Mar 7, 2012

Hypsiphrone - And The Void Shall Pierce Their Eyes ...

Alright, this is some seriously disturbing noise from a one-man band from Greece. This racket is blackened doom, noise, ambient style in the vein of Gnaw Their Tongues but it is seriously even sicker than that. Look up the word perverted in the dictionary and you get - "Characterized by sexually abnormal and unacceptable practices or tendencies." Well this is a musical version of that, this is sick, twisted, violent, sadistic, bizarre, and erotic all blended together into an audio atrocity called 'And the Void Shall Pierce Their Eyes.'

There are elements of doom, black metal, drone, ambient and pure distorted noise and the basic, recurring theme is one of sheer torture, both in terms of the actual music and the dreadfully, disturbing atmosphere.

One song, 'Cornucopia Sabatti' is a sickening soundtrack to a woman being raped and tortured and it has everything from rain and thunder, tortured screams to the breaking of bones but this is just one of the lovely, demented tales this one-man band delivers.

The sickly disturbing samples are used throughout the album which leads to the albums downfall in my opinion as there seems to be too much emphasis on it and not enough on making interesting music but the album does have its moments of clear musical clarity. 'An Epiphany Written in Blood' is a great blending of styles and avant-garde approaches to dark music and also features some very effective, atmospheric female vocal parts. 'Her Name is Upon the Graves of Those She Slays' features more atmospheric vocals and is effective as a chilling exercise in the grotesque and bizarre. 'Worlds are Wounds of Desolation' benefits greatly by sounding organic without so much of a reliance on samples and electronic elements. Elsewhere though it is a bit harder to find tracks with any real staying power.

The use of samples gets tedious and a little cheesy at the halfway point in the disc and there are certain tracks where it just kills the atmosphere and not enhance it. One of those tracks is 'Resurgence of Mors Sexualis' which has potential to be a great track but the samples just get over-powering after a while. Also it must be said, how many times do we need to hear thunderstorms and rain samples within heavy music, it has been done to death and this album seems to rely on it a little too much. 'And The Void Shall Pierce Their Eyes' does start out seriously captivating, the first half of the album is mostly intriguing and as sick as some of this is, it is engrossing and cinematic but then it gets tedious and gets tedious very quick.

The album is saved by being a strictly 'average' release by the closing piece 'Into Your Hands I Commit My Spirit' which features the best riffs of the album but the howling vocal which I gather it is supposed to be creepy and scary just sounds goofy and almost comical - sorry if I offended anyone with that comment but it makes me laugh each time I hear it. Despite its flaws, the Hypsiphrone is one of the sickest and bleakest musical offerings you will ever hear and even if you only hear this once, it is a listening experience you must endure. For fans of Welter in Thy Blood, Abruptum, Dead Reptile Shrine, Havohej, Profanantica and Gnaw Their Tongues. ...6.5/10.

Malignant Records
Hypsiprone @ Myspace

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