Nov 2, 2012

Well Of Souls - "Sorrow My Name" ...

Well Doom Metal.Com beat me to the punch on this one, the new album from Well Of Souls titled 'Sorrow My Name.' In their review, they mentioned a similarity to Solitude Aeturnus which is right on the money but they are also on the Brainticket Records label which is run by John Perez of Solitude Aeturnus fame. Without a doubt Solitude Aeturnus are one band that should be monsters in the metal scene, not just the doom scene. Why this isn't the case might be due to the slower than slow recording process that SA have for all of their career but the world of traditional doom has also been rather slow at producing the goods of late. Well Of Souls are not much faster than Solitude Aeturnus when it comes to releasing albums. After 15 odd years in existence, this is only their second full length but quality nearly always beats quantity and this new album is living proof of that.

Another thing that Doom Metal.Com mentions in their review is the lack of epic doom metal bands in the USA but it is not only the USA. Do some Google searching and you will discover that the amount of traditional or epic doom bands in the world at the present time is actually very low in comparison with the other doom sub-genres. There is a pre-conceived notion that trad bands are everywhere but it is not the case, ask a Russian doom fan if you want more proof of this. That is one of the reasons that this Well Of Souls album is so refreshing. Here at Doommantia.Com death-doom bands wanting reviews are a dime-a-dozen so pressing play on this album spells total and utter relief for the ear-drums.

Right from the get-go, Well Of Souls reek of class, quality musicianship, engaging and commanding vocals and exquisite songwriting. Vocalist John Calvin isn't the greatest singer on earth but his larger than life and over-the-top performance on this album is something that is becoming increasingly rare in the metal scene but especially the doom metal scene as it is getting swamped with (sometimes) childish and goofy growls. The energetic and passionate vocals are just one of the high-points the album has to offer. There are more killer riffs than the average metal album and the band have more finesse than most other doom metal bands. Sure it lacks originality; this is basically another Solitude Aeturnus/Candlemass kind of band but what it lacks in unique features, it more than makes up for in memorable songs.

There is not a weak track in the albums 51 minute running time and the songs are indeed epic with most of the tracks running well past the 7 minute mark. However none of it strays from anything below the highest quality doom metal. If you have heard Candlemass then I need not go into details with these is more of the same but apart from the Candlemass debut, I don't think even they have released anything as consistently great as 'Sorrow My Name.' Along with two guitarists pulling off some amazing, captivating riff work, the atmosphere this album possesses is nothing short of magnetic. The bass sounds is also one of the features of the album. The sound of the bass is excellent but some of the bass lines verge on the orgasmic. At times the band gallop along, at other times they are relaxed and funeralistic but at ALL times, this album is full of drama.

Not to be confused with Well of Souls from Chicago, Illinois, this band have released a minor masterpiece in the trad/epic doom vein with 'Sorrow My Name.' I hope it doesn't get swept under the carpet like so many other albums have been in the last year, this is a "must-hear" for all doomsters...9/10.

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