Apr 22, 2012

Crown - The One ...

French Doom/Sludge band Crown have come out with their EP “The One.” It is a 32-minute, 5-track monumental achievement. The sound on this EP by Crown is massive, the kind of plodding metal that can be overwhelming deliberate. What is amazing is that, while this sounds like it comes from an incredible long band line-up, Crown is actually a duo. “The One” is truly an outstanding work.
The opening track, “Cosmogasm” is a typical Sludge soundtrack, with heavy guitars and slow drumming. The vocals have taken the back seat.  This track will give a feeling that you are listening to the band YOB mixed with Electric Wizard. The entire track itself is a pace-breaker with sudden changes in the pace throughout.

The track, “The one” is a bit different from other tracks, as it has a lot of Melodic guitaring to begin with and then gradually heavy thick guitar sounds take centre-stage. That does not last long as it fades away with another good rhythm guitar. The vocal style is a bit different in this track. It is slow and sludgy; yet you can hear some words quite clearly. The drumming is very slow and gives a good balance. But, I’m not too sure if a drum machine has been used. But the sound is good and not the usual triggered one.

“The One” showcases a band comfortable with bringing together different styles of metal, from doom and sludge to progressive, with the progressions bringing a gloomy touch. Since Crown is a two member band; they seem to tend to juxtapose brutal sounds and psychedelic effects in some parts. The track “Orthodox” is a prime example for this. It is one of the best tracks of this album.
While they dig deep into a hellish sound, you get the feeling of listening to some of those big bands in the Doom sludge underground metal scene. The production is good and the mix is perfect.

Overall “The One” is a good album and a must-have in your collection.

Words: Mahesh

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