Sep 7, 2011

Dixie Witch - Let It Roll ...

Dixie Witch are far from being at their peak, quality wise, but that does not mean that they can't still deliver an album that has a powerful kick and does what it's supposed to do. Which is rock the hell out of a set of speaker with simple and merciless Heavy Southern. The main problem I have with the record is exactly that: it's a good album but that's it. I mean, do you guys remember what Dixie Witch meant in the age of “Smoke And Mirrors” or the glory that were the “Sucking The Seventies” complations. They used to be one of my all-time favourite bands in the practically flawless rooster of Small Stone Records. They delivered basic stuff, bluesy souther-fried riff with a lot of fuzz and distortion, but man they did like only a few others did.

What I got with “Let It Roll” was a short (barely over thirty minutes. Not necessarily a flaw but not a good thing either, in the days where albums are an investment) and simple set of anthemic tunes that at times dropped into oversimplified riff rock by-the-numbers. Dont misunderstand me, the songs here have a raw, unpolished, fist pumping glory that you will adore if you like the genre. It's hard to deny that the guys know very well what they're doing and have those gritty sounds deeply engrained into their DNA. Still after a five-year hiatus, I kinda expected more.

In the end, all “Let It Roll” is, is a well done, dirty and very simple pebble of Boogie Rock, that hits and then is easily forgotten. Again, it works and its fun. But in a time where there's many bands who are approaching this type of sound and doing it well, I would've expected a better effort from Giants like Dixie Witch. 6/10

Review Written By Andreas Contanzo

Dixie Witch @ Small Stone
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