Feb 8, 2012

Ararat – II ...

Great stoned soundscapes on Ararat’s 2nd album. I remember I liked their debut album, Música de la Resistencia, but I don’t have any conscious recollection of it. The same goes more or less for this album: it sounds really great, but don’t expect any radio friendly memorable mighty stoner riffs. Feauturing Los Natas’ singer Sergio Chotsourian from Argentina, this is of course interesting material if you’re into Los Natas. Which I am. The album starts rather peculiar, with a piano and an acoustic guitar only (Tres De Mayo) after which an electrified guitar sets in. Tres De Mayo ends quietful and on we go to Atanas. A piano again: this is actually a little kick to the ball sack because I was expecting a mighty riff. But hey, I listen to Brian Eno en Harold Budd all the time, so a piano is fine with me. But I must be frank: the piano solo wears me out, so I’ll skip to the next tune: Caballos. This one starts with a riff at last, supported by eerie synthesizer sounds. You can check out Caballos HERE.  The vocals are the same as Los Natas, which is even more fine with me. I really, really could use a new Los Natas album by the way. Alas, Los Natas are on hiatus. Caballos is a fine, slow & heavy as f**k psychedelic track which will win you over probably. The track lasts a good 16 minutes, and the added synthesizers and the Brant Bjork like caveman style of drumming do the overall mood very good. In other words: you can listen to this over and over again without getting bored the least. I don’t even know three words of Spanish, so I have no idea what Sergio is singing about. But that’s fine.

El Carro starts with a driven riff and accompanying flute sounds, synths and is slowly building up to El Inmigrante (sic), which kicks off acoustically. Sergio’s voice is really put to the foreground on this track: beautiful. Lobos De Guerra Y Cazadores De is an awesome slow track that fits perfectly on this album. Closer La Ira Del Dragon (Uno) lasts a good fifteen minutes, and starts with an acoustic guitar. The heavy sets in after about two minutes, and the heavy psychedelics win you over completely if you weren’t already.

Actually, the album works out as one gigantic movie score and it works actively to put you in some sort of trance. The overall feel is very loose and free, which works perfectly for this release. I have no idea if Los Natas is planning on getting together in the future. In the mean time we have to make do with this (and the first!: Música de la Resistencia) great release....8/10.

Words: Sandrijn van den Oever

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