Oct 9, 2011

Heads Up: Ungoliant ...

Ungoliant are a new doom/sludge band from Sacramento who have one track from their upcoming full-length album on their bandcamp page. It is always tough to review a band from one tune but this track titled 'Wretched Mind' has the doom-laden, bottom-heavy goods to make any doom/sludge fan take notice. This is heavy, I mean really HEAVY, with tasty riffage, a gigantic drum sound, and deathly vocals. I am not going to stigmatize the band by comparing them with anybody else because they really don't sound like anyone in particular; more like a hybrid of different doomy sounds and styles who blended into this well-structured 11 minute monster of a track. Along with the gargantuan riffing, there is also lashings of emotive, psychedelic lead which grabbed my attention. Ungoliant seem to have a lot of traditional, sabbathian elements like many other bands but 'Wretched Mind' is more assessable than a lot of other bands with a great balance between raw heaviness and melody. Bandcamp is really becoming a goldmine of doom-metal discoveries and this is one of the best ones to emerge of late. The band was formed in Winter 2010 by artist Skinner who also did the stunning artwork you see here. Look out for this band, their album is going to be a killer......9/10.

Ungoliant @ Bandcamp
Ungoliant @ Facebook
Ungoliant @ Last.fm


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