Nov 9, 2012

Friday Fuzz: Sleep Live 1992 ...

Here’s a pretty rare video of SLEEP performing outside of Che Cafe in San Diego in what I’m guessing is 1992.  This was obviously pre Holy Mountain.  While most of the songs from this set were on that album, the songs are played a bit fast and sloppy in the way that new songs are.  This set also has the only known performance of the unreleased song “Hot Lava Man” on video. The quality of the video is a bit rough, it’s several generations old, there are some tracking issues, and there are some cuts between and in songs.  Still, it was shot from all sides, usually from the roof of the Che.  The audio was a bigger mess, though luckily I was able to fix some of it.  It was in mono, and often times would slide out of sync with the video after each time the tape cut.  I went through and fixed all of that as best I could, and now I can watch it without being driven crazy.  Well, now that this is up, if anyone has any leads on a better quality copy of this show, or has any old Sleep footage at all, hit me up, let’s trade!  For everyone else, light up a big joint and crank the volume, it’s fucking SLEEP!!!!

- Dan HASHTHRASH ( Kill That Cat )

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