Dec 15, 2011

Infernal Overdrive - Last Rays Of The Dying Sun ...

The infallibility of Small Stone was starting to get tested with a few of their later releases. Dixie Witch's “Let's Roll” was good but far from the bone-shaking assault of their past recordings. Same could be said for the latest Freedom Hawk release.

I was missing, somehow, that sort of sound that Small Stone seemed to pick up so well and flawlessly: that riff oriented heavy rock where all songs are amazing and there are no fillers. Made my wish, and here it is: the newest Infernal Overdrive, is Santa's gift to the classic heavy boogie lovers between you, to all of you that love bluesy dirty riffs, simple but hyper catchy tunes and vocals that are powerful and yet irresistible.

Theres nothing new or groundbreaking on this album, but who cares about that, honestly?

What you get in SPADES is that Riff 'n' Roll rooted in the tradition of early Grand Funk, Cactus, Blue Cheer and Led Zeppelin, with hints of the modern take on riff-laden badassness of Roadsaw or Gozu. The tunes roll on and kick ass. The riffs are greasy but classy and there's plenty of classic touches to give the whole album a retro feel, like handclaping, vocal harmonies, and such.

Add to that a great songwriting and a powerful yet raw production and you got one of my personal genre winners of the year, next to the great “Momantha” from Backwoods Payback.....8/10

Words: Andrea Contanzo

Infernal Overdrive @ Small Stone

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