Jun 11, 2011

Fallen – A Tragedy’s Bitter End ...

Funeral Doom is an interesting enigma. Slower than Sludge, prettier than Doom/Death and more structured than Drone; its virginal territory with an untold amount of untapped potential yet most bands stick to either the Thergothon or Skepticism formula. Fallen avoid what are quickly becoming the trappings of said style by doing their own thing. For all of those into Funeral Doom, pay attention to the following, you might learn something.

From the keyboards first droning notes to the thundering guitars entrance, you instantly know you’re in for something different. The layered yet simplistic song structures, minimalist drum work and the deep, deep vocal delivery, nothing here is typical or expected.

First off the production is phenomenal and allows the listener to hear everything which is important due to multiple sonic layers within. This is a simple three-piece of guitar, keyboard and drums. The lack of bass isn’t noticeable due to the sheer heaviness of the guitars.

The guitars are thick, heavy, and the distortion levels couldn’t be better. There are a few leads but no solos. There is melody upon melody however, constantly coating the miserable landscape with more woe.

The drums and minimalistic but tight, the way that they are played leaves one to suspect that Eek is definitely holding back. The keyboards are lush and atmospheric adding a sense of hopelessness and despair to the already dreary songs. There are some classical moments and two songs that are just piano.

The vocals are very low, deeper in fact than Peter Steels’ (Type-O-Negative) or even Till Lindemanns’ (Rammstein). They sound processed in some parts as if music had been played faster during the recording and then slowed down during the mastering. This isn’t to say they are bad, but they are clean and that is certainly a change considering that all Funeral Doom bands utilize Death vocals. The fact that they are clean is a nice change and shows that they work quite well in this format.

They lyrics are sad and full of longing. The first song is in Norwegian and the rest are in English. While most everyone can understand English on some level this album would’ve been more intense if they were in the bands native tongue. This is a moving piece of music. This band takes Funeral Doom to a new level, as it’s not dark, just simply melancholic. This is music for those into the majestic and despair ridden. 9/10
Review Written By Grimdoom

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