Feb 5, 2012

Wino And Conny Ochs - Heavy Kingdom ...

To fully understand this new side-project between our beloved Wino and the singer/songwriter prodigy Conny Ochs (which some of you might have seen supporting mister Weinrich in his acoustic tour), one should, first of all, have in mind the sort of sound that Wino focused on for his solo album “Adrift”.

We're not talking about heavy rock, or even the retro juiciness of Wino's first solo outings. What is instead displayed on the tracks of “Heavy Kingdom”, is two immensely talented musicians (you probably know and love Wino, but if you havent, check out Conny's beautiful album, the short and incredibly sincere and emotional “Raw Love Songs”) baring their hearts almost to the point of rawness and pouring out what comes out in musical form.

Most of the songs here, have almost a jam feeling, not in the sense of improvisation or looseness but in the feeling of spontaneous, un-laboured and natural interplay that they have. When you hear Wino's characteristic, imperfect voice, crooning on the frail, almost antes notes of “Somewhere Nowhere”, it is really hard to not fall under the spell.

This is pure, natural and honest music, acoustic, close to the tradition of folk, and americana. Its raw and to the point but never repetitive or boring. The chemistry between Conny's visceral songwriting and Wino's deeper and gutsy style, creates something that is almost magical and close to what has probably been like to see them work the magic out on stage.

That's also a good description: what really “Heavy Kingdom” gives, it is a peek at what the two probably delivered in front of an audience, or at least something close. The tracks clearly melt into one another, and feel like they are born out of the same spontaneous soul storming session, with precious gems like the beautiful and warm “Heavy Kingdom Jam”.

Buy the record, it's a beautiful keeper, no matter what you like.

Words: Andrea Contanzo

Mainstream Records

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