboard sounds, sound effects of running water and even bird noises. You get the impression that this is some kind of concept album about the forest or something to do with the more organic natural side of things. If so, it works for the most part. It is largely stock-standard funeral Doom with excruciatingly slow, very simplistic riffs, tormented vocals and guitars that are heavy on the reverb and delay. The downside to all this is there is very little atmosphere, no dynamics or variation and at 30 minutes, its very hard to sit through this without climbing the walls. I am guessing the idea was to create a meditative type of Doom but to me this mostly sounds like the Doom equivalent of elevator music. If you manage to get through it all, you get to "From Elm Blossoms a Rose" which has more running water samples and gentle piano but it is just a short interlude before you get to another epic, the 16 minute "Offering in Cedar Smoke". Thankfully this a major improvement over the rest of the album, this is a gripping piece of emotional Doom made even more so with the use of strange guitar tones, feedback and samples but this time its bird noises. The vibe given off with this track is one of total desolation and post-apocalyptic devastation. Although it is also a little over-long and short on ideas, it at least keeps your attention throughout. The album ends with another short track "Songbirds Depart Through the Passing Near the Garden" with more piano and more of nothingness really, just a way of winding down the album. In conclusion is this is a album that is very unlikely to win over many fans of Doom Metal or Rock fans in general. Its not as dark their debut album and they have tried to make a album to relax or meditate to while still retaining the Funeral Doom elements. Personally i think it fails on both counts but it does have its intriguing passages but with two extremely long songs backed by 3 shorter ones, the album seems top-heavy and kind of boring for the most part. It mostly comes off like one of those "ambient sound / meditation CD's" you can buy at your local dollar store but played by a Doom band. Celestiial are capable of much better albums than this, pick up the debut for proof of that. 4/10

Mar 16, 2010

Et Moriemur - Lacrimae Rerum

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Et Moriemur is a new doom/death metal act from Prague in the Czech Republic and this is their debut album or although its more of a EP considering there is only 5 tracks of a normal length with 4 other tracks being shorter interlude pieces. Musically the band is a rare commodity within the Czech Metal scene, there is not much of a Doom scene but they do have some great Death Metal bands. This band plays Death / Doom in the style of Swallow The Sun, Paradise Lost, Saturnus and My Dying Bride (Yawn). "Shadows", Doom Soldier", "Silence", "Chimeras" and "Memorys Gate" are the songs that make up the bulk of the album and most of it is pretty solid, well played Doom Metal. The band has got some uniqueness in that they sing and use different languages, in "Shadows" there is a piece of poetry that is spoken in Italian for example. "Shadows" also a great mid-tempo riff and a original use of harpsichord, don't hear that instrument too often in Doom Metal. "Chimeras" has a Gothic vibe about it and is a little too predictable for my tastes while "Doom Soldier" is very melodic but once again played in a fairly pedestrian way. The vocals range from the clean to Death Metal styled grunting and there is a fine use of keyboard and string sounds which convey a feeling of sadness throughout the songs. The interludes are alright but didn't leave any lasting impression with me and this is after listening to the CD about 20 times. I am really confused about if i like this band or not depending on my mood, at times the music seems half-baked and lacking in any solid musical direction. The musicianship is great, the production is great also but their lacking is in the actual songwriting which seems uninspired. Maybe i am overwhelmed with the amount of European Doom bands heading in this direction these days but i just couldn't get into this much at all. However being a new band, the potential for greatness is there, songs like "Shadows" proves that which is excellent. The rest of the album sounds like a band finding their feet despite some great musical passages here and there. Sorry but mixed feelings about this one. 5/10

Interview With Aarni - phenomenal revelations of Marcus Marjomaa

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The main man behind the music of Aarni is Markus Marjomaa who over the years have created some of the most bizarre, highly experimental and original music you will ever hear. Combining influences from Doom to Progressive Rock to the Ambient, the music is incredibly unusual at times and other times stunning in its originality. Never one to take the easy way out when constructing songs, he even used flutes on the last album during a cover of a Thergothon song. The music of Aarni gets better with every release which started with a demo back in 2001. 2006 saw the release of "Bathos" and signaled huge steps forward in terms of songwriting and musicianship and 2008's "Omnimantia" brought about the band's best work to date. On various websites, including the official, claims have been made of other band members. This however is not true. Aarni is a one-man project and the other "band members" are fictional characters. Although some session musicians are used from time to time. Here is a interview with Marjomaa that some may say is as eccentric as his music. Whatever way you look at it, its a great read.

1. Master Warjomaa, thou art sentenced to be purged and scourged for Crimes too terrible to describe, so let the court Session of Infallible Inqusition begin! In the name of the God-Emperor of Mankind, answer me this: when and for which felonies wast thou arrested for the first time?
MW: For the sin of starting to make original music back in 1998 era vulgaris after I quit my previous mega famous band in order to pursue my unclear visions. Although the first Aarni demo didn't come out until 2001 ev. By the way, the only true God Emperor of mankind is Leto II. Repent!

2. People named thee the One Through Whom Aarni Speaks. When didst thou start foul contacts with the unclean spirit Aarni for the first time? Which Powers did it grant thee for thy Service?
MW: The Sirian unicorn dolphin elders (who are very clean for they live in the waters) first contacted me telepathically in early 1999 era vulgaris. That was just after I thought I had crossed the Abyss in my brown magick practice. They gave me the powers of flight, Xothian meditation, finding precious metals, intercourse with the dead, using sophisticated machinery without electricity, turning alcohol into water and making bad music sound good to awakened people.

3. Who are thy accessories? It is a well known fact that thou hadst some deals with Comte de Saint Germain, the ancient Witch Mistress Palm and the devilish Creature named Doomintroll! So, I am repeating my question once more: who are thy accessories?!
MW: Thou didst just list them. Indeed these worthies are my Pnakotic familiars, colleagues and inept lovers, for I haven't managed to banish them as of yet. Everybody can try to contact them via wet dreaming and/or sleep paralysis however.

4. We know also that thou hast produced at least five albums of blasphemous incantations to spread amidst fair lads and lasses, to spread the Words of those whose Names we dare not speak. Who did help thee to disseminate such sinful Teachings?
MW: The malicious global insectoid conspiracies which cunningly masquerade as record labels: Firebox, Firedoom and Epidemie Records. Also the Masonic megacorporations of Foreshadow and Solitude Productions have been of keen assistance by releasing the Skepticism and Thergothon tribute albums whereon Aarni appears. Yet Aarni hath only released two LPs: Bathos in 2004 ev and Tohcoth in 2008 ev. Other droppings include the demos, the split album with Umbra Nihil and lately the Omnimantia EP.

5. I have heard some of thy "albums" for it is my duty to know what such arch heretics do...Thy spells, chants and ritualistic Tunes are created not by human Tools (and not for human ears of course)...How many Souls didst thou spoil to try to earn these evil Gifts?
MW: I lost count after 144,000. That is also the number of Idiots on Earth, the spoilable. Gifts did I receive from the rest of humanity, the unspoiled & pure of heart and brain and wallet.

6. Master Warjomaa, thou art the one who useth several inhuman languages in his "songs". They are Enochian, Ancient Egyptian and even English (which is the worst one maybe)! Where didst thou study these languages? Tell us the truth and only the truth.
MW: At the University Visible & Invisible and the mushroom monastery meditation burial chamber that is the Universe. I have sinned indeed with English, but repented for it by my usage of Latin, Finnish, Swedish, Ouranian Barbaric and Hebrew in addition to those comely tongues thou didst list. In the future loom other Orcish speechs such as Celtic, Italian and Russian.

7. The almighty Orcish race was suppressed in Russia in times of yore, so do not even try to plant the seeds of your teachings here - their fruits will be undoubtedly reaped by those who are pure and zealous! Dost thou keep in contact with Moomintrolls still? We've found their lair on the secret island in the Finnish Gulf and soon we will make them talk all about thy dirty plans.
MW: Their submarine island is indeed extremely dirty, which is surprising considering they have absolutely no buttholes. But the Moomins exist not wholly on our material plane called Malkuth - therefore they cannot be touched up or hurt. I have sometimes haltingly communicated with them by the Powers of telepathety, apportation and televivisection.

8. Many of those who have heard the tunes of thine Bathos or Tohcoth were found mindless and raving of ancient pagan so called "gods"! Reveal the secrets of thy powers! How canst thou, a mere Chaos' pawn, control poor human minds?!
MW: In Chaos is found true shape and form. Humans control their own minds thereby. NLP and subliminal messages/sigils help too...but as Jesus said: don't mistake lack of talent for art.

9. There were rumors that especially those miserable ones who have heard Tohcoth are tormented (in our catacombs too) by alien whispers in their nightmares...
MW: The whispers are of sweet things to come, and at least are not as bad as the things many have heard uttered by their uncles in childhood. As for the "aliens": Total surrender required. Inquire within! When Jesus returns, all hell breaks loose. Again!

10. There was an eye-witness who saw thee in disguise buying children's souls for bread-rings! What hast thou done with them? There is even Chaos' eight-pointed star, the mark of evil ones!
MW: Nay, the mark is of potential movement in Flesh and Spirit unto all Spheres of existence. However the children were needed for chorus vocal recordings on Lovecraftian. Ask not what I have done with them, ask what Pink Floyd did with theirs on The Wall...

11. Why dost thou always wear grotesque Masks? A kind and fair Gentleman will never hide his face.
MW: Exactly! I wear masks to hide my masks, yet in truth there are none.

12. Evil has many forms and now thou even triest to spread it with charmed T-shirts of Aarni...confess, confess!
MW: I confess to conspiring with Epidemie Records to spread wicked garments granting the users invisibility in the eyes of the fashion-minded. These robes are being disseminated even as we speak. Seek congress with that label via thy Palantír for more information.

13. We know about thy wicked Plans to release thy musical versions of H.P Lovecraft's works under the name 'Lovecraftian'! How soon wilt thou manage to produce this CD?
MW: When the Raven turned white or 2010 era vulgaris. That is if everything goes according to plan and I manage to keep the standards of my quality control up - otherwise it could be sooner. Let's say next year at this point as only a few songs of this shoggoth-fest have been completed. At least the album should be better than Aarni's previous releases in many ways and worse in others. I guess we will see...

14. Thou hast revealed Lemminkäinens Tempel onto MySpace - why didst thou not publish any songs of thy next LP?
MW: What would be the point? Better to hear them from the record itself so as not to spoil things. In the meanwhile I have released online other unrelated new songs for people to marvel at. These include 49 Angeli Boni, Lemminkäinens Tempel and Emuu. Those should be more than enough.

15. Why art thou so sure that our forces will not stop thee before the release of the new foul LP 'Lovecraftian'?
MW: Because then you would be completely out of business...deny it not!

16. Who is he for thee? The one? Lovecraft?!
MW: Role model, genius, secret lover, a warning example and the dark & baroque prince of 20th century horror fiction. An unhealthy influence when I was at a tender age. The prophet of our emptiness.

17. It's about thy semi-prophetic song - Lovecraft Knew, thy revelations were false ones for just one simple reason: thy almighty conspirator was misinformed by our agents. So wail aloud - the Ancient One is really one...
MW: Er, what? Thou hast to speak louder; my ears be full of headphones.

18. Folks told the story of thy "magic black box" (thou callest it tv-Set) through which thou seest some Countries distant and Visions hidden...all of us know it: "real human beings watch not the tv-Set", they even use not crystal balls. What did the box tell thee last?
MW: It told me unconvincing lies, therefore I use it not like thou just quotes. Various gobshite god-emperors talk quote Judge Dredd: Don't watch TV, citizen!

19. Thou hast to admit - it's better to take temporary suffering on Earth than eternal damnation so in which crimes wouldst thou like to confess? Though thy avowal of guilt will not ease punishment anyway...
MW: Well, how about these: the excellent occult/magick/esoteric podcast Occult Of Personality hath featured Aarni songs as of late. Go check it out as a boost to thy illumination in other ways as well.
Also the Cthulhoid album project featuring us and other fell bands is at last after many years going to be released. More of this later, but things look good currently...
Finally, the Thergothon tribute album whereon Aarni and an assload of other bands appear shall apparently be released as we speak by your countrymen Solitude Productions.

20. There is only way for sinners and heretics, which are foul and unclean - purge and scourge! So there are thy holy water and holy soap :-) Thank You for interview, Master!
MW: Thank thee, O holey one! We must do this again sometime.
Interview By Aleks Evdokimov
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