Feb 22, 2012

Bezoar - Wyt Deth ...

BEZOAR are about to release their brilliant and outstanding new album Wyt Deth - an 8-song, 48-minute masterpiece of Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal that will shake you to the core. When I heard that they play similar to the band YOB, I was really excited as I am a great fan of YOB. BEZOAR plays an amazing blend of Experimental Doom, Sludge and Stoner Metal with a great Psychedelic edge. They take many an influence from a whole range of bands; but add their own unique take on the genre.
The opening track “Burn Everything” starts with the playing of an acoustic guitar that has a Southern Rock feeling; while the vocals take you back to the old classic Rock band style. This actually connects to the next track “Vitamin” and the pace picks up musically. The vocal style is very different and more tilted towards Psychedelic music. All the tracks are very different from each other and will not result in even a hint of boredom.
The lead parts in "Wyt Death" are stand up ones as they are in tune with drone music. The rhythm guitar and the lead parts compliment very well and some times you feel it is off tune and that is the best part. 
"Wyt Death" is full of crunching guitars, heavy pounding drumming and the sultry vocals of Sara. She has such a beautiful, haunting, hypnotic and intense voice! Tyler and Justin have played outstanding drums and guitars respectively. The album has managed to retain a stronghold on heavy pounding passion that will have you begging for more.

The stand-out track of the album has to be “Knight.” It aptly showcases the bands amazing talents to perfection. Passionate Vocals, Hard Hitting Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs and superb drumming end this brilliant album on a high.

The album is consummately produced from start to finish. It’s simply an exceptionally accomplished album that will hopefully gain the band more exposure. They definitely deserve it!

BEZOAR is one of the best underground bands that Sludge/Stoner Metal have to offer. They prove this with "Wyt Deth." This album will be released on Vinyl in a limited quantity of 250 copies in March 2012 and will be on sale soon via Band Camp.

Check it out if you're not scared off by doomy psych-rock. It is a real good one!!!
Words: Mahesh


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