Feb 12, 2012

Eyes Front North - EP ...

Formed in 2010 as a project of Lionel Forest (vocals/guitars) Eyes Front North are a very interesting French metal quartet that quite frankly I am going to have a tough time describing in just a few words. Blending doom, post-rock, sludge, and black metal, this band has created a very diverse 3 track EP. The atmosphere on the EP is one of pure dark anger and musically, it is hypnotic and gloomy. The style is very much in the sludge-metal style but at times verges on aggressive metal that is closer to the likes of Sepultura than any sludge and doom bands but if you can think of a very metallic, more angry version of Neurosis you would be getting close to the sound of Eyes Front North.

This hybrid is interesting and I don't normally get too excited about anything with a post-rock, post-metal angle but this band is so diverse at the way they blend the styles that I can't help but be captivated. There are only 3 tracks on this for a total playing time of about 24 minutes but it is still very memorable regardless. The opening and closing tracks, 'Words' and 'A Reaching Hand' stand out as the best tunes on offer here. The music is almost too intense to fall under the typical sludge-metal banner, the anger and aggression coupled with a guitar onslaught that blends black metal and doom metal all at the same time makes this a unique affair that might not to everyone's tastes.

The track sandwiched in the middle of these two is something called 'Worn As Mask'and this is the only track out of the three where this hybrid of genres doesn't come off so well. It is always going to be a tough call anyway, blending all these styles which in essence clash with each other. However, 'Worn As Mask' is still a solid track but the fusion doesn't seem as hypnotic and memorable on this track. I have to mention the vocals with this band, they are a great, an intense combination of half-screaming and a more spoken word kind of approach and they are done wonderfully well. The guitar sound for the most part is nicely balanced distortion and the band as musicians are very accomplished. So in conclusion, if you are looking for something a bit different in the sludge field, Eyes Front North could be the band for you....8/10.

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