Aug 18, 2011

Concrete Sun - Sky Is High ...

Please welcome Nick Williams to the Doommantia writing team. Can the Doommantia family get any bigger you may ask, well indeed it can. Nick is also a writer over at another great website, The Ripple Effect and has kindly offered his services as a full-time writer for Doommantia as well. Judging by the quality of his writing here, he is going to be an essential part of the team...Ed

What is southern metal? Is it the endless groove that could make the listen sway his or her head back and forth until it snaps their neck, ending in a tragic death of your head rolling off your shoulders? When listening to southern metal should the listener have this feeling that they’re trapped in the largest desert on earth? When listening to southern metal should I feel like the desert sand is slapping my face so hard I can feel it digging into my skin while the strong breeze blows me backwards, only so I can try to get back up and do it all over again? To me, southern metal is all of that, exactly. When I listen to a southern metal record, I should hope and pray that my surroundings turn into how the release sounds. I should feel like I’m in the middle of the Serbia, begging the man upstairs to take my life because I can’t keep drinking my own urine for liquid. Southern metal is alive and very well. If one band can prove that, it would have to be Concrete Sun with their brand new record “Sky Is High”.

As usual, I’m going to be a hundred percent honest with you ladies and gentlemen, when I first started listening to “Sky Is High”, I wasn’t the most impressed, actually I was pretty bored and wanted to turn it off within hearing the first couple tracks. Maybe it was because I haven’t been huge into southern metal for a couple of years. Maybe it was the fact that I have to be in a certain mood for southern metal. What ever it may have been, I wasn’t to sure about “Sky Is High” in the beginning. With that said, things change, minds change and opinion change. Honestly, it might take the listener a little bit to realize what they are actually hearing is causing their ears to cream white gooiness and their whole body to shake as if they just had a flawless orgasm, but they will realize it and once they do, the flood gates shall open up.

Was I missing something that was in front of my horrible eyes this whole time? Was I really that blind to the fact that my heart loves southern metal? After several spins, trying to catch the southern metal bug again, I was split in half on my fourth or fifth listen to this record. Concrete Sun has something here and I was finally opening my eyes as to what it was. I was missing the fact that I wasn’t in touch with the record. I wasn’t pouring my whole heart into as the members of Concrete Sun were. “Junkyard Dog”, the fifth track on the record, was the track that really opened my eyes as to what Concrete Sun was giving me as a producer. Hell, the last time I heard these kinds of riffs was when I used to spin A Perfect Murder’s record “Strength Through Vengeance” back in ’05. I was literally shocked at how heavy this record can be and is from beginning to end. Concrete Sun really does being the riffs and pounding that will have you banging your head nonstop for a full forty minutes.

After smacking my head against my laptop keyboard several times because of this record, primarily the tracks “D.A.N.U.B.E.”, “Ruff Song”, and “Hide Behind”, I was ready to just relax and let “Sky Is High” keep doing what it was doing to me. I’ll say this, I wasn’t blown away with record but considering I listened to it pretty much all day long, maybe twelve to fifteen times in all, I can honestly say that “Sky Is High” is one of the more enjoyable southern metal records that I’ve in a very long time. Even though the top half of the “Sky Is High” can be a bit hard to get into, the bottom half of this record is where the band really shines. It’s just one pummeling riff after another, extraordinary vocals throughout the whole record and even some riffs remind me more of southern rock than metal but that’s neither here nor there. With all that said, I would even be ballsy enough to say that if I wanted to chop it up and be really technical, I would even say that I hear an Acid Bath influence to an extent. Maybe you won’t hear much Acid Bath influence in the vocals but the bass and drumming sections on certain songs, you should really hear them come out. I could be crazy on that though so if you listen to this record and her zero Acid Bath influence, please do let me know so I can confirm that I need new ears.

So, what’s the final verdict on Concrete Sun’s record “Sky Is High”? I would have to say that with the song placement, the massive amount of head banging I did throughout the record and the fact that I listened to it nearly fifteen ten times with fully enjoyment, it’s an above-par record. Concrete Sun has something here and as long as they keep pushing the limits to what they can and never let go of their southern metal roots, I really do believe that these guys can accomplish glorious things in the year 2012 and beyond…..8/10

Review Written By Nick Williams

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