Nov 18, 2012


The Portuguese psychedelic outfit Black Bombaim is about to destroy Europe starting next week, on their Fall Tour of 2012. After a much anticipated and critically acclaimed sophomore record entitled "Titans", featuring guests as diverse as Steve Mackay (The Stooges), Isaiah Mitchell (Earthless/Howlin Rain) and Noel V. Harmonson (Comets on Fire/Sic Alps), the heavy psych trio will tour Central Europe promoting this release, making it's first appearance on countries such as Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. Besides this Fall Tour, the band has already been confirmed to play in 2013 at the famous Roadburn Festival in the Netherlands and the first edition of Alchemy at Zahar Festival, in the Moroccan desert. Check out showdates below! Listen and Buy "Titans" here: Bandcamp
20.11. (PT) VILA REAL // Club de Vila Real
21.11. (ESP) SAN SEBASTIAN // Le Bukowski
22.11. (FR) PARIS // Les Combustibles
24.11. (D) BERLIN // White Trash
25.11. (D) HALLE(Saale) // Hühnermanhattan Klub
26.11. (D) - REGENSBURG // Winter-VOID
27.11. (D) - WÜRZBURG // Immerhin Würzburg
28.11. (LU) LUXEMBOURG // Rocas
29.11. (NL) UTRECHT // Le Guess Who? Festival
01.12. (B) GEEL -//Yellowstock Winterfest
02.12. (FR) LILLE // TBA
03.12. (FR) NANTES // TBA
04.12. (FR) TOULOUSE // TBA
05.12. (ESP) BARCELONA // Be Good Club
06.12. (ESP) MADRID // Space Cadet
07.12. (PT) CARTAXO // CentroCultural
08.12. (PT) BRAGA // Bracara Extreme Fest 2012

”Titans is the sound of an intergalactic sprawl, with every swirling shade of the known universe used to almost overwhelming effect. Rock-solid riffs, long, time-bending improvisations, those woobly-boobly synths – all present and accounted for, of course, but they’ve brought with them some unexpected yet very welcome guests."
Revolt of the Apes

"Black Bombaim are both exceedingly trad and ultra-revolutionary. A jam band? Kind of. Just believe in the power of these sounds and the matter of how they fit round your expectations will be an irrelevance."
Beard Rock

"This is a hugely enjoyable and invigorating piece of old school cosmic excess and should appeal to any of you out there who are so inclined. More please." Terrascope

"What results are four shameless, galloping weed jams with great swathes of blown-out Heads-esque guitar tones, a pummelling tractor bass that’s nestled in somewhere between Bent Saether and Al Cisneros and simple, heavy, Bill Ward-ish drum grooves"
Norman Records

"Titans is a daunting record, not easily digestible in a handful of sittings, but the returns and rewards are bottomless and boundless. If ever a record lived up to the promise of its name, this is the one."
Sunrise Ocean Bender

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