Oct 18, 2011

One Inch Giant - Malva ...

You can't have too much Swedish stoner-metal can you? If you are sick of Swedish stoner-metal bands popping up out of nowhere each week, you might be in trouble. I think there is a production line somewhere in Sweden pushing these groups out. Even death-metal musicians who have side-projects in Swedish all seem to choose either stoner metal or doom metal as their second genre of choice. One Inch Giant features one dude that also plays death metal in a band called One Handed Skull Crushing while another member plays in Rapacious Ravishment. So the question is, do One Inch Giant offer anything different from the usual Swedish stoner metal / doom stuff? Well, sadly no luck there but this band is still great at making memorable hooky stoner-metal tunes and they do it in just 31 minutes of this album titled 'Malva.'

I was reading recently a debate over what makes a good rock anthem and I think this band know a thing or two about it. These songs are bluesy, sludgy, sometimes doomy even verging on funeral doom in one track but most importantly, they are melodically and rhythmically infectious and this band shows a natural flair for good songwriting. One Inch Giant have the usual big fuzzy riffs, the main requirement for a stoner-metal band but they also vary the formula a lot. There is bluesy break-downs, southern-rock tinged passages, doom pieces of varying tempos, and clean, melodic leads. One of the doom passages ('Treasures That Betray'); gets surprisingly dark and bleak, almost verging into funeral doom while album opener 'Ripe and Bold' is a dirty southern sludge rock crusher that is full of feeling. 'Echoes in the Night' is pure sludge but with melody while 'Fur of the Lord' is a mid-tempo doomy burner. 'Train of Lies' is a filthy, sludgy slog and 'Feed the Fire' is a hybrid of all these styles. As you can see, One Inch Giant is a band that you can't get bored with, not when they have melodies as strong as they have here. The clean vocals helps in that department as well.

For the most part, they sit at the rock end of the stoner-spectrum but when they get metal, it is really heavy and full of grooves. Vocalist Filip Åstrand has what I think is a perfect voice for this band but some folks might find his voice a little too clean at times but I feel his voice is just right for the kind of anthemic hard rock the band plays. The album has amazing artwork by Emma Ekstam and you can see more of her art HERE. The production on the album is also very good and the albums only real weakness is it is all too short. I can't find too many faults at all with One Inch Giant so check it out......8.5/10.

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  1. To answer your question, no you can't have to much Swedish stoner music. Great review, great band!
    -Zac, Heavy Planet


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