Nov 11, 2012

Eye of Solitude - Sui Caedere ...

I often get asked where is a good place to start with death doom. Well I couldn't honestly say Eye of Solitude's 'Sui Caedere' is a good way of introducing yourself to the genre, not because it is bad but just because it is such an exhausting, draining album to sit through. At 73 odd minutes, this death-doom album is a long drawn-out affair that death-doom purists will eat up with no problems but for new fans, this album could be considered a torturous affair. The band has been signed to Kaotoxin Records which is mostly known for grind and death metal bands but Eye of Solitude play death-doom in the vein of the Peaceville Three with hints of Shape of Despair and Evoken and they are very good at it to boot.

The album opens up with the most death metal inspired moment in 'Awoken by Crows' but after that it is all slow, doom and atmospheric gloom. The band are predictable but in a good way as they channel a much used formula but thankfully, they don't over abused any of the clichés normally associated with the death doom scene. In fact it is not till you get to track 5 'Depths Of A Sick Mind' till there is any real break in the formula. The track with its atmospheric haunting feel is a perfect vehicle for vocalist Daniel Neagoe's majestic voice even though it is still in the mold of a million other death-doom growler's. The album flows along quite nicely till you get to the 13 minute 'Those Who Don't Return' and then it does start to get a bit too exhausting for the average listener. What the album does have in its favor is how the album becomes slightly more experimental the longer it goes on. The album's second half is more interesting than the first from a musical standpoint so I highly urge you to resist the temptation to hit the stop button halfway through which is what many folks will most likely do with 'Sui Caedere.'

What has to be also said about this album is the release is oddly commercial by death-doom standards and that certainly plays a large role in keeping this very long album listenable right up to its dying moments. There are some very strong melodies in the album and there isn't one track on the album where melody is forsaken just for the sake of pure heaviness. There is also a great crossover thing happening on this album. Songs like 'The Haunting' dabble in funeral doom waters while other tracks like 'Yet I Breathe' and 'Departure' are layered in synths so they have a very melodic death doom feel. That diversity really helps this album along and while this is one hell of a heavy release, it is also easy-listening most of the time. There are no real scary moments really but it is full of memorable passages and not many death-doom bands create songs that you can hum along with so that is a major plus for the band. Death doom fans should find this a pleasant experience without changing the way you think about the genre. It is almost worth buying just for the vocals alone but the production and musicianship also has to be admired.....8/10.


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