Feb 9, 2012

Heads Up: Caligari - Clint Beastwood EP ...

Bless Bandcamp, as I often praise, for the quickness and delicate way with wich it allows people like me, who have an addiction to music that plagues them to the point of bankruptcy, to discover bands that would have never crossed my view for even a second, to actually enter my iPod and stay there. Caligari, is one of those bands. Young, talented and hard to simply pigeonhole in one specific type of sound, they are for one, heavy as fuck. They have chosen to outplay the type of Metallic Sludge that mixes the deep, viscous riffs of early Mastodon and Baroness with a lot of the old school heaviness of acts like High On Fire.

Actually I hear a lot of the latter's fury coated in iron distortion in their songs. Whether it's for the shredding vocals or the love for building layered, bestial mountains of riffage while keeping a love for cavalcades of frantic drumming. A lot of Matt Pike's latter heavy sensibilities are in this. Still, don't let that limit the guys' sound. They are raw heavy and fierce, and extremely personal. The ep is little more than 20 intense minutes of epic pummeling, but honest, talented and neck snapping.  you wont be disappointed, even if all you want is a simple brick to the face musical experience. Support them, they deserve it.

Words: Andrea Contanzo



  1. Hell yes, this is review couldn't make us more happy. We're really glad you dig it! We hope others will give it a shot and enjoy it just as much.

  2. Cheers to your praise of bandcamp - i have been spending some reasonable amounts of money there - and recommending it to friends' bands.

    and cheers to this review! this band is great - a beefed up Earthride almost. Damn good stuff. i hope it gets out there.


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