Feb 5, 2012

Lord 13 - 2013 ...

Lord 13 were formed back in 1999 by Dee (bass), Costas (drums), Jim (vocals, guitars) and John (guitars) but only recently have made a name for themselves outside of their native Greece. The band has supported the likes of Hawkwind, Nebula, Orange Goblin, Cathedral, and Los Natas and have received some very good reviews so I made sure I found out what all the fuss is about. From the outset, this album had me excited.

The front cover art of a hot girl sitting upon a killer motorbike was enough to grab my attention and if there is two things I have a weakness for it is hot chicks and killer bikes. The front cover art is very fitting as this is pure biker-stoner-metal - hard rock with an attitude that is all about booze, bikes, chicks and weed. The band hasn't got a huge recording back catalog but they have done some great things for their scene. They formed their own label and production company and in 2005 they put together a 24 band festival which was a huge success.

Listening to this album for the first time, it is easy to hear why, some people call them the Greek answer to Orange Goblin and it is not only because Goblin frontman Ben Ward has a guest spot on the album either. This album is very much in the style of early Orange Goblin and early Monster Magnet, retro, high-energy riff rock with a psychedelic edge. There are beefy riffs galore, grooves all with a 70's rock feel but I have to be honest, it has left me a little underwhelmed.

There is killer riffage everywhere but nothing is overly memorable or catchy so even though, this album is great to have a beer and a smoke with, it tends to be forgettable. The bulk of the album is up-beat, up-tempo rockers but it is when they slow down into more psychedelic realms that they are at their most interesting. The albums longest track, 'Not Over' is a highlight as there is a bit more going on and a tad more psychedelic depth. Anyone who is a big fan of 'Spine of God' era Monster Magnet will dig what this track is about.

Wicked Thing featuring Ben Ward from Orange Goblin is another standout tune along with the album's opener 'Fire' which kicks off proceedings in a high-octane burst of energy. The rest of the album however is just kind of predictable, by-the-numbers material and none or it is bad, there is just nothing that gets stuck in my head. This will make a great backing soundtrack for your next smoking, drinking session or party but outside of that, I don't hear much that warrants repeated spins. The band is giving this album away for free from their website so either way, you can't lose by downloading a copy of '2013' and despite my disappointments, I am sure some listeners out there will dig the hell out of this.....for me though this one scrapes in for a 7/10.

Download The Album Here

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