Feb 22, 2012

SLUG Localized - Nevertanezra Live & Interview ...

Slug Localized caught up with Nevertanezra with some live footage and a all-too brief interview but it is still worth a look. Check it out...

Nevertanezra @ MySpace


  1. NTNR FUCKING RULES!!!!! It's way too short however. The other bands are terrible.

  2. 0-2:22 is the only part worth watching. Looks like Nevertanezra are the only good band in UT. Nice.

  3. Good recording quality. You can really hear all the instruments with out one over powering the others. Simple, stripped down and heavy. The way it should be! I'm listening to 'The Fading' now! Cool interview too, NTNR!

  4. I was there! Nevertanezra rocked harder than the two shitty bands that followed!


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