Jul 16, 2011

Devil – New Single, 'Blood Boiling' from Upcoming Album

If you’d recall, there was sort of a movement around in 2010 – it was spearheaded by the Sludge Swamp (R.I.P.), and it involved a band named Devil and their five-track EP, “Magister Mundi Xum.” The Swamp’s statement was, and I quote, “While everyone’s been prattling on about Ghost, nobody’s been talking about this band.” Devil came a long way since then, and they are on the verge of releasing their first album, titled “Time to Repent.”

A closer look at the single, also released in a 7’’ split, tells me one thing: we’re in for a treat when this bad boy hits the world. Devil always had their doom down pat, and their ability to move within the confines of that, grooving and slithering, to create their own identity as opposed to just get lost in the clichés was what made them strong. Their production values have seen a slight increase in the time between their demo and this, but it still retains a slight lo-fi edge, which is part of the Devil sound anyway. They’re just as addictive and just as distinctive, is all I can say.

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Review Written By Sarp Esin

Devil @ Myspace

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