Feb 26, 2012

Sun Gods In Exile - Thanks For The Silver ...

The band's début, “Black Lines, White Light”, was one of those discoveries a heavy rock fan ends up doing through the magic of labels like Small Stone Records: maybe not groundbreaking or really excellent, but always played soulfully and always quite high, quality wise. In this case, we were treated to a band that basically delivered everything that is classic, bluesy, slightly southern rock. Great solos, melodic singing and a general sense of warmth. The new album from Sun Gods pushes the style even forward. What you get is pretty much a cleaner sharper version of what was on the début. A lot of guitar meltdowns, vocal harmonies and a whiskey soaked feel all over the record. Still, something to me, is lacking. While I tend to appreciate this type of sound in all its forms, the excellence of the usual Small Stone rooster, and the premises of the début, made me feel slightly underwhelmed st this one. Do not get me wrong, it's a good record. It has heart and soul and a huge amount of rocking, much more than the average results from any of the seemingly unending amount of retro bands that are coming out of my speakers, daily. But again, something is lacking from the recipe. The songs are always a tad too long or dispersive, more focused on the playing that the tune itself, but without the loose feeling that would be needed if this was a jam oriented record. And those flaws in the end, make me not listen to the album more than a couple of times. Pity. Check this out if you are hardcore fans of this style, or Small Stone aficionados. Otherwise..... Think about it twice....6/10

Words: Andrea Contanzo

Small Stone Records

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