Jan 10, 2011

Pariso - Sooner Insignificant Better ...

Modern fast/grindy/discordant hardcore influenced by Vision of Disorder, London hardcore five-piece, Pariso have released their brand new 7" EP - “Sooner Insignificant Better”. This is a messy hardcore/grind stuff from this London Based band, which will simply annihilate you in a matter of minutes. The 7 track, 12 minute EP is an explosion of wildness that will leave you numb. “Sooner Insignificant Better” is a co-release between Dog Knight Productions and Brainache Records.

All the tracks in “Sooner Insignificant Better” are fast and discordant in terms of music and are usually under two minutes. The intro track is aggressive, which after a momentary build-up moves into a sludgy groove that'll get anybody moving. However once Solitude opens, the EP takes another direction with brutal riffing and drumming that is just punishing to say the least.

Pariso has a hardcore sound, which is evident in their songwriting. The fantastic thing is that they have some real good groove in all the tracks. The vocals are generally very throaty with a strange and captivating yell and chants symphony. But one good aspect in this EP “Sooner Insignificant Better” is that there are fair amounts of atmosphere within each track. One other significant thing is that the atmosphere is very short-lived behind these heavy riffs - it is more like an ambient sounding backdrop. There's also a decent amount of melody injected into a few tracks. But the track Mystifier may not appeal to those that want it brutal all the time with no variety, as it is a bit slow and by the time it picks up momentum, the track stops abruptly. I personally feel the track duration could have been a bit more, even though it is an EP.

Though I am not into hardcore stuff, but Pariso is a bit different, as they play a lot of good riffs with good control. Overall, “Sooner Insignificant Better” was an enjoyable album as the production is good. Pariso certainly have a natural feel to good songwriting and it can very well be seen in this album. There are many modern hardcore/metalcore groups nowadays doing a lot of experimentation, but Pariso have stuck to the basic, with each band member playing very well within the boundary. If you like grinding hardcore, check this out for sure!
Review Written By Mahesh
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  1. Throatruiner RecordsFebruary 20, 2011 at 8:12 AM

    Hope you will enjoy it! You can order this EP on http://throatruinerrecords.bigcartel.com/ if you want to support us for our upcoming releases!


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