Nov 22, 2011

Heads Up: Twingiant ...

Twingiant are a new or newish sludge, doom band from Arizona and they have released this 2 track demo. One of the tracks is recorded live ('Concrete Home') and the other is a studio track titled 'Pale Blue Dot.' One thing to say from the outset is, this is an aggressive take on the sludge metal genre. I used the word "doom" before because they have a doom sound but this is far too in your face to be classed simply as doom metal. The band is loud and pissed off but they also have a kind of bluesy feel in their playing. Out of the two tracks, the live portion of the demo makes it a big hard to judge this band but the studio track shows this band means business.

'Pale Blue Dot' is angry, heavy, and driving and the track is a unique take on the sludge-doom metal style. There is also a great deal of menace in the way they approach this sound. The demo is all too short to leave a lasting impression but it is devastating in its brutality so they have the potential to be one of the most aggressive, intense sludge acts to ever emerge from not only Arizona but the USA. Head to their Facebook page and check out these songs. I am sure you will be impressed.......8/10.

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Space Hobo Port - Hear Them Here

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