Feb 27, 2012

Heads Up: Demonauta - Vol.1 EP ...

The first time I met the Chilean rockers in Demonauta was back in 2009 when I wrote a heads-up post for the Sludge Swamp about this and other emerging stoner-doom bands from southern and northern hemispheres.

Demonauta, from Santiago, Chile, had haunted me by means of their groove charge and their kickass saturated distorted fuzzy riffs. It’s not by chance that the old logo of the band had a fuzz pedal as a symbol. It’s actually not that easy to remain untouched when approaching the great scene of heavy music gracing Chile ...
Demonauta’s rockers (i.e. David on vocals and guitar, Miguel Angel on bass and Ale on drums) are righteous members of the glorious Chilean scene and proudly keep the flag of classic psych-fuzzy stoner/desert rock flying high since 2007. Well, after the juicy 2009 debut Demo, the rockeros are back with new tracks and a new digital-only release, Demonauta Vol.1, entirely shared for free by the band as were the tracks of the previous demo (via Last.fm).
The new release includes seven tracks, four of which are new songs (Lluvia, Frente al Volcan, Fumatton and Jardin do Sol) and the remaining three are reworked versions of three killer tracks of the great 2009 Demo (Ufo and my personal top fave songs, Desevanecer and Demonizador), where those peculiar seismic fuzzy riffs, like those recently heard in new bands like At Devil Dirt, happily vibrate.

Demonauta’s brand of desert fuzzy rock is kickass, fresh, epic, dynamic, infectious and rich in shades, as these guys are able to explore both the badass, hard rocking side of desert rock as well as the most atmospheric features by means of balanced doses of retro-sounding, guitar-based psychedelia. Demonauta’s style is absolutely genuine, classic desert rock sharing features with and inspiration from the international and Southern American masters, like Kyuss, Monster Magnet, Nebula, Truckfighters, Dozer, Yajaira, Hielo Negro, Humo Del Cairo, and a bit of Sangria and Dragonauta as well, etc.

Demonauta’s Vol. 1 digital EP is almost 40 minutes long and would be well worth of becoming part of a bigger, “trve” solid release gathering the whole production by this band. Demonauta share the DIY philosophy of most bands of the Chilean heavy scene, which is one of the most intriguing and creative and, yet, I feel, very much underrated.
These guys have been on the scene since a while and know very well how to induce (a) a hardly containable push to headbanging or at least to shaking like a rattle-snake, (b) an irresistible impulse to get lost into some great fat joint under the shade of a rock, (c) an equally irresistible dream of an escape from daily burdens by riding a corvette or a biiig bike along a straight road in the (Atacama) desert with wind in your hairs and a majestic volcanic peak at the horizon ...
Welcome back, Demonauta!    ……  9/10

Words: Marilena Moroni

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