Nov 6, 2012

HEADS UP: Dryasdust - "Demo 2012" ...

Haven't done a "Heads Up" article for a while but this one is totally worth it and essential. Dryasdust are a Finnish power-trio in the vein of 70's classic hard rock and psych bands. This demo was recorded live with no overdubs or editing at their rehearsal room with only vocals added later to one song (Cold Sweat). This is killer bluesy hard rock that fans of Witchcraft and Graveyard should find more than satisfying. The band are not just another riff-rock band. The band set their main focus on dynamics, melodies and a great use of light and shade. Dryasdust blend both the heavy and mellow elements from 70's hard rock, psyche and progressive rock to great effect and considering the band are only 18 months old, they played with the proficiently of a band of veterans.

It was mixed and mastered by Matias Helle at Drophammer studio with moog on by Tommi Salomaa but this still sounds like a live band pulling off some remarkably memorable bluesy hard rock. While the band do sound a little like Graveyard, they also have more than enough 'unique" elements to keep this sounding fresh as possible. Of course it is very hard to stand out in the endless, bloated sea of retro rock bands but Dryasdust have all the goods required for a long and successful future. The demo is short and sweet, only 5 songs for about a 20 minute playing time and the songs are straight to the point and concise. Only one track titled 'Losing Hold' goes for a wander, stretching out for a 6 minute bluesy jammy track. Elsewhere it is all winners. 'Cold Sweat' opens the demo with great riffing and 'Deep Waters' is a heavy doom-blues a-la early Witchcraft but all the tracks here are of a very high-standard.

It is hardly ground-breaking stuff but they certainly stand out as one of the better new bands doing the retro thang. I can't wait to hear what the band gets up to next. If it is anything like this, it should be something worth investigating...8/10.

Dryasdust | Facebook
Dryasdust - Buy The Demo at Bandcamp

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