Feb 15, 2012

KATERGON - Unveil New Song: Shores of Redemption ...

Katergon was one of the sleeper hits of 2010, their two-song “Endless Life” EP making waves across the world of the internet. Their blend of post-rock, post-metal, the slightest tinge of sludge and doom, when coupled with their penchant for atmospherics and solid musicianship, made them a prime candidate for one of the best up-and-comers. But three songs in total are slim pickings, and it was high time that these guys made a full-length.

The upcoming debut full-length, titled “Argonaut” is set to be released on May 18, 2012. The band’s official statement goes:

“The waiting is over! We have finally finished the recordings, mix and mastering and are now able to announce that our full-length album ARGONAUT will be released via dirty & weird music on 18.05.2012. On that date, we are also going to celebrate this with a realease party at the ISC club in Bern (CH), together with 'When Icarus Falls'!”

As a teaser to keep us fed enough to appreciate the main course, the band has released the song “Shores of Redemption” and it is every bit of beautiful as the songs on “Endless Life.” It clocks in at eleven minutes plus, not that we should expect anything shorter than these guys, and can best be described as a slow burn. Generally keyboard and atmosphere-driven, the track uses slow, soft passages to build up to harder, yet still slow, parts. The guitar work is exquisite, able to fade in and out at will and become both a background instrument and the driving force. The vocals are beautifully done (despite their delivery reminding me a little too much of “I am the Sea”) and generally, it’s an effortlessly addictive track built on a nautical atmosphere. (if I had to rate it, I’d give it a 9/10)

So keep an eye out for these guys, they are COMING.
NOTE: The cover image shown is done, apparently, by Alain Aebersold (http://www.alainaebersold.ch) who has plenty of eye-candy for those interested.

Words:Sarp Esin

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