Jun 11, 2012

Philosophie des Toren - Black Wood Revelations ...

Philosophie des Toren begin Black Wood Revelations with a subdued sampling of rain and thunder that is soon joined by duel-leading guitars that harmonize with one another wonderfully. Together with the sample, the band creates a very melancholic atmosphere with “Dissonant Trance” (the name of the song, FYI), wherein the guitars seem to wail in mourning as if trying to hold on to something that is surely to slip away.

The song doesn’t crescendo but merely trails off into the next track, entitled “Shaman Trip”, with the rain continuing to fall in the background. The drums make their debut about a minute into the song and sound significantly more lo-fi as opposed to the guitars, which works quite well in this case as it reinforces the trance-like state of the music with its subtlety.

The drum-work itself isn’t particularly interesting and trudges along to keep time and while I’ve always preferred a drummer who does more than act as the group’s metronome, it’s not as if it takes away from what the band is doing as a whole. The guitars, on the other hand, continue to transport the listener to a place beyond our normal level of consciousness, building further upon the riff introduced in the first track; very much a classic stoner metal sound, if that makes any sense.

It’s interesting to note that wherein the first two tracks seem to act as two parts of the same song, the final song, “Eyes of the Universe”, does away with the trippy stoner riffs in favor of a crushing, minimal groove. It is in this track, also, that Philosophie des Toren introduce the vocals, which are foul and raspy, providing an interesting contrast to the heaviness of the music. While I enjoyed the album as a whole, “Eyes of the Universe” sounds like it should have been on a different album altogether. It’s a killer song but it differs so much from what the first two tracks created that it throws off the overall feel of the record. Personally, I think it would’ve been more interesting had they continued with the instrumental psychedelic sound of “Dissonant Trance” and “Shaman Trip”, but I think this album is definitely worth a listen nonetheless. 8/10

Words: Julio Espin

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