May 25, 2012


Internet Radio and Podcasts are at a peak right now. There are so many great radio shows to listen to that there is something to tune into seven days a week. The doom, stoner, sludge and psychedelic scenes are not being left out either as you, the listener are spoiled for choices. There is Foundry of Doom, Crestfallen, The Soggy Bog and those three can be accessed right here @ Doommantia but there is another one you may or may not know about - The Left Hand Path which is airing Sunday nights on Core of Destruction Radio. Patrick from the great black/death metal site Winter Torment interviewed DJ Baphom3t....

1. Hello Baphom3t, how is your week starting out so far? Please introduce yourself to the readers?

Doing good man.... I could complain but it won't help. :D
Well.....I'm known around the net as Baphom3t, first name is Troy, I live in Columbus, Ohio and I do the show The Left Hand Path on Core of Destruction Radio. (insert plug for the station here... :D )
I have a Bio page here HERE

2. When did you first start listening to metal and rock? Who were some of the first bands that caught your ears? Who are some of your "current" favorites?

Oh shit man..... some of the first stuff rock/metal I started jamming to was Love Gun, Destroyer by Kiss on freakin 8-tracks way back in the 70's when I was like 6..... (say it with me now..... Aaaattteee Trrrraaacckksss !!!) Damn.... that's been a long time.
Honestly, some of the first bands that really caught my attention was, Possessed, Venom, Slayer, Death Angel, Exorcist, Dark Angel, and Metallica.

I see your putting me on the spot with this one.... but, It's really hard to sit and pull out current favorites with so much good music of many genres showing up all the time, but if I had to name a few, Vulture (Pittsuburgh,PA.), White Orange (Portland, Or.), Love Sex Machine ( Saint Brieuc, Fr.), The Loathsome Couple (Seattle, Wa.), oh man, the list can go on and on.

3. When did you meet grave,and lizard messiah? {owners of core of destruction radio} was it long until you decided to try your own show? are you happy with everything so far?

I met Grave and Lizard Messiah back in January of this year. I think I met them both at the same time while DJ Teabag_Stallone was playing a broadcast I made for CoDR. I actually started playing a show like one week after I met them. Yeah I'm happy with the way everything is, the staff, support, and group of DJ's we have at CoDR are all knowledgable about the music they play and are very approachable when another user may have an issue, we're just a bunch of music junkies that like to turn on and help out other music junkies.

4.Is the left hand path your first ever radio show? What would you say is the hardest and the easiest part about doing the radio show?

No, The Left Hand Path (TLHP), is not my first radio show, I been DJ'ing around 7 - 8 years, I use to do a show called Stoner Metal Sunday for Metal-Legions (R.I.P), then off and on I did just independent broadcasts until I ran back into the folks at CoDR.

The hardest part of doing a show isn't really just one thing. But if I had anything to pick out as one of the hardest things to do, it would be picking out killer song, after killer song, after killer song. It can get a little difficult when there are so many kick ass bands with kick ass songs.
The easiest part of doing a show would probably be just having fun being myself, sharing and supporting the music I love to share with the listeners.

5.When can people tune-in to your show? if there are any labels or bands interested in submitting music to you for air-play how can they get in contact with you?

Folks can tune into my show every Sunday 7 - 10 pm est. You can also pick up past broadcasts of TLHP on the show's page at FACEBOOK,  CoDR forum and Sludgehenge forum.
If any labels or bands wish to submit music to me for airplay they are more than welcome to send it to or leave me a private message at FACEBOOK | LEFT HAND PATH

6.If anybody reading this is thinking about trying their show. would you have any advice for new d.j's out there?

If any advice I could give to a new DJ, it'd be, be yourself and relax, have fun with what your doing.

7.You live in the great state of Ohio,how long have you lived in this state? What is your opinion of Ohio's music scene?

I've lived in Columbus going on 3 years now, I personally think Ohio and the rust belt as a whole is one of the newer hubs for the Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal genres producing a multitude of new rifftastic bands while existing bands continue to pound out monster jams.

8.Who are some of your all-time favorite bands from Ohio? Are their any new bands you think the readers should check out soon?

Hmm....all-time favorite bands from Ohio, that's a tough question, there's quite a few, like, Fistula, Rue, Lo-Pan, Mockingbird, Red Sun, Keelhaul, Rebreather, Bridesmaid, Churches Burn, EYE, man.... this list could get big if I go on.
Again this list could get big because there is a lot of talent throughout Ohio, but, some of the bands to check out for sure if you haven't would be, Before the Eyewall, Traitors Return To Earth, Mephitic Husk, Brujas Del Sol, The Tarpeian Fall, Tank Destroyer, Struck by Lightning, those are just some of the Ohio bands I could recommened, other bands to check out I'd have to say would be, White Orange, Dead Southern Bishop, Vulture, The Christpunchers, Black Moth, Love Sex Machine, The Loathsome Couple just to name a few.

9. In your opinion what is the best and worst thing about the music/metal underground today? And, what does the term "underground metal" mean to you?

I can't really say what the best thing is.....there is many things that make being apart of the music/metal underground community good but if anything it'd be, being able to approach the bands and talk with them. That to me makes it one of the best things I suppose.
The worst thing would probably be the person trying to put you/ get you in the pit when you just don't want to. I still head-bang and all, just, I gave up pits and all that shit years ago and those type douchebags I just mentioned aggravate me, I could tell you a story about what happened at the Weedeater/Cough show that came through Columbus on 4/20.

Underground metal means many things to me, one of the biggest is the fact that most the bands have decided to say "fuck you" to the so-called bigger companies and have found they can do the same without the aid of those bigger companies, opting to work with smaller, more independent labels that allow full artistic expression and more $$ for the band, and to get their material out to the public, of course this is nothing new, but it is a staple of DIY/Underground music. There are many things like I said, but to me, that is one that's very important.

10.When you need to take a break from your show what do you enjoy in your spare-time? Any hobbies?

I do my show once a week, so taking a break is never really an issue, but throughout the rest of the week that I'm not on the air, I do other junk like, find new music, graphics work where/when needed,look for a better job, play my guitar, goto shows, eat, sleep, poo and pee, burn incense, sip a little brew, you know.... things and stuff.
The above mentioned would happen to be my hobbies for the most part. :D

11.Well Baphom3t,thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview good luck to you and your show!! Do you have anything you would like to add before we close the interview?

Thank you for taking the time to make this happen, it's been a pleasure.
Be sure to check out my show every Sunday 7 - 10 pm est. you can also follow me and chat with me on facebook at FACEBOOK
Also, be sure to check the other DJ's and shows we have at Core of Destruction Radio, we have a lot of great DJ's spinning alot of good Underground/DIY metal and music 24/7 only at CORE OF DESTRUCTION RADIO.COM
Support the underground !!!

Interview by Patrick. ( WINTER TORMENT ZINE )

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