Aug 29, 2011

Hellbender – Cosmolux ...

This 4-piece from Tennessee proposes an interesting blend of 70’s doom, acid rock and space rock in their new album “Cosmolux”. Definitely the band shows two faces here one the hippy 70’s rock style and one the more psychedelic/hypnotic side. Now if you add some space effects a la Hackwind and some solid doom you’ll have a clear picture on how Hellbender sounds like.

The album is mostly instrumental but when vocals appear it’s as if they come from outer space. There are 4 tracks in total all above 8 minutes but I felt that most songs were unnecessarily long. The opening track and the closer are the best songs in the album. Again, the two songs present a very different vision of the band. For those of you who have already heard Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, their style at least half of the time is very close. Of course, Hellbender released “Cosmolux” a bit earlier, so don’t make naughty thoughts. Long trippy parts which didn’t quite work for me us I found them boring.

Fans of Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats should definitely listen to “Neon Cross”. The album packs some nice tunes but balances dangerously between something hypnotic and something simply boring. Nevertheless, this album convinced me to keep an eye open for them in the future!

Review Written By Dr.Doom Metal ( Dr.Dooms Lair )

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  1. Uncle Acid meets Acid Mothers Temple perhaps. Sounds promising.


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