Apr 26, 2012

Mar de Grises - The Tatterdemalion Express ...

Where do you find the words to define that which defies the description? When you've found something so profoundly different that you're left at speechless; what do you do? In the case of Mar de Grises you ignore convention and let the sounds of future ensnare your soul. Atmospheric, progressive, Funeral-Doom/Death Metal is perhaps the best way to describe the enigma that is Mar De Grises. If that description sounds incredibly ambitious, it’s because this band is. The guitars are moderately heavy with an emphasis on dirge filled passages and long drawn out sustain. There are bursts of speed sprinkled throughout this tapestry of wonder and insanity. The few leads are lost in the dual harmonies. There are no solos but the atmosphere makes up for it. The bass is fairly standard with very little flare. The drums are very complimentary and decidedly progressive. The keyboards are understated yet lay the atmospheric foundation. The vocals fit the music well and are mostly Death with a few cleaner moments.

Over all, the cohesion of the music is beyond words. The music goes from huge, grandiose arrangements full of emotion and passion to near silent passages where there is only a slight rumbling. The music is heavy, melodic and everything in between all the while being incredibly slow for the most part. There is a very ethereal quality to this band and their sound. This is incredibly classy music. This album is one that forces you to sit and down and listen to the whole thing at once. The songs work better this way; this isn't a concept album however.This is a band that you simply need to hear to believe, and understand for that matter. This is by far one of the best, if not the best album of 2004. This get's a 10/10.

Words: Grimdoom

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