Apr 19, 2012

In Somnus - Est Imago Mortis ...

In ‘In Somnus’ we hear an original mixture of Doom/Death Metal with very weak production. The album takes the listener on a short but beautiful journey complete with clean female/male vocals that are offset in a few places with Death vocals. The guitars would be heavy but sound very tinny due to the production (probably tuned to standard). The bass, drums and vocals sound relatively good compared to the guitars. The female vocals are alright, but off-key in many places. This is a case of she doesn’t have the chops required to pull off what they were going for. The male vocals are good however whether clean or grim.

The bass has a few pronounced moments while the drums keep a somewhat inspired pace. There is even a solo or two thrown in towards the end along with some voilà on two songs. The songs are good but suffer greatly (again) from the production. As a group or as individuals the songs are very well done. The lyrics are more or less the standard Doom/Death format. This album is available on cassette and is worth hunting down. This gets a 7/10.

Words: Grimdoom

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