Nov 18, 2012

Praise The Lord - Interview With UK's OVERLORD ...

Overlord are an Oxford based metal band formed in 2011 by Josh Knight and Tal Fineman. Very soon after they formed, they welcomed Rhys Williams and Kyle Edwards to form the initial lineup of the band. Overlord's sound is heavily influenced by blues and classic metal, but they also draw influence from stoner/doom bands and other, more conventional rock and metal. (Bandcamp )

1. When did Overlord form-when did you get together?

 We formed in May 2011, after Rhys (lead guitar) and I parted ways with our previous band due to artistic differences. We were fed up of playing the same old cover songs and wanted to take things seriously, in a heavier direction, and hence Overlord was born. We were pretty lucky to find each other, without making any changes to the original lineup of the band, considering our musical influences aren't the sort of thing most teenagers (even the ones who listen to metal) like!

2. Has the debut album been released yet? Could you tell us about the recording of the album?

We released our debut EP on June 1st 2012 having recorded it at TAD Studios in March. We had been jamming and songwriting for months before and decided we wanted to get something down on record. The recording process was really fun - we were in the studio from 9-5 over three days. After waiting a few weeks for it to all be mixed and mastered, we sent the tracks off to the duplicator. As it was our first ever run, we decided to limit the amount to 100 signed and numbered copies, each with some merch and bonus content. It was tiring and quite intense at times, but overall it was a great experience.

3. Could you name some of your influences in blues and rock? Any favorite albums?

 As a band we, like a lot of other metal bands are heavily influenced by Black Sabbath. Personally, I'm a huge Graveyard fan, with "Hisingen Blues" and "Lights Out" being two of my all time favourite albums. Aside from Graveyard, and other bands, such as Wishbone Ash, Witchcraft, and Pentagram, I enjoy listening to many different genres of music, from folk to jazz to death metal.

4. Does the band have any interest in magic and the occult,that may inspire the band's music? who writes the band''s lyrics?

Nothing more than a passing interest, I'd say we're more interested in writing about the real, tangible world. As for lyrics, our vocalist Tal tends to write most of them.

5.  How does the band work out it's sound-a mix of hard rock,metal and stoner rock? Is there any improvisation involved? Do you jam often to work out the songs for the album?

 We write a lot through collaborative jamming - that's how the opening track of the EP 'Crawl On' was born. We'll head into the rehearsal room, and start jamming on a riff and try to make something of it. Rhys also does a fair share of songwriting himself - 'What The Hell' and 'The Valley' from our EP were almost completely written by him, though we all like to add our own touch.

6. Will the band be playing any live festivals over the upcoming year?

We have nothing booked yet but its something we'd love to do. Although it isn't  a festival, we're playing at 'Till Death Doom Us Part' in Bristol in March 2013, alongside Witchsorrow, Khthon and Caravan Of Whores, which we're pretty stoked for. We're still booking gigs for 2013, so promoters and festival organizers, get in touch!

7. What genre of rock or metal is most popular in the UK nowdays? why is stoner metal  popular? why this interest in retro-bands like Black Sabbath?

A lot of popular stuff tends to be really watered down and generally dull, but then within the metal world, people seem keen to push things heavier and heavier - I think Stoner is popular because its the antithesis to all that - its just about simple, groovy, powerful riffs.

8. What lies in the band's future?

We have to think short term. As we're still young, things such as University are always at the back of our minds, but we want to take things as seriously as possible for as long as we can, so we'll be doing as much more gigging as possible, and there might be some more recordings in the works as well!

Interview By John Wisniewski

Overload | Facebook

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