Apr 5, 2012

LLVME - Yía De Nuesu ...

It is amazing what passes as doom metal these days, Llvme are a prime example. Sure there is a passing similarity to My Dying Bride but generally speaking, to me this falls under the celtic influenced pagan/folk rock banner and even calling it "metal" is a stretch. The folk rock/metal genre is one of the most niche scenes in rock music these days. A genre that is usually either loved or hated and it is rare to find anyone that sits in the middle of those two opinion extremes. While most of 'Yía De Nuesu' sounds very celtic, folkie and gothic, there are moments of blackened metal. There are black metalized screams but it is still mostly melodic and atmospheric with slow to mid-paced tempos. The musicianship is very good as is the production of the album so on the outside, everything is of a high-standard. My main complaint is the tedious song-writing style that seems to go along with many bands in this genre. Like I just said, you either like it or your don't and I just DON'T.

Vocals range from angelic female vocals to the more generic male goth-doom vocal approach. Musically it is a sometimes odd blend of celtic violins and bagpipes mixed with melodic guitar leads and riffs. In many respects they have elements that remind me of early 70's folk rock meets progressive music mixed with light "metal" and at times, it is quite beautiful. I know there is an audience for this doomy folk-rock/metal stuff so I don't want to put those people off this album as I suspect most of them will like this; but frankly I find this to be nothing more than a gigantic snooze-fest. I am going to cut this review short as I am not in the mood today for dissing a band because of my own personal tastes. I will just say this; for this pagan folk metal/rock, this band is probably just as good as many other bands of this ilk that are out there but I find this to be an extreme case of mediocrity....3/10.


PS: I just recently found out that after the recording of this album, the band have undergone a massive line-up change so it will be interesting to hear what happens next with this band.

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