Mar 17, 2012

Broken Anatomy - A Shadow Deemed Worthy ...

A friend sent me a CDR of this band called Broken Anatomy. and I forgot to review it (sorry). What brought it back to my attention though was the little email that came along yesterday. It read that this is a one person project, nothing unusual there but in this case that one person is a woman and I think that is a first for a Doommantia review. The other thing was a quote from a Doom Metal.Com review - "this demo makes me think that we may witness here the birth of the first real new evolution of Doom/Death since it gave birth to Gothic Doom in the late 90's." That made my eyeballs leap out of their sockets because if there is an sub-genre that needs something new to happen, it is the death-doom genre so I listened again, and again. My conclusion is this indeed something a bit different from the norm but ground-breaking, it really isn't so I wouldn't call it an evolution. However, there is something fresh going on here.

What I got out of this; is the styles and the approach to songwriting seems to be drawn from almost every avenue of extreme metal you can think of. There are elements of everything from Eyehategod to My Dying Bride and I don't think I have ever mentioned those two bands before in the same sentence. The project comes from the mind of Samantha "Lazarus" Smith but the project started out under the name FaceFucker and was an experimental grindcore project so the uniqueness to this keeps on coming.

'A Shadow Deemed Worthy' was officially released March 1st and is available from that goldmine for new bands - Bandcamp. The album begins with a short, powerfully dark intro piece, 'Cavernous' and it is clear from the outset, this is something out of the ordinary. When that leads into a track called 'Walk Of The Damned' it quickly sets about its job of destroying brain-cells. The sinister distorted guitar with guttural vocal roars and titanic-sized drumming is monolithic stuff. What makes it even better is there are real drums used here, not some thin, cheap sounding drum machine like you hear from most one-person projects. I am also not 100% sure if Samantha plays all the instruments here but if she does, she is one hell of a talented multi-instrumentalist.

That track seems to fly by in no time at all, it is actually three minutes long but doesn't seem like it but then the album just gets even better. The following 'Our Pain Speaks' keeps the listener bathing in darkness with more ominous, distorted guitar work. That guitar work is closer to sludge-metal to any death-doom band in my opinion but it has all the emotional depth of a very good death-doom band so if I seem perplexed about the "real" genre here - you can understand why. 'No Salvation' is another short track but it avoids being in any one style as it is really a mixture of all the really heavy genres all rolled into one. This to me at least, seems to be the only track devoid of direction but it is also steadfast interesting and unique. The next track 'Plains of Maltak' is pure power in every detail. The atmosphere reeks of raw emotion and musically it really doesn't sound like anything I have heard before. The release then ends all too quickly with 'Impossibility' which is one of the albums more sludge-metal moments and it brings the album to a dramatic conclusion.

This realease; a EP really (as it is only some 18 or there about minutes long) is way too short to judge if this project as what it takes to make a great full-length, full-scale release. However, what little music that it is on here is excellent, unique and different from anything I have heard in the past few years. The influences of bands as stylistically different from Soilent Green, Eyehategod to My Dying Bride may sound like a musical abortion on paper but somehow Samantha has made it work. This is really something you have to hear for yourself.....9/10.

A Shadow Deemed Worthy | Broken Anatomy @ Bandcamp
Broken Anatomy @ Facebook

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